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Darktown Jubilee – Stay (Acoustic Live)

Darktown Jubilee have recently released a video of them performing their new single Stay live. The video sees the band perform the single acoustically.

Darktown Jubilee

Darktown Jubilee

Stay is taken from the forthcoming album, The World, The Flesh & The Devil which is set for release on March 11. It’s the follow up to 2012′s Breakdown and has seen the band gain a lot of attention. Stay made such an impact that world renowned engineer, Cenzo Townsend mixed the single for them. Cenzo Townsend has worked with The Vaccines, Florence + the Machine, The Machine, U2, The Editors and The Maccabees.

Stay is a classic and triumphant indie rock song which works perfectly as an acoustic number. Hearing it acoustically opens up the emotional aspects of the song, it starts to feel like a love song, dare I say.

Singer/guitarist David Boardman from the band comments:

“Stay is the most emotionally direct song on the record and has always connected with audiences so it became an obvious choice when we were considering singles. It was a dream to get Cenzo to remix it for us. He has mixed some of the greatest records of the last 10 years and I think brought out the best in the track, bringing to it an increased energy and dynamic range.”

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