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A Primitive Evolution – Lord of Reason

Alternative blues rock band A Primitive Evolution recently released the official video for their new track, Lord of Reason. The video release comes after the band’s first full length album release in September last year titled The Prize.

The blues rock band consists of Brett Carruthers (vocals and guitars), Stephany Seki (bass, cello and vocals) and Stu Dead (drums and percussion). Based in Toronto, Canada, this trio have a unique view of the world and the human race. Carruthers said: “Creation is evolution. That’s what I figure we’re trying to say with A Primitive Evolution. As evolved as we think we are as humans or animals, we are very much in the beginning of the evolution of mankind. We have so much to learn and yet so much has changed in the last hundred years. We have a long way to go as a species. We want our band to reflect that too, going off of what we feel, doing it out of instinct and evolving naturally; having some fun existing on this planet.” And this is exactly how their music comes across. Punchy, fun and full of life without sinking into that stereotypical view of blues rock. Their music means something, it’s not commercial.

A Primitive Evolution

A Primitive Evolution artwork

A Primitive Evolution has a range of influences including Jane’s Addiction, Stone Roses, Tool, Outkast, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Faith No More, Vivaldi and Motorhead to name just a few. This is what makes their music accessible and original at the same time. They have drawn on many different influences which gives their sound a varied feel.

Lord of Reason is a fantastic blues rock track with influences of folk blended in nicely to compliment it. The beginning is mesmerising. The acoustic guitar riff sets the scene with its perfect tones and loose sounding strings while Carruthers’ vocals are slowly introduced. Everything about this song feels right. There are no flaws. The band have become known for their Alice in Wonderland-esque videos and the video for Lord of Reason definitely fits that category.

Dead said about the band’s sound: “It’s bulldozing electronic music without the keyboards. We use real instruments instead. It creates this heavy, industrial aspect. In this band, we push each other to step out of comfort zones. It’s in my nature to always be uncomfortable. That’s when you can really create.”

Seki added: “…The Prize came out really pretty; better than we were hoping. We strive to avoid repetition, to be very raw, real and organic. We don’t follow trends because we don’t work well in that environment. Even if people recognize the songs, The Prize is something unto itself.”

Dead concluded: “Get ’em hot and bothered. They should be excited about music; surprised. As a musician, that’s the greatest reward. We always bring something new, be it this recording or our live show. We  challenge our audience to come with us on our journey. That’s why we went from a super hard record to a crazy acoustic soundtrack record. Some bands put out the same shit over and over. We don’t want to stagnate and becoming boring. We’d never do that to our audience.”

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