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Cousins To Release New Album, Halls Of Wickwire

Cousins, the big and booming duo of Aaron Mangle and Leigh Dotey, are releasing their new album, Halls Of Wickwire, on May 13. It will be a co-release with Ba Da Bing and Hand Drawn Dracula.

After several years of skin shedding metamorphosis, near-endless north American touring, two full length albums and a string of limited edition releases on various formats and labels, they’ve grown up, they sound refreshed and unencumbered by the weight of the region or their own history. Produced by Graham Walsh (holy fuck, Metz, Hannah Georgas) Halls Of Wickwire is warm and fully blasted and it’s a recording that finally matches their powerful live shows.

The first song to be released from the album, Mess, is a perfect indication of the volume to come. A driving drumbeat builds to an explosive chorus while the guitar mops up the wreckage left behind.

You can catch Cousins live on the following dates:

* with Chad Vangaalen

May 14 :: Boston, MA :: TT The Bear’s Place *

May 15 :: Brooklyn, NY :: Bell House *

May 16 :: Philadelphia, PA :: Milkboy *

May 17 :: Washington, DC :: Rock N Roll Hotel *

May 18 :: Pittsburgh, PA :: Brillobox *

May 19 :: Cincinnati, OH :: MOTR Pub *

May 20 :: Columbus, OH :: The Basement *

May 21 :: Indianapolis, IN :: Do317 Lounge *

May 22 :: Chicago, IL :: Empty Bottle *

May 23 :: Pontiac, MI :: Pike Room *

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The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger Added To SXSW Showcase

Brooklyn labels Northern Spy and Ba Da Bing are teaming up on an official SXSW showcase on Friday March 14 at Palm Door on Sabine St. Newly announced on the line-up is Sean Lennon’s Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger who release their new album, Midnight Sun, on April 29 on Chimera Music.

The Ba Da Bing and Northern Spy Showcase features a new generation of musicians emerging as the genre defining artists of psych, avant garde and experimental. No showcase can boast such an eclectic group of artists, for each band is singular in their approach and belong to a genre unto themselves. Oscillate to the dark-folk drone of Cross Record, trip balls to the psyched out grooves of Cloud Becomes Your Hand and NYMPH, get a pit started during the chaotic early grunge of Slothrust and shake your friggin ass to the saxophone pop of DVA. They’ve got it all and they’ll be partying indoors and on their backyard deck.

Check out Ba Da Bing and Northern Spy bands speak about their SXSW dreams in the showcase trailer below:

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Slothrust Announce SXSW Tour And Reveal New Track, 7.30AM

On March 3, Slothrust will embark on their album release tour as they make their way to SXSW. Along the way, they’ll share the stage with Perfect Pussy and fellow Brooklynites, Fletcher C. Johnson and Hector’s Pets. The band will be making their official SXSW appearance at the Ba Da Bing & Northern Spy’s Official Showcase at The Palm Door with Cloud Becomes Your Hand. Before leaving Austin they’ll play the Impose Magazine, She Shreds Magazine and Rethink Pop showcases with Big Ups, Future Islands, White Mystery and Potty Mouth. Then, the trio will bring their early-grunge-infused rock throughout the Midwest on the way home.

On top of this exciting news, Slothrust have also recently revealed their second single, 7:30 AM, from their newly released full-length, Of Course You Do. Their first single Crockpot spoke of alienation and exploring fears but 7:30 AM puts all those feelings in a bag and tosses them away. They are taking a stand, they are bold, they are proud and they are loud. 7:30 AM oscillates between deceptively sweet twanging guitar and over-driven, punch-you-in-the-face ‘tude.

The music video for 7:30 AM was released in collaboration with Laurel Parmet last spring in preparation for their new album. If you’re curious to find out more about this band’s personality, check out the video. They wouldn’t make the best house guests.

You can catch Slothrust live on the following dates:

3 March – Philadelphia, PA @ The Great Indoors w/ Bad Canoes

4 March – Washington, DC @ Rock And Roll Hotel w/ Baby Bry Bry, Wanted Man

5 March – Greensboro, NC (TBC)

6 March – Atlanta, GA @ Smith’s Olde Bar w/ Sneaky Hands

7 March – Memphis, TN @ The Buccaneer w/ Perfect Pussy

8 March – Memphis, TN @ The Buccaneer w/ Gopes Busters

9 March – Memphis, TN @ Crosstown Art Space – Mini Vid Art Fest – w/ Gopes Busters

10 March – Little Rock, AR @ Town Pump w/ Hector’s Pets, Fletcher C. Johnson

12 March – Austin, TX @ SXSW – She Shreds Showcase @ (TBC) w/ White Mystery

13 March – Austin, TX @ SXSW – Rethink Pop Showcase @ Midnight Fado’s (10pm)

14 March – Austin, TX @ SXSW – Impose Magazine @ The Longbranch Inn w/ Amanda X, Solids, Potty Mouth, Guerilla Toss, Big Ups, Mr. Gnome, Future Islands (8pm)

14 March – Austin, TX @ SXSW – Official Northern Spy & Ba Da Bing Records Showcase @ The Palmdoor (11pm)

15 March – San Antonio, TX @ Poorcore

17 March – Tulsa, OK @ The Yeti w/ Whores

18 March – Kansas City, MO @ Mills Record Company

19 March – Iowa City, IA (TBC)

20 March – Chicago, IL @ Township w/ Drawn Blood

21 March – Cincinnati, OH @ The Drinkery w/ DAAP Girls

22 March – Pittsburgh, PA @ 31st. St. Pub

23 March – Baltimore, MD (TBC)

24 March – Philadelphia, PA (TBC)

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Naomi Yang And Fashion Designer Gary Graham Collaborate On Music Video For Molly Drake’s, Dream Your Dreams

Earlier last year Ba Da Bing co-released with Squirrel Things Recording’s an LP of Molly Drake’s home recordings, Molly Drake Lost Recordings. With the help of her husband, Rodney, Molly utilised tape and direct-to-disk recorders in her Warwickshire, England home. Molly’s music was reserved for gatherings of her family and friends only.

Molly Drake

Molly Drake

But when these songs were released as an LP, the 1950’s parlour songs were lauded by fans and critics for their incredible level of intimacy and poetry while showing the great influence it had on her son, Nick Drake.

Molly’s track Dream Your Dreams served as inspiration for both fashion designer Gary Graham and Naomi Yang (of Galaxie 500, Damon & Naomi) to create a music video where they dive into an abstract interpretation of the song. They were driven by the ideas that hope and dreaming are potentially destructive forces and, though opposites, they are complementary to one another. It also masterfully previews patterns from Gary’s upcoming Fall 2014 collection.

You can watch the video here.

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Circuit Des Yeux Reveals Video For Latest Single, Lithonia

Chicago-based Circuit Des Yeux (aka Haley Fohr) just finished a string of dates with Bill Callahan and Jason Lescalleet in support of Overdue, her latest album co-released by Ba Da Bing Records and Fohr’s own Lewis + Lynn Records. Now she presents her earnest music video for Lithonia, the first single from this striking record which premiered on Rookie Magazine.

The video, directed by Cory Popp and edited by Haley Fohr herself, is full of jarring and intimate close-ups. Natural light illuminates a small, minimally decorated apartment while Fohr lays in bed, changes T-shirts and cuts her bangs. Lithonia’s make-up of finely wrought string arrangements and the full-voiced Fohr provide the contrast of magical reality and the tension of struggle. Themes of winter, sexual tension, repetition and coming of age come to mind easily. It’s all as personal and atmospheric as Overdue itself and, beneath the surface, there’s a subtle violence that begs attention.

Circuit Des Yeux will be touring throughout 2014 with a European tour with Bill Callahan in February and Austin Psych Fest in May. You can catch Circuit Des Yeux live on the following dates in 2014:
17 Feb – Palace – St. Gallen, Switzerland *
18 Feb – Teatro Antoniano – Bologna, Italy *
19 Feb – L’Epicerie Moderne – Lyon, France *
21 Feb – Teatro Cervantes – Valladolid, Spain *
22 Feb – Cinema São Jorge – Lisbon, Portugal *
23 Feb – Casa de Musica – Porto, Portugal *
24 Feb – Teatro Nuevo Apolo – Madrid, Spain *
25 Feb – Sala de Cámara Kursaal – San Sebastian, Spain *
26 Feb Teatre BARTS – Barcelona, Spain *
02 May– 05/4 – Austin Psych Fest – Austin, TX

* : w/ Bill Callahan
%: w/ Oneohtrix Point Never and Tim Hecker

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Molly Drake’s Lost Recordings Released On LP

The influence of Molly Drake on her son’s music has always been referenced by reviewers and fans alike however her work has only ever surfaced on the 2007 Nick Drake compilation, Family Tree. Those songs; Poor Mum and Do You Ever Remember are both included on a 19 track self-titled Molly Drake album being released by Squirrel Thing Recordings.

Comparisons will inevitably be drawn between Molly’s work and that of her son’s but these recordings stand up on their own. Rather than being compositions inspired by her son’s music and sad spiral into a fatal depression, these are home recordings from the 1950s when Nick would have been just a young child. However the similarity between mother and son’s vocal delivery is striking with both sharing a fragile, vulnerable quality that makes them sound like they are sitting right next to the listener, singing to you only. One of the many qualities that makes Nick Drake’s music so loved.

Molly Drake

Molly Drake

Performed on the piano and sung in a smoky almost classical jazz voice that transports you back to the 1950s like an audio time capsule, fans of wounded singer Billie Holiday and other contemporaries will find much to love here. The production is intimate and unpolished, recorded direct to tape and disc in their Warwickshire home with help from husband Rodney, which suits the quiet, sweet mood of the songs. You can hear the creak of the old family piano and just imagine her young children sitting round her feet as she composed these lullabies in their home in the village of Tanworth-In-Arden.

The sadness of Nick Drake’s early death at the age of 26 and then subsequent commercial and critical success is a story people live in fear of being repeated. A Vincent Van Gogh story of unrecognised genius slaving away for years only to be ignored. Unfortunately this is one more comparison between Nick and Molly as this release comes 20 years after her death in July of 1993.

Like her son, not an outgoing performer, Molly’s performances were usually reserved for private gatherings of her family and friends. It is appropriate that her daughter Gabriella Drake has had a strong input in the release which features a letter pressed jacket, a collection of family photos and a biography written by Gabriella. In the biography Gabriella remembers that: “For Molly music was a private joy, as was her poetry. She would sit alone for hours at the piano, working out words and music. It never occurred to her that her work could be of interest to a wider audience.”

The Drake family tree history continues in that these tracks have been lovingly restored by Nick Drake’s sound engineer John Wood with Nick’s good friend, mentor and producer Joe Boyd describing them as the “missing link in the Nick Drake story”.

The underlying sadness in much of Nick Drake’s work, particularly the later Pink Moon era recordings, is present here. But rather than being a morbid or depressing presence, it in fact comes across as a warm, rewarding comfort. You can hear where Nick Drake came from, the music and the personality that he grew up around. The love and beauty in his mother’s voice will make you smile and be thankful that in Nick Drake’s too short life, things were not always so sad.

Molly Drake’s self-titled album is available to buy now.

By Josh Bennett

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Cross Record To Release New Album, Be Good

Originally from Chicago, Cross Record is Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski. Released on Lay Flat as a 300 run LP in September of 2012, Be Good is now getting formal distribution via Ba Da Bing! Records.

Cross Record

Cross Record

Cross Record sees Emily Cross sing hypnotic vocals while being backed by multi-layered instrumentation and entrancing melodies. Tracks on Be Good include Cups In The Sink which is an evocative track – a yearning, heartbreakingly pained expression of what might have been.

Maybe I’m Crazy is softer showcasing a dreamier quality, think Cocteau Twins meet Beth Orton. It’s very appealing as it prettily wafts in and around your head. Skins of Fishes is more curious but still approachable. The track has a tribal quality with a chanting melody over complex layers of delicate sounds.

Cross Record are clearly as talented as they are subtle and sublimely creative. Be Good is set for release on 15 October. Just a small collector’s note: the last remaining copies of the original pressing of Be Good, a white-vinyl album with poster insert, are being sold first before they release the album in a limited CD run.

Cross Record – Maybe I’m Crazy (Official) from Lavalette on Vimeo.

By Kate Dexter

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