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Anti- Signs The Melodic

Anti- is excited to announce the signing of British folk band, The Melodic.

The Melodic offer a vibrant new brand of afro-folk-pop that incorporates an assortment of influences from around the world with its members utilizing instruments such as the Charango, Melodica and Kora to create a music that joyously defies categorisation.

The Melodic

British folk band, The Melodic

The group’s members came of age in the South London neighbourhood of Brixton amidst bustling streets and open-air markets reverberating with a rich assortment of musical sounds from around the world. In the distinctly English tradition of sonic assimilation, they found influence in the sounds they were hearing. As lead singer Huw Williams explains: “Brixton is a real melting pot of different people so it doesn’t feel inappropriate for us to introduce sounds from around the world into our music. There was South American and African music around us all the time as well as reggae and dub music.”

In the end, the band has created a vibrant new music which references contemporary artists such as Belle & Sebastian, The Magnetic Fields and the Decemberists and exhibits a clear reverence for past masters Paul Simon and Bert Jansch. Their sound mixes in elements from Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa to create a sound entirely their own. The band will look to release their debut EP entitled On My Way shortly.

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