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Jimmy Eat World Live

We enter Bristol O2 Academy in plenty of time to find the lower floor filling with bodies and the stairs already packed with people trying to get a good view.

The atmosphere takes me straight back to my teen years where I was here almost every weekend, and I was left feeling positive that this was going to be a great gig.

As soon as Jimmy Eat World hit the stage and strummed the first note everyone was screaming. They had the whole room singing from the word go, so much so that sometimes that’s all I could hear around me, over and above the music.

Bringing to the forefront their most recent releases, including the new single My Best Theory, Jimmy Eat World seemed to get the majority of the plugs for their seventh album out of the way within the first half.

They didn’t want to disappoint their faithful fans and moved swiftly on to playing numerous oldies such as their most popular single, The Middle and other classics like 23 and Work. One that had everyone holding back tears was Hear You Me. Sang intensively and emotionally, Jim Adkins (lead vocals and guitar), captured the song’s meaning perfectly without bringing the mood down too suddenly.

Starting out in 1994, with their debut album Static Prevails released in 1996, they’ve come a long way since those early days but have never changed their sound dramatically. Their familiarity factor draws in and keeps their loyal fans. The audience at this show were engrossed in the band as if they were praying to a shrine.

Whilst showcasing over 14 years of music they managed to keep things direct yet fun. Audience interaction was kept to a minimum but when it did occur, they assured it was light-hearted and amusing.

The four piece band seemed to send a vibe around the room which lifted everyone’s mood. Their energy was astounding and their enthusiasm even more impressive (seeing as they would have played some of their songs thousands of times over the years). They put on a good show and definitely left me reminiscent of my teen years in more ways than one.


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