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Toydrum Provide Soundtrack To New Vivienne Westwood Short Film, Red Shoes

Inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s Climate Revolution, in association with Environmental Justice Foundation, her new short film, Red Shoes, is a journey through a dark, enchanted space where decay and opulence sit side by side.

The dance of death must end. Trapped in its hostile environment an animal will die. It will try to leave. It will leave but there is nowhere to go. In Red Shoes, Lily dances, trapped in a macabre and beautiful nightmare, swept up in a fight against pain, suffering, greed and lies.

Red Shoes is a dance for truth, for freedom and for life. The film wants its audience to realise that we must stop climate change to avoid our total catastrophe.

The film premiered on Dazed + Confused earlier this week.

The music was created by Pablo Clements and James Griffith (now known as Toydrum, formerly part of the creative team behind Unkle) and Chris Allen featuring cellist Abi Wade and it is music that suits the dark, enchanting footage perfectly. The string compositions cascade, the drums add drama and tension while the absence of other heavy instrumentation creates a deeply hypnotic and magical tone. The film was directed by Lorna Tucker for Vivienne Westwood on behalf of the Environmental Justice Foundation Track: Music Box.

Climate Revolution working with Environmental Justice Foundation asks you to help Climate Refugees by filling out a free online postcard which will be delivered directly to the UN.

Vivienne wrote: “Anyone who gets home late from work and finds she’s forgotten the key. What a disaster! My home is my refuge.”

Lily wrote: “Planet earth is our home. Yet climate change now makes someone homeless every second.”


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