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Gaggle – From the Mouth of the Cave

Female choir Gaggle is to release its debut album titled From the Mouth of the Cave on June 4 through Transgressive Records. The first single to be taken from the record is Army of Birds which will be available from May 21.

Gaggle female choir

The colourful choir, Gaggle

The 21-strong choir is led by Deborah Coughlin who co-writes songs with Simon Dempsey. Gaggle formed in 2008 and started as a vision for Coughlin, a vision of a mass of women onstage. Since then, Gaggle has continued to grow in popularity from playing their first gig at Club NME, Koko, to being named as one of NME’s Top 50 Innovators. There’s no holding back this fully female choir.

From the Mouth of the Cave is a record designed to conjure up images of a futuristic carnival or celebration. It tells of stories about trying to be powerful in a group (Army of Birds), about being alienated (Lullaby), about economics (The Power of Money) and about leaving things behind that aren’t good for you (From the Mouth of the Cave).

Gaggle is something extraordinary. It’s definitely innovative in a time when all music seems to sound the same. You’ll find the choirs’ ability outstanding and the result just as mesmerising.

The teaser for Army of Birds is below:

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