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Oh, Brother!

Do you miss the sound of 1990s? Do you feel a little hollow that no-one managed to succeed Blur or Oasis since the days of Britpop? Well, no need to fear Brother is here! This brand new band is bringing it all back.

Brother, a four piece group from Slough (who also happen to share their name with a celtic tribal celebration band – as I discovered whilst trying to google them), combine their Blur inspired songs with cocky attitudes reminiscent of the Gallagher brothers. This alone has probably already set them up to be the next big thing.

Apart from being a little bit too arrogant, to the point where you actually end up cursing under your breath at them, this group has what it takes. It’s refreshing to hear the memorable sounds of my childhood once again as an adult but this time with more umph.

New Year’s Day is a true clean pop-rock song built around classic guitar riffs and a unforgettable chorus. This track has a very similar sound to Blur with the opening echoing vocals of Damon Albarn in Blur’s Girls and Boys.

Their other demo, Darling Buds of May, is just as good sticking with those standard chord structures and drum beats representative of Britpop. This one is less of a punch in the face compared.

They’re well worth a listen and definitely one to keep an eye on. Although, just to warn you they’re probably not to everyone’s taste!


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