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Edapollo – Shallow Swell EP Review

New Bristol based electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist Edapollo emerged with his first public productions in late 2013, causing a stir on the underground electronic, ambient and surrounding music scenes with demos of his first original tracks entitled Tisno and Sundancer.

These tracks were picked up by a number of blogs and online sources allowing this young producer to catch the eye of many for his unique and atmospheric soundscapes and sonic artistry.

His debut EP entitled Shallow Swell was released on Bad Panda Records on February 3 and the four tracks highlight his diverse artistic capabilities in song writing, instrumentation, melodic progression and technical production.

Edapollo Shallow Swell

Edapollo Shallow Swell EP artwork

Track one, Breathing, introduces the sound of this EP. It’s calming, ambient, atmospheric but also punchy and energetic. The faint vocals add an angelic melody as they sing, “I sleep/I sleep…” while the guitar riffs, bass notes and drum beat keep this song very much within the electronic genre.

Sundancer is a summery, upbeat number with some R&B influences seeping through. The vocals are once again distant, swooping in and out of the instrumentation, complimenting it where they can.

Tisno introduces a more male dominated sound to this otherwise flowery EP. The vocals heard on this track, although limited, appear to be male. It’s slightly deeper and darker in its tone and has a faster tempo. It just feels more masculine.

Marcelo is the last song on Shallow Swell. It takes the record back to its chilled out ambient side. An acoustic guitar can be heard clearly in this song at the start against the bass notes and drums lending it to sound romantic. It has a seductive quality to it. There’s a sense of relaxation and peace when you listen to this song. It’s a fabulous way to end the EP.

Shallow Swell is a wonderful debut EP which shows the full capabilities of Edapollo. He crafts lustful, seductive and ambient songs full of peaceful and catchy melodies that run through your body long after the track has ended. Edapollo is a producer to keep a close eye on in 2014.

Shallow Swell is out now.

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