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The Glow Globes

Folk and jazz are probably the best two music genres and I’ve found a band that combine them in the most perfect way.

Meet The Glow Globes. A folk/jazz band from Bristol who I unexpectedly yet pleasantly got to see perform on Saturday night at The Bocabar.

The Glow Globes

The Glow Globes performing live

This is one of the best live bands I’ve seen in a long while (ignoring their prolonged sound check where they burst into half a song then suddenly stopped, readjusted the sound and walked away frequently).

There’s something so natural and relaxing about their music while at the same time being odd and adventurous. Laura Holmes (double bass) has one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard. She has elements that were once heard in voices like Joni Mitchell.

Being a tad odd, Laura isn’t the type you’d expect to have such an outstanding voice. John Holmes (guitar) also has a great, strong voice which works perfectly with Laura’s harmonies, sounding occasionally like Louis Armstrong with the twists he performs.

Check them out performing my favourite track, Goldfish, at a friend’s BBQ:

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