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The Year of Rihanna

RihannaI swear Rihanna gets more popular by the minute. Her music seems to be enjoyed by most people without complaint so she must be doing something right.

Yesterday NME posted an article on their website detailing Rihanna’s success in recent years. With her single What’s My Name going to number one last night she’s equaled Elvis Presley’s chart record after achieving a number one hit every year since 2007, giving her five in total. On top of this she’s the first ever female solo artist to achieve this stature.

Now to me this spells out that she’s loved by us. All her singles are catchy pop songs that are permanently played on the radio. And as much as I want to dislike them sometimes I just can’t.

When she first entered our charts back in 2005 with Pon de Replay I never thought she would be as successful as she’s become. Looks like I was wrong.

To be on par with Elvis is a pretty amazing achievement for someone who’s only 22 and I think 2011 will have us seeing even more of the Barbados born star.


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