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Introducing…Ten Percenter

With a potent focus and a hearty affection for catchy thoughtful alt-rock, high flying Ten Percenter hit the UK scene with the national release of their spanking new EP, I Could Never Say….which was released Monday 6 October. Drawing from the likes of Dinosaur Jr., Weezer and Counting Crows, Ten Percenter cleverly intertwine contagious melodies and inventive structures to stunning effect.

Hailing from Devon and formed in 2006, Ten Percenter are comprised of blood brothers Jay and Thom Brown, who are the original members of the band, and are both multi-instrumentalists and vocalists. Jay handles all vocal and guitar duties and also inputs less traditional instrumentation into the mix, stemming from banjo, mandolin, quirky samples created from flushing toilets, electric toothbrush noises and “frog fish”, which is a sound derived from an old SR-16 drum machine. Besides vocals, Thom also handles the bass and undertakes percussion. The talented duo are backed by Mykel Heath on Drums and occasionally Matt “The Boy” Dimes, who plays additional guitar to fill out the live sound. To date, Ten Percenter have racked up four official releases through publisher, Constant In Opal Music and Curveball Digital Records. The band’s records have notched up widespread acclaim from the underground. The tunesmiths have also extensively toured throughout Southern England and have played London on numerous occasions.

After a recent brief hiatus, Jay and Thom Brown began writing new material and commenced with stemmed producer, Neil Haynes. The band instantly struck up an excellent working relationship with Haynes who has been co-producer and engineer on all the band’s recent work. In May 2014 the band parted ways with Constant In Opal Music and Curveball Digital Records and set up their own label, Rainwood Records, as a vehicle for all future releases. Their new EP I Could Never Say… is the band’s first release on Rainwood and is quite fantastic.

Unleashed this month, it’s jam packed with catchy guitar work, thoughtful phrasing and infectious hooks, from the opener and EP’s namesake, I Could Never Say….which perfectly kicks off the record in fitting style with it’s lush harmonies and layered melodies, to the dynamic and gloriously contagious, Against The Grain. The band have also backed the EP with two killer live tracks Let The Juice Flow and Riot, both slabs showcasing the tunesters’ deft ability to more than deliver the goods in a live setting. Now armed with a killer record, Ten Percenter plan to take it to the road with dates to be announced shortly. Look out for them, as they are certain to be propelled to the giddy heights of the UK Brit-Rock scene.

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WAAX Release New Single, Wisdom Teeth



Following closely on the back of a blistering pair of sets at Australia’s annual conference-come-festival BIGSOUND comes the debut single from Brisbane powerhouse, WAAX. Wisdom Teeth is as immediate as they come, clocking in at 2:10 and achieving so much – a massive chorus, an infectious call and response that won’t dissipate from your brain for ages and, most importantly, an introduction to an important new band.

Front woman Marie De Vita has already been touted as “a revelation” and the accolades are beginning to stack up. Having only been released via the band’s triple j Unearthed page, Wisdom Teeth has now been released officially.

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The Bloodpoets Release New Album, The Grand Machine

The cogs have been spinning and turning and now resulting in The Grand Machine being fully operational.

Following on from the success of their first album Polarity and single Borderline, The Bloodpoets released their new album The Grand Machine on August 15. Since its release, the album has reached Number 13 on iTunes Australian Rock Charts.

The Grand Machine was sometime in the making, allowing the band to produce a rawer and high-energy sound to encapsulate the essence of their live show. The songs are a mix of light and shade while still maintaining catchy hooks. The album overall creates a loose story overall that can be enjoyed as a whole or with individual songs.

With the album already containing singles, War, Dance and Ra Ra Ra Ra Riot that have received support from all over the place, including Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, Triple M, Passport Approved, Amazing Radio.

New single, Destroy the Sun, is out now.

The Grand Machine is a punk/pop/rock album where every song is a single (standalone track), however the storyline is carried throughout the album as a whole. In pieces it’s a typical album – as a whole with all the cogs spinning together, it’s art.

The Bloodpoets album The Grand Machine is looking to be the best offering from the band yet.

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Introducing…The Boy From The Crowd

In an East London gutter, something deep, primal and most definitely weird is stirring.

The Boy From The Crowd Cocktail: take a pinch of Delta blues, mix with some edgy surf rock, shake (don’t stir) with a hefty dose of punk attitude and some good old-fashioned rock n roll swagger. Infuse with tension, blend with menace and you’re starting to get a flavour of the rich and potent firewater served up by The Boy From The Crowd.

When singer/songwriter/guitarist Vinny Piana met drummer Vegas Ivy at the crossroads of rock, noise and badass, there was no way things weren’t going to get ugly. Here were two brothers from another mother, separated at birth it seemed, so closely were their musical inclinations aligned. Determined to be guided by their primal instincts and play music with guts, spirit and uncompromising integrity, the pair embarked on a fearless mission to discover tough new ways to rock the blues.

Vinny’s songs often reflect about choices we make and how they lead us to bliss or sheer disaster, how we so often make the disastrous choice despite every fibre of our being screaming at us not to. Born in the south of France, Vinny toured Europe and the UK as a guitarist with various bands and wrote soundtracks for independent movies including Sundance favourite LoveSexy before setting his sights on a new but long-cherished project. He had the ideas, he had the nerve – all he needed was a beat.

Vegas’ pounding voodoo drums proved to be the perfect base for Vinny’s twisted songs and dirty blues dream. The big man was ready for a new challenge and with Vinny’s mercurial, deeply unstable guitar carnage, he’s found it.

Between them the pair have forged a fractured new direction in alternative music that finds a weirdly winding path that leads from Robert Johnson and Howlin’ Wolf through Captain Beefheart and Jon Spencer… all the way to The Boy From The Crowd.

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Introducing…Candy Darling

United by a love of proto-punk trash, rock n roll and noir romanticism, Emily Breeze (vocals, guitar) and Rob Norbury (guitar) met during a licentious four day drinking binge in 2013. Retreating to Bristol with a handful of records, some stolen stilettos and a primitive drum machine, they began writing and performing as a two piece, rigidly insisting that they should only use equipment that could be carried by public transport.

This minimal set up generated interest which led to the band recruiting production/synth maverick Adam Coombs in 2014 to complete the line-up.

You can here Candy Darling’s releases here.

Candy Darling’s debut single Money is to be released on 1 September on limited edition pink vinyl and as a digital download. It’s available to pre-order now.

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