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You Me At Six

I’ve always been a huge fan of You Me At Six and recently Josh Franceschi (lead singer) has been tweeting saying he’s writing new material for their new album. This makes me very excited. On top of this, I get to see them again when they support Blink 182 later this year.

So in aid of all the You Me At Six-ness that is happening in 2011 I’ve been listening to their old albums a lot.

When they first released Hold Me Down I liked it but it was quite obviously different from their debut Take Off Your Colours. I couldn’t decide which I liked more but now I know it’s definitely the second album.

There are a few reasons for this. In Take Off Your Colours Josh’s vocals are great, his lyrics good and the music also good. But you can tell that they were young. All the songs are fantastic but there’s that element of teenage music to it.

However with Hold Me Down, everything about it is mature. The lyrics are perfect. Each song I can relate to somehow. Josh’s vocals are stronger than before and he does small things that leave you wanting more. Musically, the band upped their game.

There are a couple of tracks that really stand out on Hold Me Down, these are: Stay With Me and Liquid Confidence. Both of them are just great classic songs. Josh’s vocals are at his best and there’s passion from the band in these songs.

If you’re interested in hearing more, here are some links to my favourites:
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