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Le Rug Release Four Songs Off Their New Compilation Album, Press Start (The Collection)

Brooklyn singer/guitarist Ray Weiss’ post-punk project Le Rug are preparing the release of their compilation album, Press Start (The Collection), due out June 17 on cassette and digital formats via Fleeting Youth Records.

Le Rug is the ongoing project of Brooklyn-based singer/guitarist, Ray Weiss (Butter the Children, Red Dwarf, Medics [US]). After numerous trials and tribulations experienced in early adulthood and with one of his first bands, Ray found his way into a psych ward. This rough patch inspired him to funnel his pent up energy and emotions into a new musical project, which eventually blossomed into the magnetic, unrestrained sounds of Le Rug.

After 10 years of numerous lineup changes and collaborations, relentless gigging, nine releases and work with other bands, Ray Weiss and Le Rug are still going strong.

Press Start (The Collection) features five magnetic and pulsing post-punk releases from Brooklyn’s Le Rug (32 tracks overall) – three albums from when Le Rug was more active years ago (Sex Reduction Flower, Party Rock, Sticky Buns EP) and two new recent EPs released earlier this year (Dead In A Hole EP and Cut Off Your Dick And Turn Into Slime). The older material is more of the “deep cuts” variety in which the records were short EPs or singles that never saw an official release. Matching the frenetic and pulsing energy of their touted live shows, the band’s newest material is a speedball of eccentric synth-laced post-punk that’s more off-kilter compared to past releases but still contains the same addicting pop sensibilities Ray instills in every project he’s involved in.

Old or new – Le Rug is always compelling. Ray plays and performs like he’s undergoing an exorcism and given the number of nasty things that has filtered through his brain over the years, he probably is.

You can listen to the four tracks here: Jailbait, Godstar, The Horror, Get It Over With.

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Cross Wires – Assembly EP Review

Cross Wires are an East London/Essex based four piece consisting of Jonathan Chapman (vocals), Peter Muller (guitar), Pete Letch (bass) and Ian Clarke (drums).

The band played their first gig at The Others in Stoke Newington in late 2010. Since then they have played across London and Essex at venues such as Camden Barfly, Sebright Arms, Queen of Hoxton, 93 Feet East,The Half Moon,The Rhythm Factory, The Wheelbarrow, Heroes Bar, The Silver Bullet and Hoxton Underbelly.

The band has featured on numerous blogs and radio stations including Amazing Radio, Sounds Good To Me Too, Rock N Roll in My Soul and Luminous Plectrum.

To date they have released four EPs – Forward/Repeat and Animal Heat in 2011, Dark Water in 2012 and Assembly in 2014.

You can find a free five track download of tracks from the three EPs at crosswires.bandcamp.com

Cross Wires Assembly EP

Cross Wires Assembly EP artwork

Starting track Stranger’s Bed is a punchy rock track that builds and falls away perfectly. The vocals are faint and slightly distorted which adds to the post punk feel of this band. The chorus, “Is it bad enough?/Waking up/In a stranger’s arm/In a stranger’s bed…” hints at the meaning behind this song. There’s a sense of incompleteness, a sense of un-fulfilment and the neediness for affection whoever it comes from. It hints at human’s need for love and how we will sometimes settle for something that we know is inadequate because it’s better than being alone.

Acid Bath has a funky rhythm that is built around the bass notes and the off beat drumming. The lyrics are repetitive, “What’s the point of all of this…” and “Radar” but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This is a progressive rock track that lends itself to be slightly experimental.

The third track I Want To Be Your Man (Again) has an incredibly memorable chorus whose scattered guitar with its high tone and off beats gives it a good rhythm. The lyrics in this song are good as Chapman sings about the loss of a relationship and the regret felt when we let something go that we perhaps shouldn’t have regardless of it being good for us or not, “Every time I see you walking down the street/I think about the past and what used to be/I used to be your man/I used to be your man…I want to be your man/I want to be your man again…All the things I hate in myself I see in you and nobody else/But I still want to be your man…” This is a feeling most people can relate to.

White Dress finishes the Assembly EP off nicely with its pop and summery feel. This starts as the most romantic track on the EP as Chapman sings the narrative of a groom’s wedding day, “It’ll be alright/I see you in a white dress/And time stands still/I see you in a white dress/You’re so beautiful…” before it turns sour, “I see you in a white dress/I feel sick/I see you in a white dress/My mistake/Nothing lasts forever/Regretfully/I see you in a white dress/And I feel sick…”

Assembly EP is a diverse snippet of the Cross Wires. Assembly EP is out now, you can purchase it here.

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Oh Captive To Release Debut EP, Advanced Creature, Next Month

Rising Bristol post-punk quartet Oh Captive nationally unleash their debut EP, Advanced Creature, through all digital outlets on Monday 28 April.

Hailing from the South West, Oh Captive produce innovative music that rails against the din of predictability and still rings true with compelling clarity. Sparking glowing comparisons to the likes of Coheed & Cambria and Twin Atlantic, Oh Captive have crafted a sound of their own and the evidence can be heard on their brand new hotly-tipped EP, Advanced Creature.

Oh Captive

Bristol band, Oh Captive

Originally formed less than two years ago, Oh Captive cut their teeth with countless hours in grimy rehearsal rooms before BBC Devon Introducing beckoned in early 2013. By the year’s end, Oh Captive had shared stages across the UK with Sonic Boom Six, Straight Lines, Max Raptor, Sharks, Blitz Kidz, I Divide and Scholars. The foursome fully honed their songs in the live arena in anticipation for completing a debut EP that would prove to startle and sparkle in equal measure.

Advanced Creature peddles a firecracker brand of intensely melodic post-punk where concise hooks pierce the air with disarming force. There’s honesty and maturity to Oh Captive; their sound is raw but emotionally redolent, ferocious but refined. The oft-kilter phrasing of the songs has enough to engage even the most discerning ears. Although the band never once crosses the border into over-indulgence, they still manage to create an effective ruse for a pop sensibility that’s ripe for FM playlists. And in Tim Kelly, Oh Captive have a front man whose infectious yet understated vocal delivery throws the spotlight on compelling vocal melodies. Behind that await rousing choruses, the dovetailing guitar melodies of Curtis King and an airtight rhythm section compromised of Tom Hitchins and Chris Hill. The post-punk outfit have a record that is sure to raise them to new heights and with UK shows in the pipeline throughout the year, just watch them soar.

You can listen to track, Beds Of Many Ghosts, taken from the EP here.

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Vulkano – Live Wild Die Free Album Review

Swedish riot girl duo Vulkano have just self-released their debut album, Live Wild Die Free.

Vulkano are a post-punk duo who erupted onto the scene earlier last year with their debut single, Vision Tricks.  Made up from two of the former members of Those Dancing Days and hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, their music isn’t for the faint-hearted and is full of no-frills fun. Their beats are uncompromising and extrovert and their debut full length shows just that with hard riffs, chaotic drumbeats and Cissi’s wild vocals leading the way.

The album is unusual ranging from its monkey-like sounds in The Jungle to the more accessible electronic drones of Choir of Wolves. It’s a sparse record blending everything that makes this duo so captivating and entrancing.

Vulkano album

Album artwork for Vulkano’s album, Live Wild Die Free

Track one Trolls kick starts this album showcasing everything this riot girl duo are capable of. It’s an explosion of sound with wonderful, mystical lyrics, “We’re coming from the forest/We’re coming from the sea/We’re coming from the mountains/To spread our disease…You poisoned our water/You stole our…”. These lyrics alongside the spooky synth sounds and the dramatic rolling and building drum beat help to create a sense of another world – something we don’t understand and therefore fear.

Choir Of Wolves sees the duet howling like wolves at the beginning before the music settles into a rhythmic, almost tribal drum beat and dark, deep guitar riffs. The howling then returns half way through the track. This is a fast tempo punk rock song which again has the feeling that there’s something supernatural being sung about – something unusual, something that can’t be explained – perhaps something that doesn’t conform to society. After all, these girls are unusual in themselves; they’re artistic, quirky and not afraid to express how they feel. Cissi said about the track: “It’s about escapism and frustration. It brings up questions like what is instinct and what is learned? Who am I without my society? We want people to let the animal out a little more often”.

We Ride shows Vulkano’s chaotic side – the drum beat is sporadic, the vocals uncontrolled and the composition of the song is wild. This is truly an artistic expression in the form of punk rock. It’s not for everyone, some people won’t grasp the concept or see through the noise but it’s a brilliant track. Cissi’s vocals are spine tingling and beautiful – the raw quality works perfectly. This song is definitely for a niche audience, to say the least.

Too Young To Die is more of your average punk rock track with the chorus screaming, “Don’t kill me/Please don’t kill me/I’m too young to die”. The usual rebellious, teenage angst side to punk is exhibited in this song expressed through the chaotic guitar riffs and crashing drums.

They have unveiled a new track Vulkano from the LP. Speaking about the track, one half of Vulkano, Cissi stated: “It’s a very honest song, friendships can crush hearts and the song is about feeling betrayed and unfairly treated by people close to you. I gathered a lot of aggression until I couldn’t hold it inside anymore and it all exploded – like a volcano.” The lyrics, “Like a funny, stupid fool/You want me to amuse/In fact I never was your friend/How I waited for those days to end/I’m burning/Gotta get some air/With eruption any time now…I’m a volcano/Oh I’m a volcano oh/I speed and I bleed/I puke and I scream/A volcano” sum this song’s meaning up entirely. There’s angst in the lyrics and the vocals while the music during the verses seems reasonably uplifting. These things juxtapose each other creating a sense of realisation. It’s almost as if the song is about having a sense of freedom from people’s expectations. This realisation and freedom is expressed through anger leaving the body which leaves you with a sense of relief, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Psycho Girl is a dark track which shows a soft, almost sexy side to Cissi’s vocals during the verses while the chorus introduces her sporadic, high pitched musical screams back in to the mix. Her voice is animal like – it’s uncontrollable, wild and energetic. She has such a unique voice which gives Vulkano’s songs a whole other layer and meaning. The voice is the true expression in these artistically crafted songs.

Live Wild Die Free is a fantastic debut album. It’s unique, sporadic, chaotic, intriguing, artistic – the list of compliments is endless. Vulkano’s debut album, Live Wild Die Free, was released on February 3 2014 through Vulkano Music and is available to buy now.

Vulkano have also announced a string of UK tour dates to take place at the start of December 2014

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Slippertails are an irreverent rock duo from New Jersey that formed while rooming together in Bloomington, Indiana. Upon returning to New Jersey, frontman Nick Casertano began recording demos alone in his basement that would eventually become their album, There’s A Disturbing Trend. Nick put up his self-proclaimed “junky demos” online merely to book some shows in and around New York City. However, the release got the band a lot of attention.

Slippertails have premiered two debut singles taken from their forthcoming album, There’s A Disturbing Trend. The first single and opening track from the album, Hip New Jerk, is sure to grab your attention with its colossal, in-your-face guitar tones and apathetic vocals. Hip New Jerk is not easily accessible; it’s clunky and chaotic whereas the second single, I Will Peel You Open, is slower and more melodic. The vocals on Hip New Jerk are hard to decipher and enjoy, they do not highlight Casertano’s abilities. I Will Peel You Open however is infectious as Casertano croons about a corrupt lover who manipulates her lovers from the inside out. It’s dark and dramatic with a clear rhythm and pace unlike Hip New Jerk. The vocals on this track are much more ear-pleasing.

Slippertails album, There’s A Disturbing Trend, will be available on cassette and digital formats via Fleeting Youth Records on January 14. Pre-orders can be made here.

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Saintseneca Reveal New Video For Visions

The band Saintseneca have debuted a video for their song Visions via Stereogum. The track is from the young band’s recent digital EP which Time Out Chicago described as,“…anchored by soaring choruses that seem tailor-made for a good, old-fashioned shout-along” and Pitchfork.com wrote, “When the instruments fade out and Little howls, it’s more of a gut punch than an uppercut.” The band’s anticipated full length album Dark Arc will arrive in stores April 1 2014.

The video for Visions offers a stirring montage that plays like the nostalgic memories of a troubled soul, the imagery perfectly complimenting the songs dynamic mix of re-imagined folk and post- punk. Watch the video here.

Saintseneca have announced dates for their 2014 North American Tour (below):
07 Jan 14 Nashville, TN @ Hi-Watt
08 Jan 14 Chattanooga, TN @ JJ’s Bohemia
09 Jan 14 Athens, GA @ Georgia Theatre
10 Jan 14 Asheville, NC @ The Mothlight
11 Jan 14 Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
12 Jan 14 Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
14 Jan 14 Washington, DC @ Black Cat
15 Jan 14 Philadelphia, PA @ World Café Live (Upstairs)
16 Jan 14 Allston, MA @ Great Scott
17 Jan 14 Hamden, CT @ The Space
18 Jan 14 Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right
5 March 14 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
6 March 14 Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR Pub
7 March 13 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
8 March 14 Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry
9 March 14 Omaha, NE @ The Slowdown
10 March 14 Kansas City, MO @ Czar Bar
18 March 14 Denver, CO @ Hi Dive
19 March 14 Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
20 March 14 Boise, ID @ Treefort Music Festival
21 March 14 Spokane, WA @ The Bartlett
22 March 14 Portland, OR @ Doug Fir
23 March 14 Seattle, WA @ Tractor Tavern
24 March 14 Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore
26 March 14 San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop
27 March 14 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
28 March 14 Visalia, CA @ Cellar Door
29 March 14 Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room
30 March 14 San Diego, CA @ Casbah

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