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Introducing…The Boy From The Crowd

In an East London gutter, something deep, primal and most definitely weird is stirring.

The Boy From The Crowd Cocktail: take a pinch of Delta blues, mix with some edgy surf rock, shake (don’t stir) with a hefty dose of punk attitude and some good old-fashioned rock n roll swagger. Infuse with tension, blend with menace and you’re starting to get a flavour of the rich and potent firewater served up by The Boy From The Crowd.

When singer/songwriter/guitarist Vinny Piana met drummer Vegas Ivy at the crossroads of rock, noise and badass, there was no way things weren’t going to get ugly. Here were two brothers from another mother, separated at birth it seemed, so closely were their musical inclinations aligned. Determined to be guided by their primal instincts and play music with guts, spirit and uncompromising integrity, the pair embarked on a fearless mission to discover tough new ways to rock the blues.

Vinny’s songs often reflect about choices we make and how they lead us to bliss or sheer disaster, how we so often make the disastrous choice despite every fibre of our being screaming at us not to. Born in the south of France, Vinny toured Europe and the UK as a guitarist with various bands and wrote soundtracks for independent movies including Sundance favourite LoveSexy before setting his sights on a new but long-cherished project. He had the ideas, he had the nerve – all he needed was a beat.

Vegas’ pounding voodoo drums proved to be the perfect base for Vinny’s twisted songs and dirty blues dream. The big man was ready for a new challenge and with Vinny’s mercurial, deeply unstable guitar carnage, he’s found it.

Between them the pair have forged a fractured new direction in alternative music that finds a weirdly winding path that leads from Robert Johnson and Howlin’ Wolf through Captain Beefheart and Jon Spencer… all the way to The Boy From The Crowd.

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Introducing…The Age Of The Universe

For ages, men have been gazing at the night sky, wondering at the beauty and mystery of the universe. We don’t really consider it, being so busy living through our daily routines, but if you think about it, the entire concept of this existence is even wilder than the most imaginative science fiction work.

The Age Of The Universe set out to capture these fascinating thoughts and visions through their own blend of alternative rock.

The band’s debut studio effort, Singularity, is an unpredictable and uncompromising cocktail of punk, alternative rock and psychedelia: think members of Pink Floyd jamming with someone from Muse and Black Sabbath. They have recently revealed the lead single, Alive, which is accompanied by a video directed by Grzegorz Telenga and Krzysztof Wróbel.

This is in-your-face and inspirational rock music that lingers on the echoes from the 70s yet looks forward to a creative and personal future.

The Age Of The Universe’s album, Singularity, is available to buy now.

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Direct Divide Release Their New Album, Bridges

Direct Divide have recently released their new album, Bridges.

Direct Divide

Direct Divide Bridges album artwork

Direct Divide is a band with diverse origins. Their music is a product of what they draw from their experiences and where they’re from, whether it be the lights and chaos of Las Vegas, the sombre Seattle winters, the Sao Paulo beaches, the San Francisco fog and now the burning hills of Los Angeles. For Direct Divide, melody reigns supreme with a combination of powerful female vocals, electric violin, classically influenced piano and progressive guitar with a dose of heavy rock drums and bass.

Their songs reflect the feelings of people striving to communicate in a vast world full of distractions and technology, merging Vivaldi and Hans Zimmer with steep walls of guitars and drums, revelling in soundscapes and layers of melody. Whether it is navigating the excitement and nervousness of instant infatuation in Meteors or the pain of long distance in Persephone, Direct Divide write music that audiences can fit their own experiences to.

Head songwriters Razz and Kevin have been composing and recording together for three years. Guitarist Kevin generates ideas at a prodigious rate and Razz puts the emotions of the music into words, melody and harmony. Valdemar adds energy and attitude with his drums. Their grunge rock specialist Gabe rounds out the modern production mix on bass.

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Gustavo De Beauville Releases Debut Solo Album, Volume I

Gustavo De Beauville is a self-taught artist, musician/guitarist and producer from Airdrie, Alberta. He has contributed to bands, games, film and now, his first venture into the solo world with his debut instrumental CD, Volume 1. This new album is a collection of instrumentals, ranging from epic and atmospheric post-rock to electronic and industrial sounds. You can listen to Volume I in full here.

About his unique musical style, De Beauville said: “I feel most alive when creating music. As a self-taught artist I appreciate the effort and dedication it takes to make technically sound recordings. Since I work best alone, necessity has driven me to embrace multiple instruments. It was through approaching these from my own perspective that forged my sound.”

As one half of the metal/rock duo The Unravelling, he won the 2010 Alberta Metal Award for Best Production as well as a nomination for Best Track for his work on the full-length CD, 13 Arcane Hymns. 13 Arcane Hymns received wide acclaim, receiving nods from Metalsucks, Metal-rules.com, Pure Grain Audio and Scene In The Dark. Gustavo wrote the music and produced the album (with mixing/mastering by Casey Lewis of Echo Base Studios) while Steve Moore contributed lyrics/vocals.

The new album Volume 1 is available at CD Baby and Bandcamp. Gustavo is currently planning a series of follow up solo releases as well as working on new material with The Unravelling.

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Monks Of Mellonwah – Turn The People Album Review

Australian indie quartet Monks Of Mellonwah are set to release their new album Turn The People on March 7 through Gatcombe Music Pty Ltd. Throughout 2013, Monks Of Mellonwah released songs from Turn The People in three volumes. The first volume, Ghost Stories, consisted of tracks Ghost Stories, Vanity and Sailing Stones. The second volume, Afraid To Die, features songs Afraid To Die, Alive For A Minute, Downfall and I Belong To You. The final volume is yet to be released.

Having been compared to the likes of Incubus, Muse and The Black Keys, Monks of Mellonwah are definitely a band to watch. While the vocals by Vikram Kaushik are very similar to that of Incubus’ Brandon Boyd, Monks of Mellonwah do have their own unique musical style that cannot be compared. And as ever, this unique sound is as present on Turn The People as on previous EP releases Neurogenesis and Sky and the Dark Night.

Turn The People starts with Ghost Stories Intro – a soft yet haunting track featuring tones that are gradually accompanied by a relaxing drum beat. It’s a brilliant introduction to this fabulous record. It breaks you in gently and leaves you hanging on for more.

From the first note on the guitar of Ghost Stories, you can instantly recognise the record as belonging to the Monks of Mellonwah. Kaushik’s vocals sound mature, they sound different from his vocals on Neurogenesis, for example. His vocals seem cleaner in a way. The chorus, “Turning and burning the apple falls so far from the tree/I cannot take it/It’s burning a flame inside of me” is incredibly catchy and will have you singing along in no time. Kaushik’s vocals are particularly good; they are dramatic and sexy, especially at end of chorus when he holds “me”. Ghost Stories has addictive guitar riffs, vocals and lyrics, “In the forest/Saw the lightning/Bolts and they were scared away/Its cataclysmic/This L.A violence/Holy roller/ Hurricane/I hardly knew/Tried to lose her/ This forest seems to know my name/No horizon in this forest/Only violence takes the stage.” The music builds to become more dramatic throughout the song too.

Vanity is more upbeat and more light-hearted. The track kicks starts with distorted yet sexy vocals once again, “Vanity/Vanity/You’re stretching my insanity/Insanity…”. Vanity feels like a mix between Fall Out Boy and Maroon 5 which is surprisingly brilliant. Vanity has elements of the sounds heard on Maroon 5′s, Songs About Jane. The guitar riff in the chorus screams Maroon 5 while the drum beat and guitar riff towards the end lends itself towards Fall Out Boy as do the vocals throughout. It has that refreshing feel which will instantly have you tapping your feet to the beat.

Tear You Hate Apart is a previously unheard track and sees electronic sounds seep into the record for first time. It sounds more artificially produced than the previous tracks. The drum beat creates this artificial sound. Kaushik’s high pitched vocals are spine-tingling, allowing him to show off his range. It’s a track with a narrative and is quite an emotionally exposing song, “I was lying there that night/When your daddy fell and died/Everybody wept and cried/You just kept your hands with mine/Nice to know I failed you again/I’m sinking, stumbling I don’t know the way/Nice to know you’ll all be OK/My only question/What remains of me?” The lyrics are brilliantly written uncovering a sad side to this energetic band. Tear You Hate Apart shows a deeper side to the writing of this band like their previously released, I Belong To You.

Monks of Mellonwah

Monks of Mellonwah

Pulse keeps with the electronic influences Monks Of Mellonwah have added to their music. There’s an underlying synth melody repeated throughout the song. Pulse has more of a pop feel to it due to this electronic sound. It is more uplifting in its melodic vocals but the lyrics remain less optimistic, “My soul will always be cold/When we run/We find some sun/I don’t feel what’s real/In all the same old things”. Even though some of the lyrics might not be particularly cheery, the chorus is uplifting in its vocal melody. You can almost picture listening to this track’s chorus on a beach in Australia.

Alive For A Minute has a really wonderful deep bass line that starts the track. The bass line draws the listener’s attention to it leaving the drums being heard playing faintly in the background. This bass line is accompanied by the electric synth sounds and strings which add drama. Alive For A Minute is a song you’ll want to hear again and again. Kaushik has the sort of voice that sends shivers down your spine – you can hear his emotion and strength in every line of lyrics sung. This is especially true in the first verse, “Chasing away in a place where the light is all gone/Run around it’s over now the final seed is a no…”

Escaping Alcatraz is another previously unheard song from Monks Of Mellonwah. It’s a dramatic rock number with fabulous guitar riffs at the beginning. It’s quite a heavy song in comparison to the previous songs on the album. Escaping Alcatraz encompasses all this band’s enthusiasm and energy into one song. Once again, those string accompaniments appear in the incredibly dramatic parts making this song an explosion of sounds.

Sailing Stones brings the record back to the familiar sound of the Monks of Mellonwah. Sailing Stones really allows Kaushik to show off his vocal talents as the music is sparse during parts of the song which gives his voice the space needed to show it off. There’s an awesome Indian inspired guitar solo accompanied by dramatic strings towards the end of the song – every listener should hang on just to hear it.

Turn The People is the last previously unheard song on the album. It’s a ballad which sees Kaushik’s vocals accompanied solely by a piano at the start of the track before the synths take over. This is another track that perhaps takes Monks Of Mellonwah away from rock and more towards pop and mainstream. It’s a track with a lot of influences in it making it hard to place into a genre. Either way, it’s an interesting track with beautifully honest lyrics about love.

Downfall continues to build on the Monks of Mellonwah’s rock style as the fast guitar riff plays unaccompanied at the beginning of the song. Kaushik’s vocals are as pleasant as ever on Downfall showing off his soft voice that is naturally good. There’s no straining heard in his vocals. Afraid To Die succeeds Downfall. It starts with low tones and heavy bass with a punchy guitar riff in the forefront.

I Belong To You is a stripped back number with only an acoustic guitar and some soft electronic melodies present making this track the most relaxed on the record. The lyrics, “I still dream of a day of when I’m closer/When I become all that I can be/In my surrender in no conception/I still lose/In my ascension/There’s still no mention of you” are lyrics that can be related to. These lyrics sung with a lack of instruments emphasise the emotion behind this track. It’s still the best track Monks Of Mellonwah have released.

Sky And The Dark Night is the last song on the record and features all the songs from the progressive and experimental Sky And The Dark Night EP that was released last April.

Turn The People sees Monks of Mellonwah succeed in their mission. They set out musically not to repeat past styles yet rather to pave the future for alternative rock. In doing so, they take the pre-eminent sounds of 70s psychedelic rock and 90s alternative and blend it into something fresh and new. Their music is an adventure – not a destination. And this is exactly what Turn The People is – an adventure.

Turn The People will be released on March 7 2014.

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