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The Wolfnotes – Upper Atmosphere

Back with a new strength, Kurran & the Wolfnotes are now known simply as The Wolfnotes and have announced the release of their brand new single, Upper Atmosphere.

Upper Atmosphere blends Beach Boys style harmonies with an uplifting melody making it one of their cheeriest releases yet. The single is taken from their forthcoming debut album. Upper Atmosphere is set for release on 7 January. Lucky for you, I have the soundcloud link for you to take a listen before you buy. Click here to hear the track.

The Wolfnotes

The Wolfnotes

The Wolfnotes have now also completed the work on their debut album which has been produced by Cam Blackwood (We Are Scientists, Viva Brother and CSS). The album was made available this month to those who had pledged on the band’s Pledge Music campaign. Full release details are to follow. To find out more about their Pledge Music campaign visit the Pledge Music website.

The band has also released a collection of session videos where you can see them perform the Beach Boys classic, I Get Around, with The Futureheads.

The Wolfnotes can be seen live at the following dates:

November 2012

28 Bristol Fleece & Firkin *
29 Birmingham Hare & Hounds *
30 Sheffield Leadmill *

December 2012

1 Kingston Cricketers
3 Leicester Soundhouse *
4 London Madame JoJo’s *
5 Manchester NQ Live *
6 Stirling Tolbooth *
7 Leeds The Wardrobe *

* Supporting Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly – solo acoustic tour

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Secret Company – Saviour

New indie/pop band, Secret Company, have recently released their self-titled EP via iTunes. Having only formed in early 2012 and performed their first gig in March this year, Secret Company have gained a solid fan base around the Essex and London areas in a short amount of time.

Secret Company

New indie/pop band, Secret Company

Secret Company’s EP consists of six tracks with their sound having been compared to The Killers and Coldplay. Saviour (video here) is a great song that you will instantly want to hear more of. With soothing, easy to listen to vocals, a gripping rhythm and a fantastic melody, Saviour is sure to be a hit.

The chorus is instantly memorable with the lyrics screaming, “Are you looking for a saviour to save you…” and “I told you not to worry ’cause it’s all in vain…” Saviour will leave you wanting more.

Their EP has been independently released and is available to buy now. It will be available on Spotify and all other major Digi and Streaming Stores soon. For more information on Secret Company, visit their website here.

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Introducing Itchy Teeth

New underground alternative pop band, Itchy Teeth, have been causing a bit of a stir with the likes of Ronnie Wood congratulating them on their ability to produce, “Stupendous pop rock in the style of real bands from the 60’s. Itchy Teeth are the only band doing it right these days. If you think anyone is writing a better song then you’re surely wrong. I can’t get enough of these lads.”

Itchy Teeth are Charlie Hannah, Xav Clarke, Oli Booker and Jon Varney. I think their names help to sum up the idea behind their music. Itchy Teeth are a pop band with a quirky difference. Did We Lose A War shows their more serious, rock side while Going To A Party shows the opposite side of their personalities. They’re a band who knows how to have fun with good music.

Itchy Teeth

Alternative London-based pop band, Itchy Teeth

Going To A Party sees the band take a satirical view of the rest of the pop bands out there. It’s a cheesy pop tune with silly lyrics and an awesomely funny video. I can’t help but think it helps to highlight how bad pop has become. Remember, The Beatles were once classed as pop. There’s not a pop band that comes close to them now.

Itchy Teeth are also unique in their idea of the music industry as they produce and edit their own music videos allowing them to have the control over their creative visions. This is brilliant. Who wants some money-making whore to come in, take control and destroy everything you worked hard to achieve?

If you’re interested in finding out a little more about them then read the interview below.
How long have you been producing music together?
All together for about a year…
How did you meet?
Charlie and I (Xav Clarke) started writing songs together back at university when we got put in the same halls of residence in year one. Charlie then introduced me to his school friends, Oli and Jon, who eventually ended up joining the band.
Who are your influences?
All the best.
How come you decided to produce/edit your own videos?
In our band we have a strong belief that nothing will get done unless you do it yourself. When other people become involved, things slow down and end up looking different to the way you envisaged it. In Itchy Teeth, we try to do everything we can ourselves to keep true to our vision.
Have you got any live shows coming up?
We play in London all the time. Our 100th gig this year is coming up and we’re going to Switzerland to play some shows but in the meantime has all our upcoming London dates on it. 30th November at Proud Gallery is going to be the Don.

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The I.D release double A-side debut single

London based post-punk band The I.D have released their first double A-side single through Duchamp Records. Bloodsweat and Honour/Own Designed Love comes after the release of previous singles Age Anti Age and A Bigger Picture.


The I.D

London based post-punk band, The I.D

Bloodsweat and Honour is a great post-punk song filled with fantastic sing-a-long lyrics, those Robert Smith style vocals we all love and a brilliant rhythm and melody which makes it instantly likeable. The chorus, “So much for bloodsweat and honour, you’re caught up in the glamour” is bound to have you singing along after just the first listen.

Own Designed Love is another track which oozes everything that makes The I.D so good to listen to. The vocals are again spot on and have that ‘not bothered’ aspect to them, they sound so effortless which is what makes the songs easily accessible. With both of these tracks, from the first note you can distinguish that they belong to The I.D as they have such a unique tone to their music. Claiming that they share an acute interest for music made in the late 70s, The I.D know how to bring back that post-punk sound that was so good the first time around.

Bloodsweat and Honour/Own Designed Love is out now and can be bought through iTunes. You can catch The I.D live at the following shows:

Friday 9 November New Cross Inn

Wednesday 14 November Waiting Room

Saturday 1 December Barfly

Friday 11 January Proud Galleries


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Among Brothers – I Am Certain

Cardiff based chamber pop sextet, Among Brothers, have set the date of release for their double A-side single I Am Certain/I Do Not Believe. The single is due for release on November 19.

Among Brothers unleashed their debut EP, Homes, back in 2011 through their own label, Barely Regal Records and have since gained more and more attention in the music scene especially from the likes of BBC Introducing. They followed their debut with single release, Keep, which was released through Kissability and released digitally through Young & Lost club.

Among Brothers

Chamber pop sextet, Among Brothers

I Am Certain was premiered online last month on Soundcloud. You can listen to the track here.

Among Brothers remind me of a band I’ve recently discovered called Digital Antique. Both bands use orchestral sounds in their music which make the songs sound classical to some extent but not classical in the way you are thinking. Once you’ve had a listen to I Am Certain I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean…

By using orchestral sounds in their music, Among Brothers have produced songs that are much more anthemic and cinematic than other bands. I Am Certain is a full bodied, punchy track with great sing-a-long melodic lyrics such as “Part the skin/touch the blade” and “Pursed your lips/kissed the wound/took the pain into your form”. It’s a track you can instantly fall in love with.

I Am Certain/I Do Not Believe is set for release on November 19 through Too Pure Singles club. You can catch Among Brothers live at the following dates:

10th Nov Bristol Fear Of Fiction Fest
15th Dec London Assembly Hall, Islington (supporting Los Campesinos)

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Time and Energy – Strange Kind of Focus

California based duo Time and Energy are releasing their newest album Strange Kind of Focus on November 16. Time and Energy are the two very talented musicians Jorge Rios (vocals, guitar, bass, keys and percussion) and Brennan Roach (drums, bass, keys, guitar, clarinet) who produce alternative and experimental indie rock that will instantly satisfy you.

Time and Energy was formed out of the ashes of a four piece rock band so Rios and Roach picked up where their band mates left off. They took control and made Time and Energy into the amazing mish-mash band they are today. Their debut Entertainica bled its way into the independent music scene three years after they formed featuring numerous experimental tracks blending their influences with jazz, blues, electronica and indie rock.

Time and Energy Strange Kind of Focus

Album artwork for Strange Kind of Focus

Time and Energy have been compared to the likes of Radiohead, Badly Drawn Boy and Beck but to some extent these comparisons lack evidence. Time and Energy, although sounding at times like Beck, are more unique than they have been given credit for.

Every track on the album brings something to the record. There’s not one track on there that is boring or too similar to a previous track. Breakdown is a fantastic acoustic track while the band’s strong jazz influences can be heard in Split Clean through the use of clarinet at the beginning. This is a great unique sound that shouldn’t work but does. Split Clean is an odd song and does sound like a mix of different noises which can be loosely referred to as musical but it doesn’t matter how strange or weird it is because it just works.

DaDaDa is a track that can be likened to the Beatles with Rios’ Paul McCartney style angry vocals. It’s not too hard to see this song fitting into the 60s experimental scene. Rios vocals don’t sound the same in every song. His vocals stretch from being soft to angry, from being pleasant to excitable.  Track eight, O Molly, is a little Jim Morrison like on the vocals but more in tune than Morrison ever was. Not only is Time and Energy an experimental band that will literally have a go at anything but having a vocalist like Rios means no song ever becomes dull. You’ll notice something new with every listen of the songs.

Time and Energy

Jorge Rios and Brennan Roach of Time and Energy

My favourite song has to be Think It Through which is a lovely acoustic number which sounds more pleasant than the meaning behind the lyrics. It’s a song about how corrupt and depressing society is yet these lyrics are placed against a backdrop of juxtaposing music that has a great happy jazz feel to it. There’s a jazzy piano solo after the first verse which gives the song a sort of ironic feel.

Time and Energy could easily win themselves a slot at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival as their style is typically experimental jazz. Every track has strong jazz influences in it. Their style is a mix of experimental jazz and electronica which has allowed them to produce ten solid, ground-breaking songs that are completely unique in every way. I can guarantee you wouldn’t have heard anything quite like Time and Energy before. This reason alone is enough to persuade you to buy the album.

Strange Kind of Focus was self-recorded at a house in the woods of Santa Cruz County. It’s available to buy from November 16.

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Tall Ships – Everything Touching

Tall Ships are back with their outstanding debut album Everything Touching released jointly through Big Scary Monsters and Blood and Biscuits.

Available since October 8, Everything Touching is the first time this band have had a chance to show what they can really do. Everything Touching features the most recent single T=O and forthcoming single, Gallop, as well as re-worked and re-recorded versions of the classic EP tracks, Books and Ode To Ancestors.

Tall Ships

Tall Ships album cover for Everything Touching

Throughout the album, strong Muse influences can be heard especially in the style of guitar in Best Ever. None of the tracks on this album sound similar to one another which is why it’s such a great first listen. Each track is easily distinguishable as its own bit of original creation. There is sometimes nothing worse than an album where all the tracks merge into one long song. It becomes dull but Everything Touching is far from dull.

Phosphorescence is one of the more melodic tracks compared to the beginning two, T=O and Best Ever. It has more of a pop rhythm behind it while still maintaining its rock influences. The drum beat will have you tapping along while the vocals will get you humming in no time. It has a great feel to it and is reasonably upbeat compared to most of the other tracks on the record.

After the few minutes that is the pleasant Phosphorescence, Oscar swaps the album back to anthemic towards the end of the song while forthcoming single, Gallop seems to have its influences in the Editors and Tom Smith’s way of singing. Idolatry however really is a track a step away from the rest. With its 1980s drum beat kick starting the song, it is much more soulful and calming than previous tracks on the record. Chris Martin’s vocals seem to have been a main influence for this song.

Murmurations is the last song on the record and is a fantastic instrumental track that continues to build enthusiasm throughout. Ending with a choir singing is original in its style. Musically, this song is based around electro chill out music but having the choir at the end really helps to pull it all together to make it a substantial song. Murmurations leaves you satisfied.

Everything Touching is an album you should all hear. It’s not too pompous or too bland, it’s just right. Tall Ships have done themselves proud with this debut album.

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