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Introducing…Just Walden

If you were looking for a talented singer-songwriter waiting to break out, the Goldman Sachs trading floor might be the last place you would look. But that’s just where Danny Ferraro spent his last five years, plying out his daily trade. In 2014, after years of ambivalence and second-guessing, he finally summoned the courage to make the leap and pursue music full-time.

Just Walden

Just Walden

Danny’s first band experience occurred in 2005 during his first semester at Columbia University where he met future Just Walden musician, Taylor Eichenseer. They built a following around campus; playing shows at parties and various venues around the city before releasing a self-titled EP in 2008. After graduation, the group added childhood friend Alex Margolin and Taylor’s brother, Aaron. They built a studio in their apartment and started experimenting more with their sound. This new group was short lived though: Danny’s job took him to London where he nonetheless continued to write songs. The rest of the group founded the band Wildcat Apollo in Brooklyn eventually relocating to their hometown, Austin, TX.

Before Just Walden finally materialised as a band, principal songwriter Danny Ferraro had a significant reoccurring dream. “It was all the members jamming to a song that had this unique, rocking, contiguous sound with the piano as the central rhythm.” It was the increasing recurrence of this vision that gave him that extra bit of courage to leave his job. This final step resulted in his move to Austin where he rejoined the rest of the gang and helped form the new group, Just Walden – named after the pond made famous by author Henry David Thoreau.

Just Walden’s debut, High Street Barton Blues, barrels out in a glorious haze of psychedelic piano rock, a spiritual and soul-searching experience. Some of the material, which is based on Danny’s experiences in Central London, was informed by the harsher elements of coming-of-age while other songs on the record are beaming with encouragement and sanctuary found upon return to his band.

Just Walden have recently placed their latest track, Romie Knows, on Soundcloud for fans to download.

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