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Le Rug Release Four Songs Off Their New Compilation Album, Press Start (The Collection)

Brooklyn singer/guitarist Ray Weiss’ post-punk project Le Rug are preparing the release of their compilation album, Press Start (The Collection), due out June 17 on cassette and digital formats via Fleeting Youth Records.

Le Rug is the ongoing project of Brooklyn-based singer/guitarist, Ray Weiss (Butter the Children, Red Dwarf, Medics [US]). After numerous trials and tribulations experienced in early adulthood and with one of his first bands, Ray found his way into a psych ward. This rough patch inspired him to funnel his pent up energy and emotions into a new musical project, which eventually blossomed into the magnetic, unrestrained sounds of Le Rug.

After 10 years of numerous lineup changes and collaborations, relentless gigging, nine releases and work with other bands, Ray Weiss and Le Rug are still going strong.

Press Start (The Collection) features five magnetic and pulsing post-punk releases from Brooklyn’s Le Rug (32 tracks overall) – three albums from when Le Rug was more active years ago (Sex Reduction Flower, Party Rock, Sticky Buns EP) and two new recent EPs released earlier this year (Dead In A Hole EP and Cut Off Your Dick And Turn Into Slime). The older material is more of the “deep cuts” variety in which the records were short EPs or singles that never saw an official release. Matching the frenetic and pulsing energy of their touted live shows, the band’s newest material is a speedball of eccentric synth-laced post-punk that’s more off-kilter compared to past releases but still contains the same addicting pop sensibilities Ray instills in every project he’s involved in.

Old or new – Le Rug is always compelling. Ray plays and performs like he’s undergoing an exorcism and given the number of nasty things that has filtered through his brain over the years, he probably is.

You can listen to the four tracks here: Jailbait, Godstar, The Horror, Get It Over With.

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