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Billy Fox Releases Video For Single, Mystery

Having already been described online as a “space sex death match”, the brand new video from Sydney producer, writer and musician Billy Fox for his silky new single Mystery is already widening pupils for its execution of a clever and scientifically accurate sci-fi retro romance.

It’s been an upward incline of late for Fox whose smoky, electronic RnB soundscapes have been touted as following in the footsteps of James Blake and Sam Smith since the release of his debut single Monuments late last year. UK blog The Line Of Best Fit premiered Mystery and called it: “…a shivering, saccharine, emotion-packed song; the sort of tune that allows you to drift off and relax.”

And now the Billy Fox machine has a live show. His recent slot in front of a mid-afternoon crowd at the Sunshine Coast’s Big Pineapple Festival roused a big response as he slipped out a set of originals, live remixes and a (very) cheeky cover of an Australian classic. With a debut seven-track mini-album due for release soon, Billy Fox is one member of the burgeoning Aus electronic scene whose songs not only transcend the homogonised but also are here to stay.

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Introducing…Moon Gangs

Sexbeat Records (White Lung, Eagulls, GAPS) have taken on the electronic sounds of Moon Gangs, the musical alias of London-based Will Young. Moon Gangs’ debut EP is set for release on May 5 and the first two tracks from the upcoming record I and II are available to stream online now.

As always, when becoming acquainted with a new artist, there is an air of mystery to be expected and Moon Gangs is of no exception. I opens with slow eerie drones, followed by subtle drum-beats and triumphant arcs of sound. As soon as you think you’re safe, the tempo switches completely, leaving you perplexed, intrigued and eager to hear more. II starts off slow with dark cinematic tones and finishes with futuristic sounds giving the listener a real glimpse of what to expect from the forthcoming record.

Moon Gangs

Moon Gangs

Moon Gangs’ EP was inspired by the likes of John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream soundtracks, plus synth driven Krautrock like Ashra Tempel and Popol Vuh. Contextually it stands somewhere in between modern day electronic outsiders such as The Haxan Cloak and Blanck Mass. With a DIY thesis behind it, Young reigned in the help of his friends to help make the final product. The record was mixed by Matt J ofHookworms/Suburban Studios and Linda Jarvis of Echo Lake designed the artwork for the sleeve and record. All three of the tracks were mastered by East London producer and engineer Rory Attwell whose worthy credits include work for Palma Violets, Big Deal & Veronica Falls among many others.

The forthcoming record is made up of three tracks, I, II and III that were recorded over a three month period in late 2013. They were edited down from ten hours of improvised synth recordings, which were made entirely using looped Eurorack modular synths, into three intense movements, each just shy of ten minutes long.

Moon Gangs puts on a fascinating live show. With a variety of different set ups, Young sometimes performs solo and sometimes performs with one, two or three drummers. All the shows are performed fully improvised with no computers, samples or backing tracks.

In a world, where technology is advancing at a pace faster than most can keep up with, it seems logical that we begin to make music that questions, excites and makes the listener think and it seems Moon Gangs has achieved just that with his debut EP.

Moon Gangs self-titled EP is out on May 5 as a digital download and a limited edition one sided 12″ vinyl.  The record sleeve and the blank side of the vinyl have been screen printed onto, for this limited edition release.

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Introducing…VTCN Radio

VTCN Radio (pronounced Vatican Radio) is a Parisian duo of experimental electronic music inspired by the romantic music, CAN and Kubrick movies.

VTCN Radio

VTCN Radio

Using analog synthesisers, recorded sounds and machines amateurs, they drench you in a unique and intimate atmosphere emancipated from genres and influences where each track has its own story.

VTCN Radio have just released their debut single Riddle Song. Riddle Song combines soulful, indecipherable vocals with Bonobo style beats. It’s a relaxing number with slow, comforting grooves.


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Tycho – Awake Album Review

For nearly a decade, Tycho has been known as the musical alias of Scott Hansen but with Awake, his second LP for Ghostly International, the solo project has evolved into a three-piece band that reaches an entirely new realm of sonic possibilities. Also known for his design work as ISO50, Hansen’s visual and musical efforts have dovetailed throughout the course of his career with the new LP detailing how the two can truly compliment each other. Previous Tycho releases came to fruition from Hansen’s delicate solo approach to constructing a song, tweaking each peak and valley but Awake is three like-minded people coming together where music becomes the sole purpose and true expression becomes the result.

The title track starts this album with its soothing, gliding melodies. The track itself is repetitive but it’s not boring. The tones send you into a trance-like state where you can totally switch off after one listen to this song. Awake takes you to a far away, dream like place.

Montana is a track that has been previously revealed. Montana sees Tycho move away from the electronic techniques and more towards the indie genre with its pleasant and peaceful guitar riff. This song steadily builds with the repetitive guitar riff taking the lead. Tycho knows how to build safety in familiarity while at the same time, ensuring a song remains fresh. He slowly adds in layers removing the repetitiveness and introducing a chance of development. The familiar guitar riff always returns though acting like a chorus for the song.

L is a complete chill out track that could easily appear on one of those ‘chill out’ compilation records. It’s simple in comparison to the previous tracks. The tempo is slower, the beats last longer and the notes feel a little more prolonged too. There are dance influences heard in this song but not negatively. There’s a good balance here which sees this track edge away from the rave genre and sit snugly in to the electro-dance genre instead.


Tycho Awake album artwork

The next track, Dye, starts off with a dreamy melody and then the dance beat comes in to play. It’s atmospheric and calming. There’s a lovely acoustic guitar riff which can be heard at the start of this song which is complimented by an electric guitar with reverb. Dye is an ever expanding track with each layer and instrument being introduced from the background to the forefront in a very subtle way – so much so that you don’t even realise the song has expanded as much as it has.

See starts with clapping and an interesting bass riff before the electronics take over. There are break downs in this song as if Tycho want to lose layers in order for them to increase them again later on. See takes a lot of influences from the dance genre with the stylised drum beat. The bass line in this song is immense and is what carries it.

Apogee features much more stripped back electronics allowing the guitar riff and drums to feature as the dominant instruments which is quite different from the rest of the songs on the record. Apogee’s tempo dramatically builds and reduces, builds and reduces allowing this song to sound like a mixture of more than one song. It does sound at times like a trance track as the drum beat becomes powerful almost overpowering and then it reduces to take the track back to the indie/electronic/pop genres.

The penultimate track, Spectre, has also been previously revealed. It has a brilliant, uplifting guitar riff to start things off and there are certainly mesmerising qualities to this track, despite the crashing drums and soaring melodies.

The last song on Awake is Plains which suits the end of the album perfectly. It’s a completely calming song to finish on. There are guitar riffs that overlap each other perfectly creating a sense of ambience and atmosphere. Surprisingly, Plains leaves you calm, collected and thankful you’ve heard this album.

Awake will be released on 18 March via Ghostly International. It can be pre-ordered at iTunesThe Ghostly Store and ISO50. NPR have also streamed the album in full on their NPR First Listen section.

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Edapollo – Shallow Swell EP Review

New Bristol based electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist Edapollo emerged with his first public productions in late 2013, causing a stir on the underground electronic, ambient and surrounding music scenes with demos of his first original tracks entitled Tisno and Sundancer.

These tracks were picked up by a number of blogs and online sources allowing this young producer to catch the eye of many for his unique and atmospheric soundscapes and sonic artistry.

His debut EP entitled Shallow Swell was released on Bad Panda Records on February 3 and the four tracks highlight his diverse artistic capabilities in song writing, instrumentation, melodic progression and technical production.

Edapollo Shallow Swell

Edapollo Shallow Swell EP artwork

Track one, Breathing, introduces the sound of this EP. It’s calming, ambient, atmospheric but also punchy and energetic. The faint vocals add an angelic melody as they sing, “I sleep/I sleep…” while the guitar riffs, bass notes and drum beat keep this song very much within the electronic genre.

Sundancer is a summery, upbeat number with some R&B influences seeping through. The vocals are once again distant, swooping in and out of the instrumentation, complimenting it where they can.

Tisno introduces a more male dominated sound to this otherwise flowery EP. The vocals heard on this track, although limited, appear to be male. It’s slightly deeper and darker in its tone and has a faster tempo. It just feels more masculine.

Marcelo is the last song on Shallow Swell. It takes the record back to its chilled out ambient side. An acoustic guitar can be heard clearly in this song at the start against the bass notes and drums lending it to sound romantic. It has a seductive quality to it. There’s a sense of relaxation and peace when you listen to this song. It’s a fabulous way to end the EP.

Shallow Swell is a wonderful debut EP which shows the full capabilities of Edapollo. He crafts lustful, seductive and ambient songs full of peaceful and catchy melodies that run through your body long after the track has ended. Edapollo is a producer to keep a close eye on in 2014.

Shallow Swell is out now.

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