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Introducing…Jesse Taylor

Jesse Taylor has just released the brand new video for his single, In My Bones.

Born in Queensland Australia, Jesse Taylor is a singer/songwriter with a lot to offer. His brand new single In My Bones is set for release this August 2014.

In My Bones illustrates the idea of two different types of people in the world; one type, who get everything handed to them and haven’t learnt anything in the process of life – people who maintain a complete sense of entitlement and then the people who try their best and who are amazing at what they do but are often under appreciated.

Jesse admits that the lyrics for In My Bones, which eventuated in just around 30 minutes, are an expression of something that he needed to say in a not-so upfront manner: “I was dozing off to sleep at around 2am in the morning and the melody for In My Bones just somehow magically appeared in my head, it was kind of weird.”

From the tender age of 16, Jesse has been writing and performing music. Over the years, as Jesse Taylor’s love for music and song writing grew stronger, he found himself with a remarkable desire to pursue music as his career.

Recorded at Heliport Studios in the Sunshine Coast, produced by Elliot Hienrich and Matt O’Connor, In My Bones was released 4 August 2014.

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