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Dave Depper Bonus Tracks

Portland’s Dave Depper released The Ram Project only a few weeks ago. This was his version of Paul McCartney’s 1971 album, Ram.

Now he has followed in Paul McCartney’s footsteps once again and released two new bonus tracks that were originally recorded by McCartney around the time of Ram.

Another Day and Oh Woman Oh Why again stay true to the originals. Dave Depper is scarily talented in his abilities. He’s produced two more great tracks that don’t steal attention away from the originals but instead add a little extra.

The Ram Project is available to buy through City Slang now. The bonus tracks are also available for exclusive download at http://www.soundcloud.com

Take a listen here.

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Dave Depper – Monkberry Moon Delight

With the release of Dave Depper’s take on Paul McCartney’s 1971 Ram album approaching pretty fast, I decided to give you all a little video of him performing one of my favourite tracks from the album live, Monkberry Moon Delight.

Dave Depper’s The Ram Project is released on Monday 22 August.

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Dave Depper – The Ram Project

Dave Depper has worked with many bands within his time in the music industry including The Decemberists, Mirah and Musee Mecanique. However, this time he’s gone solo.

Deciding that he wanted to prove he could complete something, he took on the mammoth task of reproducing Paul McCartney’s entire 1971 Ram album.

When I say ‘solo’, I should really emphasise the word. He recorded the whole album by himself with the aid of a few harmonies from Joan Hiller. He played all the instruments and did all the vocals. Not only this but he also recorded it in 31 days from home.

The Ram Project Dave Depper

The Ram Project

Now, to some people, this might not seem like much but if you think about how the original album was produced, the size of the task becomes clearer. Paul McCartney hired musicians and recorded it in a top of the range studio. Dave Depper, on the other hand, had himself, some instruments and a small room yet the result is hauntingly similar to the original. Tony Lash, who mastered the record, said: “When I had it playing in the background in my house it was, at times, unnervingly like having the original on.” I couldn’t agree more.

Dave Depper has out done himself on this project. Without trying to replace Paul McCartney, he’s managed to make the record his own without distorting the songs or attempting anything too extravagant.

Staying true to the nature of the songs, Depper has reproduced an album of gold. It’s awe-inspiring to think he has achieved something like this, relying purely on his own skills. He never planned on it being released or even thought he’d get so much attention for doing it but it’s a good thing he has.

While he keeps the musical elements of the songs the same, his vocals do vary slightly from the Beatles star’s. Surprisingly, this is probably the only thing that can be used to distinguish between the two albums. The difference is evident in 3 Legs where, if I’m honest, I prefer Depper’s blues vocals.

Some of the best covers are 3 Legs, Back Seat Of My Car and Monkberry Moon Delight where Dave Depper possibly outshines Paul McCartney, vocals-wise.

Taking on a project like this opens the doors to a lot of criticism yet Depper hasn’t interfered with the original, he has only enhanced it by opening it up to a younger generation. He has taken a great record and simply reproduced it. He hasn’t tried anything smart or even tried to out do McCartney. This is something he should be proud of and is something everyone should pick up and take a listen to.

The Ram Project is set for release on August 22 through City Slang.

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Dave Depper – The Ram Project

Portland’s Dave Depper has spent years working and performing with other artists such as Loch Lomond, Norfolk & Western and Giant Blue but he has never completed any of his own recordings.

Finally deciding that it was about time he did, he took on one mammoth task in order to prove to himself that he could complete anything he started.

Dave Depper The Ram Project

The Ram Project cover designed by Dave Depper

In 31 days, in his spare bedroom, he re-recorded Paul McCartney’s 1971 album, Ram, by himself. This saw him play guitar, keyboards, drums as well as recording all vocals with a little help from fellow Portlander, Joan Hiller, who did Linda McCartney’s harmonies.

The Ram Project was then mixed by Beau Raymond (Devendra Banhart, Laura Gibson) and mastered by Tony Lash (Elliott Smith, Death Cab for Cutie).

Too Many People stays utterly true to the original in every way. It’s hard to distinguish between the two versions.

Choosing to do something like this can end up with people saying nothing but negative things. Reproducing something created by one of the best musicians of all time is a very large and scary task and, if it’s not done properly, can lead to a very damaged reputation. However, Dave Depper really doesn’t have a thing to worry about. By keeping the songs sounding like the originals, he can’t be blamed for messing a good thing up. He can only be congratulated by the fact that he managed to recreate one of the most talked about albums single handedly. Even Paul McCartney didn’t manage that…

The Ram Project is to be released on August 22.

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