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Mountain Bird Releases New Single, The Visitor

Mountain Bird are an aspiring dream-pop act hailing all the way from Stockholm, Sweden. Having recently being signed to Universal Music Group, they are about to release their highly anticipated new single called The Visitor. The track is written, arranged and produced by their lead man, Adam Öhman, and is performed by his band mates: Anders Erlandsson Öberg, Victor Jonsson, Dennis Fyhr and Sam Ekberg.

The Visitor is a unique sonic experience that combines the atmospheric ambience with post-rock introspection to excellence. Resembling the creativity of Cold War Kids, the minimalistic approach of The xx and the grandeur of M83 all mixed into one, Mountain Bird know how to arrange their music impeccably from start to finish.

The Visitor is the lead single taken out of the upcoming new EP called Cosmos II. It gives way to a collection of mellifluous tracks, pulsating rhythms and insightful lyrics. The overall production positions Mountain Bird as one of the potential and non-traditional leading breakout artists of 2014. One of their most distinguishing features is unearthing the new, brave and oft-ignored sounds together with the cozy familiarity which everyone can relate to. The melodic guitar riffs are beautifully layered with the delicate nature of the lead vocals and together they create a soulful coating on top of their already haunting sound.

Cosmos II EP consists of five tracks which are a direct representation of Mountain Bird’s quasi-autobiographical songwriting. The songs do not always sound triumphant yet still feel very re-assuring with the words acting as salves for the listeners’ own hang-ups and reservations.

The Visitor will be available for sale and download everywhere from today with the Cosmos II EP to be released shortly after on the 11 June via Universal Music Group.

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Subrosa – Solar, Lunar, Polar EP Review

New band from London, Subrosa, have recently released their latest EP, Solar, Lunar, Polar.

The Solar, Lunar, Polar EP sees this band introduce their explosive and soundscape sound in three perfectly formed tracks. Introductory track, Steal Our Love, demonstrates Subrosa’s soundscape qualities; it has a dramatic and filmic style. The vocals, “Steal our love/Out of their hands…” are catchy and melodic making it an attractive song to listen to. The only downside is that Steal Our Love does have slightly indecipherable vocals in places. But this isn’t always a bad thing as you’re drawn in by the instruments and the melody that’s carried through the song by the vocals rather than being hung up on the lyrics.

The second track Hands Around has a little bit of indie influences such as the likes of The Editors in it. Hands Around features a great drum beat that keeps the fast tempo. There’s a superb break down towards the end of the track where the drums take a back seat, the continuous scattering guitar slows to a soft guitar riff and the bass steps to the front. The vocals are the most clear here allowing those David Bowie influences to be heard.

The final song that features on the EP, Crests, recaptures that dramatic and filmic sound that began the EP. Crests thrives on crashing drums and desperate vocals, “We’re in this together/We’re coming to the end of each other/End of each other/End of each other…” It’s a song whose style mimics the start of the EP allowing it to end symmetrically.

Subrosa’s Solar, Lunar, Polar is out now.

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The Machine Room – Sweden EP Review

New label Disorder Recordings is set to release new material from Scottish skygazers The Machine Room this month. Disorder Recordings rises from the promoters behind the popular Old Blue Last club night. The Machine Room packed out many venues throughout 2013 including The Shacklewell Arms, Birthdays and The Bull & Gate as well as appearing at festivals such as T In The Park. It’s 2014 and they’re back ready to release new material that was only previously heard at their enthralling live shows.

Following the release of singles Sweden (Fierce Panda/Label Fandango) and Chances (Disorder Recordings), The Machine Room release their first EP since 2012’s Love From A Distance, entitled Sweden.

Last year the indie dream-pop five piece released the first single to be taken from their new EP, catchy lead track Sweden via Fierce Panda/Label Fandango. The release attracted a whole load of positive press including being made Track Of The Week by respected music/culture website The 405.

The second single to be taken from the Sweden EP is Chances which was unleashed to the world on 3 March. Having already gained airplay from BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio, the chances are this will be the bands most successful single to date.

The Machine Room from Edinburgh consist of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist John Bryden backed up by Adie Emanuel (drums), Cecilia Stamp (synths, keys, guitar, backing vocals), Ryan Marinello (guitar, backing vocals) and Scott Hitchings (bass). They exist in their own swirling world of heavyweight rhythms and featherweight melodies. Sweden EP is released on Monday 17 March 2014 on Disorder Recordings and is undoubtedly the mildly electro-fied dreamers most catchy and well produced work to date. They have truly found their dreamy shoe-gazing sound and built upon the success of their previous offerings with complex beats and swirling guitar treats.

The Machine Room

The Machine Room

The title track has electronic synth sounds which are reminiscent of  the 80s. It’s dream pop soundscape at its best which gives it a wonderful atmospheric sound. Sweden has faint vocals placing much more focus on the atmospheric instrumentation. The distortion of the bass notes on the synths adds a sense of drama to this song. The instrumentation calms around two thirds of the way through the song to prepare for a final build up towards the end of the track, creating a sense of tension just before it ends. You’ll find your head swaying along even if you don’t know what this song or band are about. Sweden is 100% worthy of radio play.

Persistent Suitor has a very different sound to the first track on the EP. The vocals are more dominant than in the previous song and carry the melody, “I was dancing in circles for you/And falling in love with you/And crawling all over you…” Persistent Suitor sounds familiar in its sound. Combining uplifting, light hearted guitar notes and bass notes with the indie drum beat gives it a danceable, fast paced beat. It’s quite a dramatic number, especially in the middle of the song. Alongside the melodic vocals, the bass riff carries this song making it something very memorable.

Lose A Friend is dark in comparison to the previous tracks. It features unusual vocals which start to show off the vocal range and abilities. The bass notes are paramount in this track presenting a haunting quality to this band’s writing. The drum beat suddenly kicks in giving this song its 80s pop feel and soundscape quality.

Chances was released earlier this month. Once again, the indie guitar carries the melody producing a pleasant and gentle riff. The lyrics, “I’ve had my chances…” is repeated but stays surprisingly fresh. It’s a hook that will stay with you.

The Machine Room’s Sweden EP is a wonderful snippet into the workings of this band. It will be released on March 17 via Disorder Recordings.

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