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The I.D release double A-side debut single

London based post-punk band The I.D have released their first double A-side single through Duchamp Records. Bloodsweat and Honour/Own Designed Love comes after the release of previous singles Age Anti Age and A Bigger Picture.


The I.D

London based post-punk band, The I.D

Bloodsweat and Honour is a great post-punk song filled with fantastic sing-a-long lyrics, those Robert Smith style vocals we all love and a brilliant rhythm and melody which makes it instantly likeable. The chorus, “So much for bloodsweat and honour, you’re caught up in the glamour” is bound to have you singing along after just the first listen.

Own Designed Love is another track which oozes everything that makes The I.D so good to listen to. The vocals are again spot on and have that ‘not bothered’ aspect to them, they sound so effortless which is what makes the songs easily accessible. With both of these tracks, from the first note you can distinguish that they belong to The I.D as they have such a unique tone to their music. Claiming that they share an acute interest for music made in the late 70s, The I.D know how to bring back that post-punk sound that was so good the first time around.

Bloodsweat and Honour/Own Designed Love is out now and can be bought through iTunes. You can catch The I.D live at the following shows:

Friday 9 November New Cross Inn

Wednesday 14 November Waiting Room

Saturday 1 December Barfly

Friday 11 January Proud Galleries


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The I.D – A Bigger Picture

The I.D

The I.D

Indie/post punk band from London The I.D are back with their brand new single, A Bigger Picture.

This is the follow-up release to Age Anti Age and has even more to offer than the previous single. With a strong 80s vibe and again those Robert Smith style vocals, this track is as anthemic as it gets. It has great melodies and guitar riffs that everyone is bound to get some pleasure from.

The verse of “You’re on the outside looking in, we hold your dreams because you’re too thin. You tried to make a sound, she’s on your mind. They drag you down, you want to understand because every time you look within…” is fantastic. In the same way as Age Anti Age, A Bigger Picture tells a delicate story which is enough to entice you in.

A Bigger Picture was released Wednesday 20 June on Duchamp Records. You can download it here. If you’re interested in finding out more about The I.D visit their facebook page.

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The I.D – Age Anti Age

Indie/post-punk band The I.D stem from London and are set to release their debut single Age Anti Age on April 2 through Duchamp Records.

After being asked to perform at Gary Powell’s (Libertines) club earlier this month,  The I.D are surely heading for big things.


The I.D

The I.D

Age Anti Age is similar in style, musically and vocally, to Interpol yet at times a glimpse of the Arctic Monkeys’ guitar work sneaks in. With a very catchy chorus of, “You can say we don’t think alike/And who cares if it’s wrong or right/Because you’re getting older…” and incredibly talented musicians, Age Anti Age is a fantastic sing-along indie single.

Age Anti Age has wonderfully deep and smooth vocals blended with great musicianship making it such an easy and enjoyable track to listen to. Vocally, there is something in this track that hints towards influences from Robert Smith (The Cure). The song itself focuses on the issues of age; the regrets of not grasping opportunities in your youth when you have the chance and hating age when it creeps up on you as you refuse to let it tell you you’re getting old. It tells the story of a man who wants to “make up for the sobriety” of his youth while the chorus screams out “…You’re getting older/and I’m growing younger”.

Age Anti Age has a story to tell with a good and interesting message with lyrics that slowly unravel the more you listen to it. Sometimes indie songs have little in the way of a message but this track is certainly different in that respect. It’s quite refreshing to hear indie music in this way.

The I.D release Age Anti Age on Monday 2 April through Duchamp Records. It will be available for free download and on iTunes.

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