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Introducing…Jack Kovacs

Chicago born Jack Kovacs is a force to be reckoned with on his debut EP The State Line which is due out on October 14 2014. A Los Angeles transplant, Jack left the City of Broad Shoulders for the City of Angeles to study guitar performance at the University of Southern California. It was in the midst of musical learning and discovery that his world was opened up to the art of songwriting, forever changing the course of his dreams. His breathtaking, cinematic stories come to life with an experimental edge that makes beautiful use of arrangement and dynamics, effortlessly pulling inspiration from the singer/songwriters of the 1970’s and today. With Jack counting his influences among iconic artists like Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell as well as Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver; it’s easy to understand where the emotional sensibilities originate from. Self produced alongside Tim Kobza, his 2014 release, The State Line is full of layered harmonies and present storytelling, designed to connect to the heart and soul of each and every listener.

Song of the Summer is Jack Kovacs newest single release featuring Huxlee’s. Song Of The Summer allows you to feel those quiet summer days of the past echoing through the guitar riffs and building, expansive chorus. It boarders on the new, woodsier trend in indie rock, though still captures the 1970’s feel of carefree abandon that is fluent in so much of Jack’s music. The track stands as an ode to all of those summer time anthems from your youth and the memories that immediately attach themselves to the melody when you hear it.

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