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Immigrant Union Go On Tour In Support Of New Album, Anyway, To Be Released This Month

Australia’s Immigrant Union will embark on a cross-country tour of the United States this fall in support of their second full-length, Anyway, to be released on 23 September. With a psychedelic folk sound that frontman Brent DeBoer describes as: “…spiritualised being baptised in a river of Creedence Clearwater,” Immigrant Union will play several major American cities in October and November, highlighted by an appearance at The Americana Music Festival this week on 18 September.

In anticipation of the tour, the band is offering their new single, The End Has Come, as a free download which has also premiered exclusively on Hellhound Music. The End Has Come features Courtney Barnett, the singer/songwriter who Rolling Stone called a “…hybrid of Kimya Dawson and Kurt Cobain” and will be available to those who join Immigrant Union’s mailing list via the band’s official website.

According to the music blog The Sound of Confusion, Immigrant Union feature “…lighthearted and occasionally witty lyrics and you can tell that all involved are experienced musicians.” Dubbed “…something of a supergroup,” Immigrant Union consist of DeBoer from The Dandy Warhols, Bob Harrow from The Lazy Sons and four other well-known players on the Melbourne scene. The band recorded their self-titled full-length debut album with producer Gregg Williams (Sheryl Crow, The Dandy Warhols, Blitzen Trapper).

It was the summer of 2004 when Brent DeBoer of The Dandy Warhols was killing some time in Australia and had a chance meeting with Melbourne’s Bob Harrow. This initial exchange led to a spontaneous trip to the country and an all-night session. The friendship grew.

DeBoer and Harrow soon recruited the talented vocalist and keyboardist, Peter Lubulwa, and the band quickly planted its roots in alt-country-folk, bound by a communal love for classic rock and roll. Part psychedelic folk, part traditional country rock, Immigrant Union have since built their name through stellar live performances at some of the Australia’s most iconic venues and boutique festivals.

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Introducing…Rolls Bayce

Introducing Rolls Bayce, the new outfit led by ex-Hungry Kids of Hungary frontman, singer and guitarist Dean McGrath, drummer James Wright (formerly of Millions) and bassist Neal Apel. After an organic year recording and playing shows, the trio is proud to announce the release of new single Don’t Get Me Wrong in addition to the forthcoming August residency at Black Bear Lodge and BIGSOUND Live showcase.

Rolls Bayce

Rolls Bayce

Building on the trio’s love of 60s soul and obscure psych-rock, they pair deep drums and bass grooves with lithe, spacey guitar and throw in tightly wound choruses and dense jam-outs for good measure. They truly wring as much sound from their instruments as three people can muster.

Don’t Get Me Wrong was recorded and produced by Yves Klein Blue alumni Sean Cook and appears as the first official single from the new band, following a sneaky Soundcloud upload late last year (Arrows) and an impressive list of early shows with the likes of Holy Holy and Ainslie Wills, Bluejuice, The John Steel Singers, Loon Lake, Jeremy Neale and Gung Ho.

With both McGrath and Wright now free of their previous band commitments, their focus (along with the addition of Apel) has shifted squarely onto Rolls Bayce.

Don’t Get Me Wrong will be released on July 25.

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Ajax Ray O’Vaque Releases New Single, Best Days Of Our Lives

Ajax Ray O’Vaque, the alter ego of Anthony J. Resta, recently announced the release of his new single, Best Days of Our Lives. Resta is considered one of the most prolific American producers of the past two decades, having worked with industry giants such as Elton John, Duran Duran and Collective Soul. Known for his use of vintage gear and soundscaping recording techniques, Resta has woven together pieces of obscure samples from vinyl with twisted analogue synth sounds, melding them seamlessly into his artist’s performance. Resta’s musical prowess has earned him twelve RIAA certified gold and platinum awards. Best Days of Our Lives is the first release from Dreaming in Subtitles, the record slated for a July 1 launch.

Resta is something of a musical renaissance man: he has served as a singer, songwriter, composer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist, soundscape artist and holistic music creator. The Canadian-born artist began his celebrated livelihood as a session drummer, moving into programming in the late ‘80s through expertise with the Linn Drum. A chance encounter with Duran Duran led to one of the enduring associations of his career. Lippman Entertainment in Los Angeles signed Resta the same year he built the 3,700 square foot Bopnique, an award-winning studio in New England. Resta and his Grammy nominated engineer, Karyadi Sutedja, expanded Bopnique in 2013 to two new locations in the Los Angeles area.

It was at Boston’s Berklee College of Music that Resta discovered his talent for electronic gears and gadgets, helping him define his signature sound heard on Collective Soul’s Dosage, Duran Duran’s Medazzaland and Denise Hradecky’s Save the Universe. Along with his producing and mixing work, Resta is also a successful composer. Some of Resta’s most notable soundtrack work can be heard in films The Saint and Twilight.

Resta has no particular favourite style of music: “I used to be into electronica but I really like recording real instruments. I like mixing the most real sounds with one or two completely unreal sounds then making them sound like they belong together.” Best Days of Our Lives is the latest example of Resta’s ability to juxtapose purely organic and wildly synthetic instruments. The song is the first release from Dreaming in Subtitles, Resta’s second album under the name Ajax Ray O’Vaque. Robert Robles, GM of Sterling Sound, calls Dreaming in Subtitles “…an amazing creative experience that is long overdue.” Both Dreaming in Subtitles and O’Vaque’s debut, The Critically Forgotten Demos of Saturn (released by Intelligent Records in 2009), are available on Amazon.

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Introducing…Immigrant Union

Immigrant Union have recently announced the first single and video from their second full-length, Anyway. The video for the new single, I Can’t Return, was directed by Mike Bruce (Noel Gallagher, Black Mountain, Paul McCartney) and stars Omar Doom (Inglorious Bastards) and Carolyn Stotesbery (Love and Mercy).

Featuring a psychedelic folk sound that front man Brent DeBoer describes as: “Spiritualised being baptised in a warm bath of Creedence Clearwater,” Melbourne’s Immigrant Union hit the national spotlight in 2011 with their acclaimed rendition of Rose Tattoo’s, Bad Boy For Love, on Adam Hills Tonight on ABC TV. The performance occurred just before the band travelled to Portland, Oregon to record their self-titled full-length debut album with producer Gregg Williams (Sheryl Crow, The Dandy Warhols, Blitzen Trapper).

Forged through a chance drunken meeting between DeBoer and Harrow, their shared love of music led to a trip to the country and an all night jam, solidifying a friendship that would form the basis of Immigrant Union. Immigrant Union have already put out a self-titled debut album and will follow it with Anyway later in 2014. Part psychedelic folk, part traditional country rock, Immigrant Union have been building their name through stellar live performances at some of the country’s most iconic venues and boutique festivals.

Director Mike Bruce was eager to work on the video for I Can’t Return. According to Bruce, when DeBoer approached him to make the video, he jumped at the opportunity: “I’m always excited to work with such talented people as Mr. DeBoer. When I heard I Can’t Return, I knew I had to deliver a video worthy of the song.” He and DeBoer thought of several scenarios that represent points of no return but eventually settled on the dark premise seen in I Can’t Return. The video tells the tale of a man who discovers his girlfriend is cheating on him when he accidentally finds incriminating pictures on her phone. His response is to take her on a small plane, fly her to a proper cruising altitude and then jump out of the plane – a suicidal leap that leaves his girlfriend at the helm, powerless and paralysed by fear. Bruce explains the thinking behind the final scene: “It’s really just a morbid fantasy we sometimes have when we’re in a bad situation that there seems to be no escape from. This guy decides, fuck it – if I jump out of this plane, there’s no way I can go back.”

According to Bruce, picking Omar Doom for the role of the emotional ninja was a no-brainer: “Like DeBoer, Omar is a friend and just one of those guys that has this effortless “cool” about him. He also did everything I asked of him which was a lot and I have a lot of respect for actors who are willing to do whatever it takes to get what is needed. I literally put him through the ropes and he never complained.” Doom explains why he was eager to star in the I Can’t Return video: “After years of being a devoted fan of The Dandy Warhols, I was thrilled when I was approached to act in a music video for Brent DeBoer’s side project, Immigrant Union.”

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Introducing…The Age Of The Universe

For ages, men have been gazing at the night sky, wondering at the beauty and mystery of the universe. We don’t really consider it, being so busy living through our daily routines, but if you think about it, the entire concept of this existence is even wilder than the most imaginative science fiction work.

The Age Of The Universe set out to capture these fascinating thoughts and visions through their own blend of alternative rock.

The band’s debut studio effort, Singularity, is an unpredictable and uncompromising cocktail of punk, alternative rock and psychedelia: think members of Pink Floyd jamming with someone from Muse and Black Sabbath. They have recently revealed the lead single, Alive, which is accompanied by a video directed by Grzegorz Telenga and Krzysztof Wróbel.

This is in-your-face and inspirational rock music that lingers on the echoes from the 70s yet looks forward to a creative and personal future.

The Age Of The Universe’s album, Singularity, is available to buy now.

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Introducing…Black Light White Light

High Like A Hurricane is the latest single from psych-rockers Black Light White Light which will be released along with B-Side Sex And Fury on the 16 June 2014.

Black Light White Light

Black Light White Light single artwork

The psychedelic resurgence group Black Light White Light originally formed back in 2009.

US producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith (Jet, The Dandy Warhols) flew in from Austin, Texas, to live and work with the band on the single and upcoming album while additional production support comes from none other than Emily Lazar (Foo Fighters, David Bowie, Vampire Weekend, The Raveonettes, Morrissey) along with a significant guest appearance by Grammy Award wining string arranger Davide Rossi (Coldplay, Goldfrapp) on the track, And The Devil.

Following  the release of their debut album Infrared Daylight in September 2011 on their very own Record Records imprint, the trio are sure to make heads turn with their latest release.

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The Plum Magnetic – Terra Animata Album Review

The Plum Magnetic is an eclectic world/fusion/rock quartet. Drawing comparisons to groups ranging from Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, The Grateful Dead, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Talking Heads and Umphrey’s McGee, The Plum Magnetic is one of the most diverse and original up and coming groups in the New Orleans scene and beyond.

The Plum Magnetic is Trent Ciolino (electric six-string banjo,vocals), Andrew McLean (guitars, tabla), Jon Solomon (bass) and Oliver Burke (drums).

The Plum Magnetic album

The Plum Magnetic Terra Animata artwork

The aim of The Plum Magnetic is to blend elements of music from all over the world into a synergistic whole and through this genre-melding approach to both represent and promote a harmonious unity-through-diversity. The depth of emotion, melody and structure of Indian Classical music; the ecstatic pulse and rich, repetitious, patterns of Africa; the manifold great American forms including Jazz, Blues, Rock, Folk/Bluegrass, Fusion and beyond; all of these are deftly interwoven to produce a sound that is broad in scope, rich with intent and full of surprises.

The Plum Magnetic was formed in late 2011 out of relationships built over years of involvement in the New Orleans music scene. Trent (banjo/vocals) and Oliver (drums) met while playing in super eclectic local group Eve’s Lucky Planet and, after years of extended jams based in African, Reggae and Afro-Cuban styles, developed a unique musical bond which serves as the backbone of The Plum Magnetic’s developing sound. In considering personnel to expand the project’s line-up, Andrew McLean (guitar) was the obvious first choice. Trent and Andrew met through a shared love of Indian Classical Music; Andrew (having studied raga and tala for over a decade at the esteemed Ali Akbar Khan College of Music) as teacher and Trent as a beginner sitar student. Last but not least, the group needed a bassist and after experimenting with a few different players, Jon Solomon (founding member of Gravity A and bass player about town) was a natural fit. With his great feel and sensitivity he rounds out the sound allowing the group to present music that, though at times exceedingly complex, is always firmly rooted in the groove.

Terra Animata is a marvellous album full of a bit of everything. It’s an album that introduces the world’s sounds to you with each song initiating you with a certain country or lifestyle.

First track Spring is a track that focuses solely on the vocals with Trent singing, “Everything/Moves into spring” a few times before this song melts into the next one, Trece Leches.

Trece Leches is a relaxing, psychedelic number introducing The Plum Magnetics diversity. This is a track that showcases jazz and blues influences among its psychedelic 60s rock feel. The song is absent of vocals which allows you to become fully immersed in the music – you can hear every note, every twinge of the guitar string being plucked and the sound of fingers sliding up and down the frets. This song hints towards Andrew and Trent’s Indian Classical Music training in the way that the banjo is played – almost as if it’s a sitar.

Sweet Confusion introduces a much heavier sound to The Plum Magnetic although still remaining calming. It starts as if it will be a rock track before it settles to become a reggae number. Sweet Confusion highlights The Plum Magnetic’s startling ability to pull many different genres together into one song – each influence just seems to compliment and then melt into another. This is one of the only tracks on the record which is accompanied by vocals.

The Plum Magnetic Trent Ciolino

Trent Ciolino playing his electric six-string banjo

The Electric Jungle is a favourite on Terra Animata as it blends the psychedelic 60s sound with folk and some Indian Classical Music influences which can be heard in the tabla which features on this song. The guitar picking and strings at the start of the track carry the folk influences while the tabla introduces the Indian tinge with the drum beat, bass line and slightly sporadic melody allowing this song to capture the essence of psychedelic rock. The Electric Jungle is so captivating – it will leave you in awe of this band. It’s simply outstanding.

Sheshbesh once again focuses heavily on blues and psychedelic rock while all still managing to sound completely different from any of the previous tracks. The bass line is placed in the forefront in this track alongside the soloing guitar allowing this track to sound much more jazz and blues inspired compared to other songs on Terra Animata. The drums really highlight the jazz influences Sheshbesh while the soloing guitar carries the blues throughout.

Parallax is a blues rock number which sounds like something from the late 60s or early 70s. It has sporadic rhythms which only add to its atmosphere and depth. Once again the bass line is paramount in this track, it’s not pushed aside by the soloing guitar but perfectly complimented by it and the drums.

The Delicious is soulful, relaxing and very much a psychedelic influenced track leading to a psychedelic experience when listened to. This song will place you in a trance with its guitar riffs, dominant bass line and rhythmic yet calming drums. The other instruments featured on The Delicious such as the flute re-introduce the Indian theme. It’s these sounds that give this song its meditative effect as well as the swooping synthesised sounds towards the end of the ten minute jam.

Title track Terra Animata appears as the last song on the record. It’s an uplifting number with a much more jazz/rock feel. Trent’s vocals make another appearance on this song. It’s a brilliant song to end this superb album on – it’s full of life, melody and sing-a-long lyrics that mirror those heard in the introductory track, Spring, “Everything/Everything/Everything/Everything/Who Lives/Who Dies/There’s time to think twice/But still in the end/It comes down/To the dice…Everything/Moves into spring”.

The Plum Magnetic Andrew McLean

Andrew McLean playing guitar

Terra Animata is a fantastic album which could easily be placed into one of the most original and inspiring albums Rocking Republic has had the pleasure to hear. It sounds vintage – every song sounds like it could have been released in the 60s alongside artists like The Beatles, The Doors or Pink Floyd. If you heard these tracks on the radio, you could easily mistake them for having been released in the 60s, not today. Each song is like a jam session with incredibly passionate and enthused musicians with a thirst to create something breath-taking.

The Plum Magnetic and their album, Terra Animata, are outstanding, unique and entirely original. The Plum Magnetic is made up of musicians who have achieved something great. They are extremely talented, they know their way around instruments and most importantly, they know how genres from a wide spectrum can interact with each other to produce an artistic beauty.

Terra Animata is out now.

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