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Empty Pools Announce Their Split

Some sad news emerged last week from the West Country indie rockers Empty Pools who have announced that front woman, Leah Pritchard, will no longer be part of the band.

Having released a scrumptious album, three delicious EP’s, a delectable single and been part of a disgustingly good compilation album with Battle Worldwide Recordings, it’s a shame to see her leave the band.

Here’s the official statement from the band:
“It’s with heavy hearts that we announce Leah’s departure from Empty Pools; she no longer wishes to do the band anymore. We wish her well and reflect fondly over these three short years. Ironically this sudden news comes just as we have completed a new record that turned out as we’d hoped. It’s a five song EP, aptly titled Liberation Prayers and it’s released digitally worldwide on Monday 28 July via Ben’s imprint Enclaves. The EP’s lead track Pacey Grey is streaming now via Soundcloud and updates on the release will be posted in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, physical release, video and live date plans have been shelved.

Aaron, Matt and Ben will continue to make music. We’d like to thank everyone who has helped Empty Pools, put up with our pestering or who were lined up to work with us in 2014 and beyond. Thanks again for indulging us, see you down the front, lots of love Empty Pools.”

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Co-pilgrim – Plumes Album Review

Co-pilgrim’s highly anticipated third album Plumes is set for release on May 26. Following on from the success of last years’, A Fairer Sea, lead single Grew Into Something New/I Know Love has already been gaining some positive attention with plays on BBC 6 and Amazing Radio and has had some extremely kind reviews from the likes of Louder Than War and ourselves, Rocking Republic, respectively. If you dig those Summer vibes then look no further. This is the album for your summer.

Lead single Grew Into Something New/I Know Love are the happy songs on the record. I Know Love has an incredibly upbeat, 60s summer feel to it. This track will guarantee to have your head bobbing, you just can’t help it. It will instantly brighten your day. I Know Love wouldn’t sound a miss on BBC Radio 2 when they play the classic songs from the 50s and 60s.

Grew Into Something New has a slightly more modern feel. There are still influences from the 70s heard in this track though. It’s very catchy and sounds hauntingly familiar, “I grew into something new/Oh yeah/Grew into something new…” with the rolling drums that give it that pop/rock feel that seems safe and familiar.

Come Out Alive is a slow, solemn track with incredibly sweet lyrics, “Good nights and good friends/We have the time/We have time”. It’s instantly likeable.

On the other hand though, I Saw You Heavenly Girl has more of an upbeat feel to it. The guitars (both electric and acoustic) give it that summer vibe, especially the blues slide guitar. The vocals are relaxing as they sing the lyrics, “I saw you heavenly girl/Riding a black and white horse…”

If you thought I Saw You Heavenly Girl was summery, make way for Pushover. This song screams the 60s beach vibe. It’s the hippy tune of the album.

Towards the end of the album, Dancin’ Hoods will remind you of hazy summer evenings with it’s sad, summery tones. Imagery of fields full of luscious greens and sprouting plants come to mind, “Or the blades of grass/Or the setting sun…” Let yourself go with this track – it’s perfect.

Co-pilgrim’s Plumes will be released on May 26.

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Co-pilgrim Release Videos For Latest Singles, I Know Love And Grew Into Something New

Co-pilgrim have recently revealed two new videos for their latest singles, I Know Love and Grew Into Something New. Both these singles are taken from the highly anticipated Plumes record which is set to be released on May 26.

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Battle Worldwide Recordings Streaming Album, My First Record, My First Store, In Full Now

As part of Record Store Day, which takes place on April 19, Battle Worldwide Recordings will be releasing a limited edition 12″ Vinyl entitled My First Record, My First Store. This record will feature a variety of Battle Worldwide Recordings’ acts covering tracks from albums that truly inspired and helped mould them into the artists they are today.

What is the defining point in an artist’s life that makes them take a path that will envelope their interests and work for the rest of their life? Every musician has a point, usually in their teens, that is an awakening that excites their senses and drives them to pick up a guitar, microphone, drum kit or even a laptop nowadays and start producing music. My First Record, My First Store is a physical and digital diary from Battle Worldwide Recordings’ artistes and partners, put together for Record Store Day 2014.

My First Record, My First Store will map stories from each artiste on the label about the record that most influenced them, where they bought it and why it was important to them. Over the coming months, stories will be added to the Battle Worldwide Recordings website.

But for now, Battle Worldwide Recordings are streaming the My First Record, My First Store album in full here.

On Record Store Day 2014, Battle Worldwide Recordings will release a limited edition colour vinyl compilation of artist recordings of select tracks.

You can follow the campaign here.

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Co-Pilgrim Release Songs From Forthcoming Album, Plumes

Co-Pilgrim are due to release songs that have been taken from their forthcoming album entitled Plumes which is due for release on the May 26 2014. The songs, I Know Love and Grew Into Something New, are to be released on March 31.

As Robin Bennett said: “We built this humble shed-like recording studio with our own hands back around the turn of the millennium (my band with brother Joe then being called Whispering Bob, later Goldrush). The first band through the unfinished door, as we may have previously mentioned, was Mike Gale’s dreamy low-fi melodic former entourage Black Nielson, huddled round a one-bar heater in the depths of a colder winter than this one. Back in those days, the main thing was always the ambience. Couldn’t put your finger on exactly what that was but we always made sure we had ambience technicians to hand, just to be safe.

“Mike and I have recently tagged the place Great Western Studios, as you invariably have to wait for several trains to pass the nearby level crossing before you can enter the vicinity (it has also been known as Truck Studios; it rests near the site of the famous music festival of the same name). Soon enough we had all moved on to plusher and more expensive, expansive and far-flung surrounds to cut our tracks; America, Abbey Road even Belgium.

Co-Pilgrim single artwork

Co-Pilgrim single artwork

“The studio waited, haggard, bare of almost all equipment, knowing its time would come. One day our dear friend Noel re-dressed it in fetching check carpet and gradually some more microphones and amps re-accumulated; a mouse took up residence somewhere in the ceiling. The studio waited proudly for us all to rediscover its new improved merits.

“This summer and winter, more than 10 years after, we have all returned, trusting our songs once more to the studio’s isolated star-spangled ambience. And cradled in this warm carpeted embrace, Co-Pilgrim made their faithful way back with producer/musician Joe drenching some of Mike’s best ever songs (and they are always good) in reverb, harmony and lap-steel and producing a glorious, exhilarating torrent of sound in which your ears may surf freely. The mouse, up there in the ceiling cavity, tapped its little feet along to the stompers and laid on its back gazing at stars for the rest.

“For the return of the Pilgrim, Mike and producer-multi-instrumentalist-harmoniser Joe have been augmented by drummer Ben and the angelic voice and glamorous presence of Claire, Joe’s wife. Yes, I even pitched on some flute. It has been a heart-breaking year for Mike with the passing of his dear Dad with whom he shared a great closeness and who was a great supporter of his music and Co-Pilgrim in general. We know he’d be proud of this record which acknowledges sadness and loneliness but uses them as a basis for some of the most glorious and, yes, happy music you will ever hear. So listen to it and make your friends listen to it. Make everyone listen to it. Let’s hear it for misery….”

And happy is exactly what these two songs, I Know Love and Grew Into Something New, are. I Know Love has an incredibly upbeat, 60s summer feel to it. This track will guarantee to have your head bobbing, you just can’t help it. It will instantly brighten your day. I Know Love wouldn’t sound a miss on BBC Radio 2 when they play the classic songs from the 50s and 60s.

Grew Into Something New has a slightly more modern feel. There are still influences from the 70s heard in this track though. It’s very catchy and sounds hauntingly familiar, “I grew into something new/Oh yeah/Grew into something new…” with the rolling drums that give it that pop/rock feel that seems safe and familiar.

Boys Of Summer is a cover of Don Henley classic. It’s a slowed down, calming version. The vocals are the highlight where the simple acoustic guitar and soft ambient sounds are the only instrumentation. The harmonies are spine tingling. It’s so simple, so stripped back that it shows what this band is capable of.

Co-Pilgrim’s new album, Plumes, is due out May 26. I Know Love/Grew Into Something New is due out on March 31 via Battle Worldwide Recordings.

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ASx To Release New Single, Obstacle Of My Affection

ASx is an Australian solo project based in London. Her ambient sounds see a mix of electronic elements with strong guitar and bass grooves, creating a unique sound.

Since beginning her classical education on violin at the tender age of four, ASx always longed for the raw power of the drums and after much anticipation she finally began playing at the age of 11.

ASx Obstacle Of My Affection artwork

ASx Obstacle Of My Affection artwork

Since relocating to London in 2010, ASx took to playing drums with various bands around the punk rock/indie circuit. As well as refining her guitar and bass skills along the way, she began producing her own demos in 2013. Under the watchful eye of her fellow producers, ASx produces her own material and plays her own instruments to create a product exactly how she envisions it.

ASx is due to release her new single Obstacle Of My Affection on March 31. Obstacle Of My Affection has an unusual sound that’s hard to place into a genre. It’s not quite electronic or pop but somewhere in between. Synthesisers feature heavily on this song giving it that slight 80s feel. The downside is that the lyrics are repetitive, “We’ve become a war again…”

Obstacle Of My Affection is backed by Russian Dolls. The music is good in Russian Dolls but the vocals are less so. The spoken word during the verses doesn’t quite work, it doesn’t suit the song and sounds out of place. There’s an attitude in the vocals that doesn’t suit the style of music. The chorus however rescues this song, “How you want it/I can sometimes make it…” Russian Dolls is a summer song.

ASx’s new single Obstacle Of My Affection will be released on March 31 via Battle Worldwide Recordings.

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Swaying Wires – Some Blue Sky Album Review

Swaying Wires is an alternative folk/rock band based in Turku, Finland.

What began as a one woman project by Tina Kärkinen in 2008 developed into a full band in 2010 with members Sami Lehtonen and Nicklas Hägen.

After a playing as a trio for a while, performing around Turku, the band finally found a drummer in Timo Harju. The newly formed quartet subsequently started recording some demo songs that would later form the nucleus of their debut album. Harju left the band shortly after the recording of these demos to pursue other interests. He was replaced by Jussi Virkkumaa who had previously played in another band together with Sami.

In the summer of 2012, Swaying Wires started recording what would become their first full-length album, Some Blue Sky. The album is a collection of songs written between 2008 to 2013 and was recorded in the band’s rehearsal space.

March 2014 will see the culmination of this work when the band releases their debut, Some Blue Sky, through Battle Worldwide Recordings.

Previous release Blinding Nights starts the album. Blinding Nights is a slow, sad and folk influenced number with incredibly feminine and soulful vocals. Blinding Nights is almost a ballad as Kärkinen’s vocals sore and express all her emotions. The music takes a back seat on this song with the drums laying down the rhythm very quietly in the background and the guitar riffs rising and falling appropriately to capture those emotions portrayed in Kärkinen’s vocals. Her voice is mesmerisingly calm and beautiful despite being able to express angst and upset.

Then the seductive second track Bluebird is introduced. The acoustic guitar breaks this song in so gently. It’s such a tender song, the vocals are once again clear, crisp and calming. Kärkinen has a marvellous voice which is perfect for this band’s sound. The music is swooping; the drums emphasise certain notes while the guitar plays softly in the background allowing it all to create a sense of calmness which is complemented by the angelic vocals. This all happens before the music picks up. The guitar becomes distorted and grungy. It becomes heavily chord-based leaving the riffs behind. The frequency of the notes increases which builds the drama and dynamics in this track.

Take Me To The River has melancholy lyrics which start the track, “Take me to the river see if I float/Hold my head under water…” The music is quite dark and dramatic too. The drums are sparse and the  continuous notes on the bass create a sense of tension. There’s a sense of someone being unsettled and nervous and a sense that someone else is after them. The music slowly builds with more guitar riffs and harsher drums being introduced.

The fourth track introduces a much calmer track in Scattering. Scattering has Blues influences and the slide guitar creates surfer tones. It has a very slow tempo in comparison to the other tracks. The slide guitar is accompanied by a softly played acoustic guitar and haunting and full deep bass notes. The vocals take centre stage here, the music is kept simple to allow this, “It’s your line to draw/It’s your line to draw/You keep building walls around you still/It’s your cross to bear/Your cross to bear still…” Kärkinen’s voice is so seductive; it’s quirky and innocent yet it has an air of sexiness about it. It’s such a soft voice that it hints at naivety on first listen but with the words that she is singing, it becomes clear that she is anything but. She’s confident, passionate and head strong. This track is atmospheric; there are crashing cymbals, synthesised haunting sounds and accordion key sounds. Scattering is the best track on album. It’s as close to perfect as you can get. It has everything; strong emotionally inspired lyrics, angelic yet emotionally invoking vocals, dynamic instrumentation and great acoustics.

No Cards Left stays in tune with the calmer tracks on the record. It’s a very solemn number which is dishearteningly sombre yet appealing. The music is almost non-existent in this song. The acoustic guitar is accompanied by Kärkinen’s vocals and the odd bass note but nothing else. No Cards Left conjures up images of deserted country lands covered in fog and mist. It has that sort of feel to it.

Unusually, an accordion starts the next track, Willow And Wind. Willow And Wind is unusually uplifting in comparison to the previous songs on the album. The accordion is gradually joined by string instrumentation which all seep away eventually for the familiar acoustic guitar to take over, “Made my way through the pines/Where the sun don’t ever shine/Found a friend in the night/Walking aimless under city lights/There you’ll find me once again/Walking backwards on the finishing line/No-one wins in these streets…” Willow And Wind has a ballad pop song feel to it. The lyrics are depressing but the strings in the instrumentation give this song an uplifting, inspirational feel. The whole song is about finding pleasure in nature, “Birds will sing/Long hereafter/This old town is withered and gone…”

Passing Through introduces a jazzy pop feel to the album; if you think Paolo Nutini in the early days you’re nearly there. The drums give this track a good rhythm producing a happy, walking beat. Passing Through has a summery feel to it. The guitar riff that accompanies the drums and the “Who-oo let the door fall…” vocals gives it a strong summer feeling. Passing Through is soothing, it conjures up images of hazy summer evenings spent in fields in the country.

Fear Of Flying has been previously released. Fear Of Flying is a wonderful, blissful folk song which features angelic, breath-taking vocals from Kärkinen. Kärkinen’s vocals will send a shiver down your spine; her range is explored and her notes cascade over the acoustic guitar perfectly. The music is basic but this has a greater effect letting the beautiful lyrics take centre stage, “After all that’s all it was/A fear of flying/As I finally stagger out/I will make it home somehow/I’ll meet you there/Keep a brave face/As the sky falls/Into pieces down before you/And the ground below you…When the storm arrives/I’ll meet you there”.

Brings Me Home is atmospheric as Swaying Wires have combined the noises of nature in to this track. There’s a fuzzing noise heard in the recording and outside sounds such as birds tweeting and waves crashing on the shore. All these things add to make this song feel very real and perfect. The lyrics are lovely, “Hundred miles from turning back this time/One true sign those highway eyes of yours/Bring me home in the night/Bring me home in the night/Bring me home in to the night/Bring me home…” The song suddenly explodes after these lyrics are heard for the first time. The music is full and energetic and the vocals are once again outstanding, showing off Kärkinen’s range.

The title track Some Blue Sky unusually appears as the last song on the album. It brings a solemn tone back to the record after a few more uplifting numbers, “Quietly watching shadows disappear/Always waiting for no voice to call my name/Biding my time here my name’s on every…” Some Blue Sky as a title suggests this album tells the story of torment, angst and uncertainty (hence the dark tones and sad lyrics that appear more frequently than happy songs throughout the record) while Swaying Wires wait for ‘Some Blue Sky’ to encapsulate them and brighten their lives.

Some Blue Sky is an incredibly solid debut album. There isn’t a bad song on this record. There’s not one song that makes you think, ‘Not sure about that’. Each song expands their abilities, shows their influences and most importantly, proves they are a fantastic alternative folk band with lots to offer.

Swaying Wires’ album Some Blue Sky will be released on March 31 via Battle Worldwide Recordings.

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