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Thomas Tantrum – Hot Hot Summer Remix

So I’ve recently heard that Thomas Tantrum have, in fact, had remix of their newest single, Hot Hot Summer, done by Will Sanderson under his new guise of GWAIIU.

Starting off rather slowly and annoyingly with the beeps, this version actually gets quite good.

Thomas Tantrum

Thomas Tantrum

The long introduction becomes quite boring after a while but eventually the rest of the music kicks in and it begins to sound like a song rather than just a couple of irritating noises.

The ex-Chew Lips member has completely revamped the song using darker tones than the happier, pop version. With more futuristic and electronic sounds, he’s made a rather indie-pop song into a solid electro/dubstep song.

Megan Thomas’ vocals fit this genre of music perfectly. Her voice is so versatile, it literally sounds good however and whenever she sings.

In some ways, this remix fits the undertones of the song better than the pop version. The lyrics are sad yet Thomas Tantrum’s version is happy. Will Sanderson has perhaps, more successfully, captured the essence and darker tones of the tune. Well worth a listen.


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