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Who’s Your Favourite Live Act?

I’m off to see Jimmy Eat World tomorrow and it got me thinking about when I used to go to gigs every week. I used to be glued to the Carling Academy (now the O2 Academy) website searching for who was making their appearance. I guess I grew out of that and it became about seeing those people I really like.

So this led to me to start wondering who I would class as my favourite live act. It’s really hard to narrow it down as I’ve seen what seems like hundreds of concerts but I think I have a few I could list quite happily.

1. Michael Buble – I know you are all probably thinking I’m a little obsessed but he is a fantastic performer. With his ticket prices starting at £50 you would expect a good show, and he gives a lot more than that.

2. You Me At Six – There’s something about this band that I just can’t get enough of. They give it their all on stage and you know they’re passionate about what they’re doing. Interestingly I only got to see them as they were supporting the next act…

3. Paramore – This was an awesome concert. Hayley Williams is undoubtedly one of the best female rock singers around and her voice is mesmerising when she sings live.

So there you go. Those are my top three – for now (they’ll probably change within an hour but on the spur of the moment, these are the ones that spring to mind).

Who would be your top three favourite live bands?

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