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Rasputin’s Secret Police Reveal New Single, Freaks

Philadelphia-based duo Rasputin’s Secret Police are preparing for the release of their magnum opus, Comfortable, due out March 25 on cassette and digital formats via Fleeting Youth Records.

Chances are if you live outside of Philadelphia, you have not heard of Rasputin’s Secret Police. The duo, consisting of Brandon Ayres (guitar/vocals) and Josh Phillips (drums), have been making music together for over 13 years but it seems as if their music has been locked up in the Philly basements they’ve set ablaze over the years, only available to those that know where to find the secret. Until now.

Comfortable is considered Rasputin’s Secret Police’s magnum opus. It’s the answer to the question of “What album do I start with if I’m going to listen to Rasputin’s Secret Police?” Despite it being their most DIY release, it’s their most focused and accessible. Recorded on a Tascam eight-track digital recorder above a fishing and hunting retailer in Drexel Hill, PA, the album captures their raw intensity as Ayres’ fervid, semi-disturbed croons ride his equally ardent guitar scrapes while Phillips’ impassioned drumming forces sweat beads to roll off your own head. The lo-fi, DIY quality of the recordings were left untouched but it adds something extra to the sound they found during these sessions.

The first two songs from the album were revealed at the beginning of this month. They are the explosive and raw Kids With No Friends, about young siblings in the middle of nowhere who have survived the apocalypse, and Zoe, an ode to man’s best friend and a jab at a less than loyal ex-girlfriend.

Now Freaks, the third single from Rasputin’s Secret Police’s forthcoming album, has been revealed.

It’s a song about being trapped inside of yourself while feeling overwhelmed with anxiety and hopelessness. The gated reverb on the vocals signifies being trapped while the slow and sludgy guitar sweeps and traipsing drums conjure up a gloomy atmosphere. The track is very reminiscent of Kurt Cobain’s melancholy and Nirvana’s grunge style.
Rasputin’s Secret Police’s album will be out on March 25 via Fleeting Youth Records.

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