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Timber Timbre Reveals New Track, Curtains!?

Timber Timbre’s new song, Curtains!?, is now available for streaming. The track has been taken from Timber Timbre’s new album, Hot Dreams which is out March 31 via Full Time Hobby.

Frontman, Taylor Kirk explains: “Curtains!? is nearest to a rock song that the band have ever recorded up to date. When we were creating the bed tracks, I was thinking we were doing something in the world of German kraut rock band Can but Graham Lessard, our sound engineer, made the reference to Lalo Schifrin’s soundtrack for Dirty Harry. Simone Schmidt of Fiver composed the lyrics about a man’s fallen career and his double life exposed.’

Hot Dreams is the follow-up to 2012’s Polaris Music Prize short-listed Creep On Creepin’ On which was hailed for its “…black humour and spectral beauty” (The Guardian) and “possessed…a style all its own” (Pitchfork). The ten songs of Hot Dreams daub vibrant colour and new viscous tonality over Timber Timbre’s earthy, angular palette. The first vinyl pressing will be housed in a limited edition metallic jacket.

The band will perform at two different showcases this week at SXSW before embarking upon an extensive European tour in April.

You can catch Timber Timbre live on the following dates:

April 3 – Brussels, Botanique: http://bit.ly/1fnfrGq
April 4 – Paris, La Fleche d’Or w/Smoke Fairies: http://bit.ly/1c4OdKj
April 5 – Amsterdam, People’s Palace: http://bit.ly/1efP4Xu
April 7 – Zurich, Rote Fabrik (Aktionshalle): http://bit.ly/1bJ9Yik
April 8 – Munich, Hansa 39: http://bit.ly/1kaimqI
April 9 – Berlin, Lido: http://bit.ly/1fngl5G
April 10 – Hamburg, Uebel & Gefahrlich: http://bit.ly/1mwb2r8
April 12 – Stockholm, Debaser Strand : Free Show
April 13 – Copenhagen, Vega: http://bit.ly/1k7ghz5
April 15 – Nijmegen, Doornroosje: http://bit.ly/1bJaqNy
April 16 – London, Scala: bit.ly/1mhiiqM
April 17 – Manchester, Roadhouse: bit.ly/1gQGxdN

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Timber Timbre Release New Single, Hot Dreams

Hot Dreams, Timber Timbre’s fifth album and the follow-up to the multi- Juno Award nominated and Polaris Music Prize shortlisted Creep On Creepin’ On, is set for release on Monday 31 March 2014.

But to entertain their fans while they are waiting for this date to arrive, Timber Timbre have released their latest single, Hot Dreams, the title track from the new record. You can download the Hot Dreams single from iTunes now. You can also pre-order the album here.

Hot Dreams coalesced throughout 2013 with long-time collaborator Simon Trottier stepping forward to join Kirk as co-composer/co-producer on this album. Culled from ideas born during a stint Kirk spent in Laurel Canyon, he and Trottier arranged the new songs at The Banff Centre in Banff, Alberta, later adding from the array of synthesisers at Calgary’s National Music Centre.

Engineered by Graham Lessard at the Banff Centre and Thee Mighty Hotel 2 Tango in Montreal and mixed by Mark Lawson, Timber Timbre’s third studio album for Full Time Hobby sees the return of collaborator Mika Posen on all string arrangements with vintage contributions from Olivier Fairfield on drums and Mathieu Charbonneau on keys. Returning guest Colin Stetson (Bon Iver, Arcade Fire) lends atypically velvet saxophone while the backing vocals of Romy Lightman (Tasseomancy, Austra) and words by Simone Schmidt (Fiver, One Hundred Dollars) round out the guest appearances on Hot Dreams.

Timber Timbre return to Europe in April to play a number of shows. You can catch them live on the following dates:
April 3- Brussels, Botanique
April 4 – Paris, France, Fleche d’Or
April 5 – Amsterdam, People’s Palace
April 7 – Zurich, Switzerland,Rote Fabrik (Aktionshalle)
April 8 – Munich, Germany, Hansa 39
April 9 – Berlin, Germany, Lido
April 10 – Hamburg, Germany, Uebel & Gefährlich
April 12 – Stockholm, Sweden, Debaser Strand
April 13 – Copenhagen, Vega
April 15 – Nijmegen, NL, Doornroosje
April 16- London, UK, Scala
April 17 – Manchester, UK, Roadhouse

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Smoke Fairies Sign To Full Time Hobby For New Album Release

Smoke Fairies (Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies) reveal the first track from their eponymously titled third studio album, Smoke Fairies. The album will be released on April 14, their first for label Full Time Hobby, and will be available on 180g heavy-weight vinyl, CD and as a digital download.

Katherine Blamire explained: “This album gave us the opportunity to actually be two voices, rather than two voices as one entity: two people talking to each other as distinct characters. They’re the messages that we send to each other”.

Smoke Fairies was produced by Kristofer Harris at Squarehead Studio located on an industrial estate in Kent (UK). The album explores the classic Smoke Fairies sound while pushing into new forms of musical expression.

The first track Eclipse Them All was premiered by The Quietus last week.

The new video directed by Jonathan Pound can be viewed below.

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Timber Timbre Announce News Of New Album, Hot Dreams

Timber Timbre and Full Time Hobby announce the 31 March 2014 release of Hot Dreams, the follow-up to the multi-JUNO Award nominated and Polaris Music Prize shortlisted album, Creep On Creepin’ On. The Scott Cudmore directed album trailer suggests Taylor Kirk’s most vividly cinematic music to date, adding arid western and viscous tonality to Timber Timbre’s signature haunted folk.

Hot Dreams coalesced throughout 2013 with long-time collaborator Simon Trottier stepping forward to join Kirk as co-composer/co-producer on this album. Culled from ideas born during a stint Kirk spent in Laurel Canyon, he and Trottier arranged the new songs at The Banff Centre in Banff, Alberta, later adding from the array of synthesisers at Calgary’s National Music Centre.

Engineered by Graham Lessard at the Banff Centre and Thee Mighty Hotel 2 Tango in Montreal and mixed by Mark Lawson, Timber Timbre’s third studio album for Full Time Hobby sees the return of collaborator Mika Posen on all string arrangements with vintage contributions from Olivier Fairfield on drums and Mathieu Charbonneau on keys. Returning guest Colin Stetson lends atypically velvet saxophone while the backing vocals of Romy Lightman (Tasseomancy, Austra) and words by Simone Schmidt (Fiver, One Hundred Dollars) round out the guest appearances on Hot Dreams.

For the Hot Dreams album trailer Timber Timbre once again turned to Scott Cudmore, director of the band’s videos for Demon Host and We’ll Find Out from Timber Timbre (2009).

Timber Timbre has released four critically acclaimed records since 2005, seen its music appear in Breaking Bad, on The Walking Dead Original Soundtrack and as the score to Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang by Palme d’Or winning French director, Laurent Cantet. Timber Timbre has toured with the likes of Feist, Laura Marling, Lykke Li and Jonsi. The live four-piece heads back to Europe this week for appearances in Spain and Switzerland as well as a very special show at The Winter Camp Festival in Paris tonight at Le Trabendo.

You can catch Timber Timbre live on the following dates:
December 12 – Paris, France – Winter Camp Festival w/ Samantha Crain (FTH), Trust and The Darcys
December 14 – Geneva, Switzerland – La Graviere
December 15 – Bern, Switzerland – Dachstock-Reitschule
December 17 – Madrid, Spain – Charada
December 18 – Sevilla, Spain – Malandar

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Tunng – Live Review (The Lantern Colston Hall, Bristol 11 October 2013)

The Lantern in the Colston Hall was the perfect venue for Tunng to perform in. Entering the room, I was surrounded by people sitting on the floor waiting for the band to take to the stage. There were groups of friends, relatives and couples from all age ranges, sat crossed legged on the floor talking. The vintage carpet and cream walls created the perfect, friendly and homely atmosphere for a band like Tunng.

Tunng’s current tour is in support of their newest album, Turbines. The record focuses on a make believe world that’s full of strange characters and fantastical happenings, from So Far From Here’s spirited travellers (“the mountains passed, they disappeared to the black…”) to the shamanic camp-fire crazies of Embers. Tunng managed to bring this make believe world to life at the Bristol show. Being in the room transported you away from reality and into another, more pleasant dream-like world.

Tunng live

Tunng live at The Lantern, Colston Hall Bristol

Tunng started the gig with the beginning track from Turbines, Once. Once has great harmonies with the higher harmonies sending a shiver down your spine. These were fully excelled in the live performance. The chorus “Sin before your life time’s over…Sin before you see…” has wonderfully layered harmonies that make it an instantly unforgettable line, proven by the amount of people who were singing along. It has an almost mesmerising quality to it which became apparent as the audience seemed captivated from the first second.

The next track performed was the single, So Far From Here which gradually builds into a solid, all round wonderful track. With the sudden change in tempo and the jerky beat that accompanies “And we’ll run…”, this song suits being performed live. People were happily singing and swaying along to this track. The song begins with quite a dramatic and filmic approach with the immediacy and power being fully portrayed in Tunng’s live version.

So Far From Here was shiftly followed by The Village, another track from the band’s recent album, Turbines. The Village perked the gig up with its chirpy melodies and danceable beat. Then the band switched to perform a few older tracks such as The Roadside and Tale From Black (which tells the story of an old lady who enjoys killing people…) before returning to the newer songs By This, Bloodlines and Embers.

Embers saw Tunng produce a breath taking version of this song. The harmonies were outstanding and fully emphasised when they sang the opening lines, “We get out and walk/We get out and walk away/Got to step to step/Guiding you to step to step this way…”

Trip Trap also featured on the band’s set list. Trip Trap slowly builds to expose weird, jerky beats that give it an unusual sound. The line, “She is sweet she is sour/A poisonous flower/We, we’ll trip trap discover/That she will change by the hour…” had the whole room singing at the top of their voices. From the first note of this song, a cheer of joy filled the room.

Tunng live

Tunng live at The Lantern, Colston Hall Bristol

When Tunng performed By Dusk They Were In The City, guitarist and lead singer, Mike Lindsay, get shot of his acoustic guitar, frantically grabbed the electric guitar off his band mate and rocked out. It was a complete change from the rest of the set which saw him donning the usual acoustic guitar. Lindsay was soloing and shredding as if he belonged to a hard-core rock band. He had a foot on the monitor at one point, holding his guitar into the air. When handing the electric guitar back to its owner, he confessed in his exertions that he had managed to break a string. By Dusk They Were In The City received the biggest applause of the evening – I believe it was completely down to Lindsay showing off with humorous effect.

Tunng rejoined the stage for the encore performing Woodcat and Bullets which was a wonderful song to finish on.

During the whole gig, people were dancing and singing along in an incredibly happy and cheerful mood. Tunng were chatty and comfortable with their audience. It felt like you were watching your five best friends performing with a small group of your friends as their audience. There was no them and us – we were all one in the room sharing an experience. It was a really lovely atmosphere. I can safely say I’ve never experienced an atmosphere like that at a gig before.

If you love Tunng, they are a band you should see live at least once. Their records don’t do them the justice they deserve. There is something captivating about their live performances which help to make their songs come to life in a way that’s not possible on records.

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Introducing…Samantha Crain

Full Time Hobby has recently announced the signing of US singer/songwriter Samantha Crain. Samantha Crain has been compared to Beth Orton and Suzanne Vega with her songs oozing variety and confidence.

Rolling Stone named Samantha Crain as an Artist to Watch in May 2013, saying she, ‘embraces both joy and anguish’. Crain plays with a revolving cast of musicians including fiddle player Daniel Foulks. She released her debut EP, The Confiscation, in 2007 and has released three albums since.

Samantha Crain

Singer/songwriter Samantha Crain

Crain’s new album, Kid Face, will be released in the UK on January 13 2014.  A wildly original album that stands out as a definitive statement from an uncommonly insightful and fearlessly honest young singer songwriter. Produced by John Vanderslice, (The Mountain Goats & Spoon) – Crain has delivered an instantly accessible gem enabling her to explore the full range of her achingly vulnerable voice with lyric and song.

The album’s title is a nickname she closely identifies with as she is regularly mistaken for a 16 year old and treated accordingly. Crain explains: “It gives me a great insight into people’s character and plenty of material as a songwriter”.

The UK release of Kid Face will include a bonus EP and to celebrate the news of her signing with Full Time Hobby, For The Miner which has been taken from the album is available to download and stream here:  www.samanthacrain.com

Although initially inspired by the sounds of her father’s record collection including Bob Dylan and Neil Young, an adolescent Crain took even greater solace in the music of her home state from the Americana of Woody Guthrie to the sonic experiments of the Flaming Lips.

Crain has been building a following in the US and beyond over the last couple of years including Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit who took her out on tour last year and have been long time supporters of her music. First Aid Kit have commented: “We first met Samantha Crain in 2010 when she was the supporting act on our first US tour. For us, she is a role model and an inspiration. She is an amazing songwriter and a powerful live artist, full of energy and a great sense of humour. And what a voice.”

AlbumsKid FaceSongs in the NightYou (Understood).

By Kate Dexter

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Seams – Quarters Album Review

Seams’ new album, Quarters, is the follow up to the Tourist and Sleeper EPs released last year. On Quarters, the UK born Berlin based James Welch has put together a pretty notable string of new tracks featuring some rapid fire synth work that is a good indicator of the album’s upbeat style.

Quarters is an easily accessible record filled with electronic beats you’ll be delighted to hear. The songs have an amazing energy that flows through them. Track one, Clap One, starts with faint noises that sound like a steam train chugging along the tracks before the wavering organ notes fade in. Clap One then becomes a fast paced number full of punchy bass and heavenly synths.

Seams Quarters

Seams Quarters

Track two, Constants, is very different from the first track. It is heavily dance inspired lending it to be the perfect song to blast out in a club. On the back of Constants comes Pocket which has a distinctive sound in comparison to the first two tracks. Its structure, repetitive notes and gradual building tempo give it an other worldly and alienated feel. It’s a disorientating number but juxtaposing this are the soft synth noises and electronic bells that can be heard in the background which have meditative qualities. It is those noises which you listen out for over the repetitive droning heard in the forefront of the song. Surprisingly, Pocket has a soothing effect on the listener even through it’s disorientating nature.

The remaining tracks on Quarters; Sitcom Apartment, Iceblerg, Hurry Guests, Rilo and TXL are all songs that fit that relaxed, intellectual cafe scene. They are definitely songs which you can easily imagine being played in that niche and quirky cafe you love to go to to sip your coffee and read your philosophy book on a Sunday morning. There is something about these songs that instigates a feeling of meditation, calm and tranquillity among the many layers of synths, electronic drum beats and organs. Jazz influences can be heard in the remaining tracks which is probably what places them into the slightly pretentious yet comforting zone.

Quarters is a wonderfully swooping and dynamic electronica album. Quarters is streaming in advance on Hype Machine.

Quarters will be released on September 16 through Full Time Hobby.

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