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Secret Company – Saviour

New indie/pop band, Secret Company, have recently released their self-titled EP via iTunes. Having only formed in early 2012 and performed their first gig in March this year, Secret Company have gained a solid fan base around the Essex and London areas in a short amount of time.

Secret Company

New indie/pop band, Secret Company

Secret Company’s EP consists of six tracks with their sound having been compared to The Killers and Coldplay. Saviour (video here) is a great song that you will instantly want to hear more of. With soothing, easy to listen to vocals, a gripping rhythm and a fantastic melody, Saviour is sure to be a hit.

The chorus is instantly memorable with the lyrics screaming, “Are you looking for a saviour to save you…” and “I told you not to worry ’cause it’s all in vain…” Saviour will leave you wanting more.

Their EP has been independently released and is available to buy now. It will be available on Spotify and all other major Digi and Streaming Stores soon. For more information on Secret Company, visit their website here.

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