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Freya Roy – Wait In The Water EP

On your first listen of Freya Roy, your heart will melt as you listen to that mature voice, the relaxing guitar riffs and the intricate lyrics. Her songs ooze intelligence and understanding. And for her to only be sixteen with this level of talent makes this EP even more breath-taking.

Freya Roy

Young singer/songwriter, Freya Roy

At sixteen, Freya Roy is producing music that would be expected of someone double her age. Her voice has a quality in it that adds years to her vocals. Her lyrics aren’t simple, they aren’t ‘pop’ song lyrics. They have meaning and an understanding of the world which would be mistaken for someone twice her age. Freya Roy is a solo artist with a huge amount of potential and at only sixteen, her music will flourish as she does.

Wait In The Water is her debut EP released in December last year on her independent music label, FCR Records. Every track is memorable, every song has something that makes it stick in your memory. She’s not an artist you can passively listen to. Her voice enchants you, her lyrics tease you and the music relaxes you. Freya Roy is a wonderful musician who knows how to blend everything together to make fantastic and flawless folk-inspired songs.

Title track, Wait In The Water, breaks you into the EP with soft vocals and a peaceful guitar riff. Straight away, you would not guess this singer/songwriter is sixteen. Her vocals are perfection in this track.

Do You See is another great song on the EP. The lyrics, “Do you really see what I mean but they say no. They do wear those eyes that look down on you alone…” shows her ability to put her own experiences into beautiful and deep song writing. A skill that many musicians never quite manage to this extent.

Take the Ground Away is the best track on the EP though. It has brilliant, philosophical lyrics at the beginning about trust, “Takes years to build trust and seconds to break/Do those around you say that it’s a promise they can make/Just lie under the open sun, smile oh you must/Stay close to the ground as it’s the only thing you can trust…” I find it amazing that a sixteen year old understands life in the way Freya Roy appears to. She has an intelligence and ability in song writing that is so much older than her actual age. She fascinates me. If you like Regina Spektor, you’ll love Take the Ground Away. The piano is influenced by Spektor’s style and the vocals are also sung in a similar way and range. It’s dark and reminds me of Regina Spektor’s, Laughing With.

Not only does Freya Roy produce a wonderfully blissful studio recording, she is also spectacular live. When performing live, she uses a loop peddle to achieve the dynamic effect of the EP. She is definitely a musician to watch out for this year. You can watch her performing live below:

To find out more about this artist, visit her website here.

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