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Daniel Lanois To Release New Album, Flesh And Machine, In October

Throughout a storied career as a musician, producer and engineer, Daniel Lanois helped push the ambient genre forward into celestial new territory as Brian Eno’s foremost protégé; he has recorded landmark albums for U2 and Peter Gabriel and helped to revitalise the sonic dimensions of Bob Dylan and Neil Young. But Flesh And Machine (out October 28) marks the first time Lanois has truly deployed every sonic weapon in his arsenal in hopes that it may reach the position of headphone album of the year. Hear the first track off the upcoming album entitled Opera care of The Wall Street Journal here: WSJ.com .

Flesh And Machine was initially conceived as an ambient album and tracks such as Forest City take the classic Brian Eno albums that he worked on Ambient 4: On Land (1982) and Apollo: Atmospheres And Soundtracks (1983) as a wonderful bedrock to stand on to see the sonic future. The album bristles with new ideas. He spent countless hours processing an array of source sounds – steel and electric guitar, piano and human voice – to create the sound palette that is Flesh and Machine.

Lanois has already prepared songs from Flesh And Machine to be performed live by a trio including himself, drummer Brian Blade and bassist Jim Wilson where both the playing of instruments and the sampling, dubbing and processing will happen in real time, essentially bringing the studio to the stage.

Daniel Lanois is still raising that spirit of music and still opening up doors to the unknown.

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Son Little Releases New Single, The River

Modernest R&B auteur Son Little returns with a thrilling new track entitled, The River. The song delivers a magnificently seductive and ominous reconstruction of American blues infused with elements of hip-hop and raw guitar rock. Little (as Aaron Livingston) previously collaborated with The Roots and RJD2. Complex.com is currently premiering three separate versions of the song and video simultaneously. Each corresponding music video matching a particular version of the song. Check it out here: Complex.com .

The River demonstrates more than ever before the range and vision of this ambitious artist. DJ Mag recently described Son Little a “…hip-hop influenced soulman” who “…typifies the brilliant, modern-day soul revival and dovetails perfectly into the legacies of old and new soul troubadours like Sam Cooke, Aloe Blacc, Otis Redding, Bill Withers and Lee Fields.” Vibe also wrote that Little’s “…soulful vocals circle the drains of despair but offer the perfect self-medication for today’s sorrows.”

The video accompaniment for The River brims with tension, Little crooning out the song in a gritty bar amidst subtle hints of heartbreak, jealousy and potential violence.

The original version of the song infectiously recalls Lets Go Crazy era Prince, gritty blues/ gospel and bedroom indie pop in what may be his finest track yet. With his River Styx remix, he channels Band Of Gypsies Hendrix with a nod to hip-hop minimalism, the immensely funky Amazon River remix delivering pure early ‘70s Blaxploitation bliss complete with Curtis Mayfield strings and irresistible groove.

Expect more from Son Little in the coming months.

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Sean Rowe Releases Live Video Performance Of Shine My Diamond Ring

Esquire is premiering a new video from the remarkable singer-songwriter Sean Rowe. The clip is for the song Shine My Diamond Ring from Rowe’s forthcoming album Madman in stores this September 9. The unique video deftly replicates the visceral power of Rowe’s soulful new album with a filmed solo performance shot entirely live.There is a noticeable Delta blues influence on Shine My Diamond Ring with its driving repetitive guitar and stomping bass drum. “The guitar sound was influenced by John Lee Hooker,” Rowe says. It is a dually powerful and intimate singing and playing honed to absolute perfection amid a year performing in living rooms across the country on Rowe’s deliberately unorthodox House Concert series.

With the new album Madman, Rowe has created a beautifully primal work. The album is deliberately, if not defiantly, simple in both arrangement and composition. It is soul music in the purest and most literal sense, hypnotic rhythms, warmly distorted guitars and Rowe’s incredible voice recalling a time, real or imagined, when music and people seemed distinctly more connected.

Sean Rowe will be touring North American in support of his new album Madman beginning later this month.

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Saintseneca Play NPR Tiny Desk Concert

The celebrated young band Saintseneca recently crowded into an office at the headquarters of NPR Music to perform as part of the popular Tiny Desk Concert series. The group, who the Seattle Weekly described as “riding the edge between old weird Appalachian Americana and melodic indie pop,” played an impassioned three song set that included; Happy Alone, Fed Up With Hunger and Blood Bath from their acclaimed new album, Dark Arc.

The band will also be taking their spirited live show on the road for an Autumn tour of North America beginning this September. Additional East Coast shows in November will be announced soon.

You can catch Saintseneca live on the following dates:
Sept 26 WYEP’s Final Fridays, Schenley Plaza, Pittsburgh
Sept 27 Midpoint Music Festival, Cincinnati
Sept 28 The Hi-Fi, Indianapolis
Sept 29 The Bishop, Bloomington IN
Sept 30 Mojo’s, Columbia MO
Oct 1 Slowdown, Omaha
Oct 2 Hi Dive, Denver
Oct 3 Low Spirits, Albuquerque
Oct 4 Orpheum, Flagstaff AZ
Oct 5 Last Exit, Phoenix
Oct 6 Bunkhouse, Las Vegas
Oct 8 Soda Bar, San Diego
Oct 9 Bootleg Theatre, Los Angeles
Oct 10 Constellation Room, Santa Ana
Oct 11 Brick & Mortar, San Francisco
Oct 12 Bunk Bar, Portland
Oct 13 Sunset Tavern, Seattle
Oct 14 The Northern, Olympia
Oct 15 The Bartlett, Spokane
Oct 16 The Crux, Boise
Oct 18 Kilby Court, Salt Lake City

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Sean Rowe To Release New Album, Madman, In September

Acclaimed singer and songwriter Sean Rowe will release his new album Madman on September 9. NPR Music is currently premiering the video for the record’s title track.

On his new record, Rowe, who The Wall Street Journal wrote “…recalls the ecstatic intensity of late-’60s Van Morrison and stark subtlety of late-era Johnny Cash” has created a beautifully primal work. Madman is deliberately, if not defiantly, simple in both arrangement and composition. It is soul music in the purest and most literal sense, hypnotic rhythms, warmly distorted guitars and Rowe’s incredible voice recalling a time, real or imagined, when music and people seemed distinctly more connected.

Rowe has spent much of the last year traveling the country with his guitar, performing in people’s living rooms for a series of house concerts. In a deliberate contradiction to the prevailing expectations of a professional musician, Rowe chose to interact with fans in the most intensely personal manner. This simplification or stripping away of excess is powerfully conveyed in the video for Madman. We see the musician performing in a series of unconventional venues as well as shots of Rowe in nature juxtaposed with images of him in crowded city streets, literally and figuratively walking against the crowd and blazing his own trail.

The sound of Madman is influenced, in large part, by the hypnotic driving guitars of Delta blues. “I was listening to records by R.L. Burnside and John Lee Hooker and others which are basically just guitar and drums and really raw sounding,” Rowe explains. “I was also listening to the early soul records like Otis Redding and Ray Charles. I didn’t want to try and duplicate those sounds, just take aspects of them and make them my own.”

The title track features a rhythmic guitar, lilting piano and melodic bass, punctuated by horns, all of it in the service of Rowe’s incredibly soulful voice. “My singing is definitely more playful on this record,” he says. The record was produced by Sean himself and engineer, Troy Pohl. Rowe says he wanted to strip away much of the production and focus instead on the voice and guitar style he had perfected in theaters, nightclubs and living rooms. “I came to this realisation that the songs don’t have to be structurally heavy to be intense,” he explains. “It’s more about the honesty and emotion behind the delivery. A lot of these songs are pretty simple but I was really thoughtful about that, it was intentional. I wanted to go right to the heart.”

Madman is a record of extraordinary honesty intent on establishing a connection. In its deliberate simplicity there is pure sonic emotion. “I wanted to go right to the heart with this,” he explains. “And sometimes that meant seeing how much we could remove. It helps to have a great recording. But I would rather have great performances and that’s what I was after here. Sometimes when you’re listening to a piece of music you don’t have to think about it, you just feel it. It’s primal and you trust it.”

You can catch Sean Rowe live on the following dates:
Sept 14: Pittsburgh, PA at Club Cafe
Sept 17: Louisville, KY at WFPK Waterfront Wednesdays
Sept 18: Nashville, TN at Third Man Records
Sept 23: Vienna, VA at Jammin Java
Sept 24: Philadelphia at World Cafe Live
Sept 25: NYC at Rockwood: Stage 2
Sept 26: NYC at Rockwood: Stage 3
Oct 1: Northampton, MA at Parlor Room
Oct 2: Providence, RI at Columbus Theatre
Oct 3: Troy, NY: Contemporary Arts Center at Woodside
Oct 4: Woodstock, NY at Colony Cafe

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