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Introducing…Summer Heart

Summer Heart is a music project led by Swedish-born David Alexander. Having their music used on H&M’s campaign’s playlists, chosen Act Of The Month by Fred Perry’s Subculture and topping the official chart list on Star.com, Summer Heart have been very busy indeed by turning heads in all the right places.

They’re now ready to release their long-awaited single called U Got All I’m Looking 4Equipped in MGMT¹s originality, Empire Of The Sun’s memorable hooks and PNAU’s mass appeal, this is a song for literally everyone. The overall production is electro enough without being too harsh, interesting without showing off and quirky without being weird. By releasing a hot summer hit in the middle of winter, Summer Heart have found the perfect way of getting into everyone’s minds and warming them up instantly.

Stripped back and groovy drums bring steady pace into the track while the airy and hook guitar riffs carry the whiff of an exciting beach breeze. The ethereal vocal lines haunt the listener’s ears in an unforgettable way and make for a sing-along treat all day long.

U Got All I’m Looking 4 has got all the right ingredients for those in search of a great and memorable tune. It will be available for sale and download on Sunday 27 April.


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Nuoli is a female singer/songwriter, musician and producer whose message to the world is to stand up against inequality, prejudice and injustice. Through her music, the main vocalist Nuoli Hultman, expresses her anger and frustration towards the ongoing political and social misconceptions such as racism, sexism, homophobia and gender generalisation.

Originally from Stockholm Sweden, Nuoli has been closely involved and working with Lykke Li’s artist collective/label called Ingrid.

My Curse Is My Mind is Nuoli’s debut single which represents the inner-battle between the imprisoned person that the society is trying to create and the free person that one really is. The song speaks loudly of freedom and letting go of all the bias and preconception. Influenced by musicians such as Kate Bush, Lykke Li, Dream Koala and FKA Twigs, Nuoli has developed her trademark sound consisting of quirky vocals, dreamy drum-beats, airy guitars and haunting synths.

The song starts with a steady drumbeat that then breaks down into a near acappella verse. The drums pick up again soon after and take the listener on an aurally in-depth sonic journey. The lyrics leave a great deal open to interpretation but the constant references to My Curse Is My Mind lend a sense of dread as well as relief that whatever scary ghost keeps threatening the listener, it is their choice to give in or fight back.

My Curse Is My Mind is a recording that reminds us of how emotionally influential and enchanting a song can be, and it will be available for sale and download on Sunday 20 April.

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Introducing…Mountain Bird

Mountain Bird are an ambitious dream-pop act hailing all the way from Stockholm, Sweden. Having just being signed to Universal Music Group, they are about to release their highly anticipated second single, Violent Night. The track is written, arranged and produced by their lead man, Adam Öhman, and is beautifully performed by his band consisting of Anders Erlandsson Öberg, Victor Jonsson, Dennis Fyhr and Sam Ekberg.

Violent Night is a beautiful follow-up on their debut single Don’t Mind and comfortably continues the path set by it.

The song starts with an epic intro which straight away sets a nostalgic and valiant atmosphere. Resembling Sigur Rós and M83 at their best, it is a grand sonic experience from start to finish.

Distant and ethereal production filled with atmospheric layers of guitars, pianos and synthesisers, is a signature sound of Mountain Bird. The ever so present eerie hauntology and concentrated pop splendor make Violent Night yet another successful sonic journey to the outer space and back. Despite the changes in the rhythm, every passage feels very natural and free and keeps moving bravely at its own pace.

There’s an overall cinematic and storytelling characteristic that proves Violent Night is simply worth listening and dreaming to. Violent Night will be available for sale and download on the April 6.

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Introducing…RAMS’ Pocket Radio

Hailing from Northern Ireland, RAMS’ Pocket Radio has just launched his debut single from the album Béton ­(French for concrete) in the build up to his upcoming tour of the USA and Ireland.

The new single is called Love Is A Bitter Thing and will be available for purchase and download everywhere on Monday 17 March.

RAMS’ Pocket Radio is the alias of Northern Irish performer, Peter McCauley. A multi-instrumentalist, RAMS’ takes inspiration from sources as varied as Beethoven and brutalist architecture to construct smart pop songs with a sharp progressive twist. His debut album Béton is a solid statement built on several years writing, performing and growing.

RAMS' Pocket Radio

RAMS’ Pocket Radio

Béton had a unique launch night exclusively in Northern Ireland last June. In the absence of online streaming of the album, the launch presented the perfect opportunity for dedicated fans to get their hands on the physical object before the rest of the world. RAMS’ was joined on stage for the launch by musicians including Nathan Connolly (Snow Patrol), David C. Clements, SOAK, Gareth Dunlop and DukeSpecial.

Love Is A Bitter Thing is the first single to be released from Béton. It has long been celebrated as the jewel in RAMS’ live set and sits as a reflective pause in the album itself. It’s a beautifully written song that is sung from the heart. There’s emotion, passion and a fighting energy to be heard in Love Is A Bitter Thing. It’s your typical pop song written about love and relationships but this song has something more to give. The lyrics, “I would love it if you said that/I want my friend back/I’ve got this feeling/Love is a bitter thing…” are sung with such conviction it’s hard to not get choked up when you listen to McCauley’s vocals. Love Is A Bitter Thing demonstrates the complications that falling in love can lead to – it’s wonderful most of the time but when you lose that feeling, it feels like the hardest thing ever. It becomes a bitter thing.

The single will be accompanied by new versions recorded by Alana Henderson and electronic artist Ryan Vail, as well as an official music video and live duet with SOAK (newly signed to CHVRCHES’ label).

Last winter, RAMS’ had the pleasure of supporting Glassnote signed artist Foy Vance on his extensive U.S. and European tour. Prior to this, RAMS’ has toured Europe, UK and Ireland with bands like Snow Patrol, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and Darwin Deez. RAMS’ will return to the U.S. this March to play several showcasing performances in New York and SXSW.

You can catch RAMS’ Pocket Radio live on the following dates:

March 8 New York Webster Hall (with Duke Special)

March 10 SXSW Northern Irish party O/S 10pm

March 11 SXSW UKTI Great British Breakfast, Parkside

March 12 SXSW British Music Embassy showcase O/S 2.50pm

March 14 SXSW Full Irish Breakfast, BD Rileys

March 14 SXSW Official Showcase, BD Rileys

March 25 Ruby Sessions, Doyles, Dublin

March 29 Strand Arts Centre [All ages], Belfast

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Tara is an Australian singer songwriter who has chosen Dublin as a new home because of her father’s deep Irish roots. Her music journey began at the age of ten when she picked up a guitar and started casually experimenting with it. She’s never looked back since, and after years of playing around with various musical styles, collaborators and musicians, she’s ready to release her debut single, Stars.

With the help of her musicians; Anthony McMahon, Paul Flood and Ally Donald, Tara manages to channel her ideas live on stage and together they create a performance worthy of a big audience. Tara has played at the Whelan’s Ones To Watch Festival and was voted Gig Of The Week by the Irish Times.

Tara Stars

Stars artwork

Stars is a sonic journey from the word go and sounds like a dreamy perception of Tara’s reality. Her ability to mold soft and ambient soundscapes with energetic coatings of electric guitars create an exciting treat for every listener. The electronic layers of synths and pads add an extra dimension to the song’s texture by wrapping the production gently into the blanket of reverbial sounds.

Tara’s vocals bear an interstellar sparkle and fit perfectly inside the dreamy arrangements. With a blend of Sia, Delilah, Corinne Bailey-Rae and Shaekspear’s Sister, Tara brings energy, conviction and natural talent into the powerful mix of female artists.

Stars works efficiently from a sonic experience and a song-writing point of view. It will be available for sale and download from April 6.

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Introducing…Juliette Commagere

Juliette Commagere is an LA born singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has always been highly in demand as a performer. She has shared the stage with a number of acts, such as Bat For Lashes, the Foo Fighters and Linda Perry. She has also collaborated with TOOL and Perfect Circle’s very own Maynard James Keenan on a remix of her track, Vampire.

Recently featured in Rolling Stone, Juliette has been working very hard on writing, recording and performing in the States. She had also been rehearsing for her exclusive BBC LIVE London Radio Show which took place at the BBC London HQ yesterday, 17  February.

Juliette Commagere

Juliette Commagere

Collide is taken from Juliette’s new album, Human. This track exposes her slightly darker side. The synth driven drum-beats and electronic effects have added an industrial-like edge to Juliette’s sound which curiously contrasts with her soft and delicate lead vocals. The friction between her haunting voice and the self-contained arrangement create an interesting blend that pushes Juliette out of her comfort zone.

With a hint of Foxes, a touch of Young Galaxy and a trace of Sia, Collide invites mystery, femininity, edge and intrigue to its sound scape. The catchy synth-bass groove would be enough to make the song stand out on its own but it’s the combination of Juliette’s sweet vocals and the impressive electronic production that solidify it. The ethereal voice carries beautifully throughout the track and leads each beat with inner strength and precision.

Collide is a stunning song worth listening to and it will be available for sale and download on 11 March.

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Introducing…Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi is the brainchild of two-time MTV Award Winner and former Charlie Straight front man Albert Cerny, who has already been supported and championed by The Guardian, BBC6 Steve Lamacq and Simon Lederman (BBC London).

The band have recently launched the new single Always June.

Having opened for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, gained support from The Guardian and VICE Magazine, performed at the Great Escape Festival and being promoted by Coldplay.com, Albert is planning a busy and bright future with Lake Malawi. Produced by Charlie Russell and Brad Spence (Alt-j, Radiohead, Kasabian, Coldplay, Beady Eye), the upcoming debut single Always June enhances the genre of modern indie pop rock with its existence. The sonic explosion of the tumbling groove catches one’s ear from the word go.

The track’s intro is strong, straight to the point and filled with catchy vocal lines. The overall production sounds like a new-millennium vibe lightly tainted with a retro undertone. With a hint of Phoenix, Passion Pit and The Rapture, Always June feels hyper, energetic and explosive. It is an upbeat outbreak of jangling hooks and swooning guitar riffs over which Albert sings every line with a content conviction while smuggling this kind of heart-on-sleeve honesty into the song. The nostalgic undertone of the lyrics comfortably sits within the upbeat arrangement and makes for an interesting blend of dynamic vitality and pure melancholy.

Always June is refreshing, insatiable and exhilarating and will bring feelings of a warm summer afternoon to help overcome these endless, cold winter nights. It will be available everywhere for sale and download on March 23.

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