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Gum Takes Tooth Announce Release Of New Single, Buried Fires

London experimental duo Gum Takes Tooth announce the release of a new single, Buried Fires, via Endtyme Records on Monday 4 August, backed with a remix by Cut Hands. You can pre-order it here.

Issued on limited edition 7” vinyl with screenprinted sleeves, the A-side sees Gum Takes Tooth delve deeper into powerfully propulsive West African-influenced drum polyrhythms, floorboard rippling electronics and whispering psychedelia.

For side B Buried Fires is remixed by William Bennett, formerly of seminal Power Electronics outfit Whitehouse, under his Afro futurist moniker Cut Hands. The tempo is slowed to a vicious and menacing crawl, spraying spumes of acrid venom with each earth-shaking step in an entranced ritual of demonic summons.

The band have just revealed the video for Buried Fires which you can watch below.

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Introducing…Twin Hidden

Twin hidden are a new indie-pop quintet based in Manchester and London.

Matthew Shribman and Sam Lea, the core of the band, began making music together at the age of ten.

Their new video for latest single, Paper Unicorn, shows what twin hidden can do with 50 hours, a stack of A4 paper, one glue stick, floss and 70 packets of Cheerios (the Cheerios were just to keep them going).

You can catch them live on the following dates:
Sun 3 Aug @ Best Kept Festival, The Islington, London
Sun 21 Sep @ Westfield Stratford City, London

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Paws – Youth Culture Forever Album Review

Paws are set to release their second album, Youth Culture Forever, on June 2 via FatCat Records. The album saw the band decamp to a studio in the woods just outside New York to hone and expand on the sound that saw their debut Cokefloat! acclaimed by the likes of Pitchfork, BBC music and nominated for the Scottish Album of the Year Awards.

Recording at Adam Pierce’s (Mice Parade/ Swirlies) studio in the woods outside of New York City, Paws produced the album themselves in an attempt to strive for the sound that they had always imagined for the band. As Phillip Taylor from the band says: “It feels like everybody considers our debut LP to be lo-fi which really bothered us as we felt it was the complete opposite by comparison to our early releases”. He states that he wanted Youth Culture Forever to be: “…bigger and louder, softer and quieter” and to “…present the potential of our dynamic range more accurately than the first album”. This can be heard right from the album’s opener, Erreur Humaine which opens with Taylor playing a gentle, lilting guitar riff and ruminating on the end of a relationship with typical searing honesty before the full band explode into life, sounding heavier, fuller and darker than ever before.



Tongues is a happy go luck tune with its upbeat, summery sounds and those pleasant harmonies that add something, making it more of a sing-a-long song. Tongues combines the elements of Cokefloat! that made it such a thrilling debut; an expert use of dynamics, an anthemic chorus and painfully honest lyrics while incorporating an increased use of texture and expanded instrumentation.

Someone New is that angry infused song that everyone needs after a relationship break down. Someone New speaks about seeing your ex partner with someone new, “Do you wanna the truth?/Do you wanna know the truth?/I’d rather pack my bag and leave this town/Than risk the chance of seeing you around…with someone new/You’d promised me we’d be friends/No I never want to see you again…” It’s grungy, powerful and angst ridden. Someone New is the perfect song for when you’re having a bad day.

Owl Talons Clenching My Heart is a solemn track with grungy, distant sounding vocals. They’re droning yet this song is surprisingly comforting with its swooning guitar riffs and jagged bass line.

Give Up explodes with the lyrics, “Tired of acting like I don’t care/You know I care…”. Give Up is another brilliant punk rock song which you are instantly able to sing-a-long to and jump around like an idiot to if you so wish. It would make an excellent live track. This song will lift you out of your seat immediately – your feet can’t help but tap along.

Alone is the ballad of album, it’s entirely different from the previous tracks. It appears just before half way through breaking the album’s lovable yet slightly repetitive sound. It allows the album to breath and introduces a completely different side to this band. Alone shakes up your opinion of Paws – you thought they could just do grunge and punk rock but they have this surprisingly gentle side. The vocals on Alone are outstandingly beautiful – they’re raw, exposing true feeling behind the words.

The title track YCF is so blissful in comparison to the other songs on the album. It’s acoustic and sounds as if it’s been recorded in someone’s bedroom on a whim. The vocals are gravelly, gorgeous yet grungy. As the penultimate track for the record, it has the perfect blend of everything.

Paws Youth Culture Forever is to be released on June 2 on FatCat records.



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The Crookes Release New Single, Don’t Put Your Faith In Me

The Crookes consist of George Waite (vocals/bass), Daniel Hopewell (guitar), Tom Dakin (guitar) and Russell Bates (drums). They live in Sheffield and infamously found (most of) each other, bleary of eye and dancing alone, on the indie dance floor at the city’s Fuzz Club near the close of the previous decade.

Five years, 40-odd songs and hundreds of live shows down the line, The Crookes are now hardly lacking in fans, followers or worthwhile friends but Don’t Put Your Faith In Me – the second single from their Soapbox album, itself released on fierce panda on April 14 (their third, which makes The Crookes the first band to release three albums on fierce panda since Death Cab For Cutie a decade ago) – still sees them revel in the role of loners.

You can catch The Crookes live on the following dates:

MAY 21 LAUSANNE Bleu Lezard
MAY 22 LILLE La Peniche
MAY 31 SHEFFIELD Leadmill (Homecoming show)

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The Hosts Release New Single, Give Your Love To Her

The Hosts are from Sheffield, South Yorkshire. They consist of Tom Hogg (vocals, guitar), Jim Fisher (keyboards), Jamie Shipley (guitar), David Glover (bass) and Adam Crofts (drums). These five smartly-attired gentlemen had been smouldering away in the musical margins, buffing up the buttons on their suit jackets and waiting in their waistcoats for their moment to shine.

Give Your Love To Her is the second single to be taken from their debut album Softly, Softly. Conceived after a hazy trip to New York (ergo, with no real memory of exactly how it came to be) Give Your Love To Her pays tribute to the old adage, “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone”. Joyfully doomed and recklessly paced, it is a love song with a twist, a bittersweet sentiment and a huge chorus, as befits a band whose wall-of-soundscape has been known to take in Buddy Holly, Phil Spector, The Velvet Underground, The Beach Boys and Jonathan Fire*Eater.

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