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Ganglians – Jungle

Ganglians are back after a rather quiet two years. Nevertheless though, they’ve come back in true style with an unusual yet uplifting number.

Jungle encapsulates various influential sounds. While sounding, in some respects, like it could fit in a Western movie, it also feels like it could slot quite easily into a busy Indian street market. It’s not quite as heavily Indian inspired as The Beatles’ The Inner Light, think more along the lines of Within You Without You and we’re getting there.

GangliansSome of you might not make the same comparisons but I think these unusual yet inticing elements make for a great song which show the band to be brave and willing to try anything. It’s uplifting to hear something like this.

Jungle is off their soon to be released double LP album, Still Living, which should be available from August 29 onwards. With its summery tones, this seems a perfect time to release it.

The Ganglians have a very distinct style which is refreshing. Jungle reminds me of long summer days driving through the English countryside (which seems ironic seeing as the song focuses on the jungle of the busy city life).

This is a fantastic song and I’m confident Still Living will live up to its expectations.

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Trogons – The New Blondie?

London-based band, Trogons, are set to release their single, Contina, on April 25. So in the run up to it, I thought I’d do a sneaky blog entry to tickle your taste buds.


Photo by Owen Richards

Trogons are Gemma Fleet (vocals, bass), Andrew Robert Doig (guitar), Phillip Edward Johnson (organ) and Dean Hinks (drums).

This four piece produce psychedelic music with a difference. Using strong, memorable guitar riffs, absorbing drums beats and very Blondie inspired vocals, they create something which reminds me of the end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s, music-wise.

Contina is a song which wraps elements of punk and pop perfectly together. Something about this song strikes me as pop-like but I can’t quite put my finger on it. On the other hand, other elements are clearly influenced by punk bands like Blondie.

Gemma Fleet has a great voice. Her tone and power are completely different from singers in the chart. With a band that do nothing out of the ordinary with the musical structure of their song, there is definitely a strong need for unusual vocals and they achieve this with Fleet’s sparkling voice.

The song combines peculiar sounds which actually make for an intriguing and captiviating listen. This song doesn’t become boring. Each time I listen to it, I notice new things and different, pleasing noises.

This band are set for big things. In times like this when everything in the charts sounds the same, someone needs to come along with something more abnormal and Trogons have got it down to a tee.

Take a listen for yourselves:


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Chad VanGaalen – Sara

Canadian, Chad VanGaalen, has been an influence for our very own Florence & the Machine for many years but I bet hardly any of you have heard of him. Am I right?

Well now you have. Chad VanGaalen is a solo singer/songwriter with a beautiful voice and even more beautiful lyrics.

Sara is off his soon to be released album, Diaper Island, which is out May 17. It’s a song about his partner and muse who manages to spark his creativity even in his toughest and most depressing times.

Chad VanGaalen

Chad VanGaalen at home in his studio

The lyrics are powerful and if you’re feeling emotional, they will definitely bring tears to your eyes. Here’s a snippet, “You’re golden beam breaking into the ocean. deep…You consume my mind with your silence. Oh Sara, I hear you calling me.”

His voice sounds exactly like the Guillemots lead singer, Fyfe Dangerfield, which is fantastic. It means it has that rawness to it which only enhances the nakedness and truth behind this song.

The acoustic guitar with a backdrop of subtle electronic effects gives this song a really open feel. His lyrics expose his feelings and the music helps to bring forward this sincerity.

It’s a lovely, romantic song which is definitely worth a listen, especially for those of you who appreciate meaningful lyrics.

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