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Toy Horses – What About The Future?

Welsh band, Toy Horses, have received Stephen Fry’s approval on Twitter when he declared, “And my new favourite indie band must be Toy Horses, and not just because of the lyrics of “What About the Future”.

In part of the song, the lyrics go, “…and we will both like Stephen Fry, he’s such a clever f***ing guy.” Now we can see why he likes the song…

Even so, he’s got good reason to. What About The Future is a sweet, romantic and comic song that involves such lines as, “There’s a thousand things I’d do for but I’ll never miss an episode of Doctor Who” and “Well I’m just a geek and you’re no fool. You’ll have to tell me what to wear so that I can look cool.” One of the most comic lines has to be, “I’ll buy a tardis and stick it in the gym”.

Toy Horses

Welsh duo Toy Horses

With its sweet intentions, this song is perfect in most ways. The lyrics are genuine and happy portraying how people daydream about their future with their partners. The song highlights how its not about what you have but who you have which is perhaps the most romantic thing about it.

Summing up everything that’s great about this song are the lyrics near the end, “And then one day when we’re really old and we’re all cwtched up so we don’t get cold. You’ll be dressed in purple and I’ll be fat and I’ll kiss you on the cheek, what’d you think of that?”

Toy Horses have produced a fantastic song. It’s great, it’s summery and most importantly, it’s touching. It gets my seal of approval too.

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