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Calan Mai Releases Video For We’ve Got Love

Aussie indie folk artist Calan Mai has just launched his brand new We’ve Got Love music video.

The track is the first single off his debut EP Days On The Rock Face which will be released digitally worldwide on August 22 through Canvas Sounds/Believe Digital.

The EP was produced by FAIRCHILD & Lyon Apprentice frontman Adam Lyons in a small makeshift studio on the Gold Coast.

The early stages on his live show have included supports for The Phoncurves, Jordan Millar, Patrick James & Playwrite.

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Introducing…Twin Hidden

Twin hidden are a new indie-pop quintet based in Manchester and London.

Matthew Shribman and Sam Lea, the core of the band, began making music together at the age of ten.

Their new video for latest single, Paper Unicorn, shows what twin hidden can do with 50 hours, a stack of A4 paper, one glue stick, floss and 70 packets of Cheerios (the Cheerios were just to keep them going).

You can catch them live on the following dates:
Sun 3 Aug @ Best Kept Festival, The Islington, London
Sun 21 Sep @ Westfield Stratford City, London

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Introducing Lupa, a 16-year-old indie electronica singer-songwriter from Sydney otherwise known as Imogen Jones.



A classically trained musician, Lupa comes to the indie scene with a fresh take on electronic production. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of artists, from Grimes to Laura Marling and Radiohead, she integrates her skills as a violinist with synthesised instrumentation and delicate vocal layering to create a unique, alluring sound.

Proving herself an intuitively gifted songwriter and musician Lupa writes, records and produces each of her tracks entirely independently, delivering beautifully textured electronic pop that has a lyrical maturity far beyond her years. Her debut single Statues is a direct, poetic and musically sophisticated window into the heart of today’s teenage girl; an unsettling and unforgettable listen.

Statues is out now available online and through iTunes with an undoubtedly impressive EP set to follow in the coming months.

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Nine Sons Of Dan Release New EP, Follow The Blood

Nine Sons Of Dan have come along way since their days as a university band project. With their third EP Follow The Blood, the six-track compilation introduces an edgier and slightly darker approach from the band.

Singer Jay Bainbridge said: “This EP was a chance for us to showcase the songs that we always wanted to have on our records. We took a lot of risks, we didn’t want to be safe and at the end of the day music is art and I think this EP will also allow us to meet some new people and the true Nine Sons Of Dan fans to grow with us”.

Nine Sons of Dan is a five-piece alternative rock band with an eclectic yet direct approach. Their youthful and fun blend of sound falls somewhere in between the appealing melodies and uplifting spirit of college rock (think All Time Low, Yellowcard, Four Years Strong) and the clever arrangements of alternative rock (think Propagandhi, Transit, Taking Back Sunday).

Nine Sons Of Dan Follow The Blood

Nine Sons Of Dan Follow The Blood EP artwork

Follow The Blood was tracked in Australia but mixed and mastered in Nashville (USA) by J.R. McNeely (Dead Letter Circus, Anberlin). Bainbridge said: “I wrote about where I was at that moment. Sometimes I use dramas that have happened in my past as fuel for content but this time I just wrote about what was happening around me and to me. I had a lot of frustrations and heartache in my personal life but at the same time felt a sense of strength of unity with the boys and our future as a band”.

This sense of feeling was also carried over to the EP’s artwork with its meaning being progression – that no matter the environment, the character on the cover is able to adapt, evolve and still able to flourish.

The band started out humbly in 2010 for the sake of good times. Things started to get serious soon after but the chosen formula remains simple. At the end of the day, Nine Sons of Dan are still a group of friends rocking out, expressing their passion for immediate and gritty rock songs with lyrics that are easy to relate to on a personal level. Yet, the band set out to develop a unique chemistry, allowing them to add a bit of unpredictability to the mix with cool drum patterns and tempo changes, guitar riffs and vocal harmonies.

Above all, this band is a unit: these guys turned from a being a recording project on the side of their studies to becoming one of Australia’s most promising new touring act within their genres. Nine Sons of Dan managed to retain their humble and direct approach, knowing that making music is a process of constant growth. Each time they hit the studio, each time they walk up on a stage under the spotlight…they never stop pushing the envelope and striving to be the best they can.

This brand new EP stands as a great testimony of the band’s versatility: from up-tempo bullets to mellow ballads, Nine Sons of Dan set out to take the listener through an emotional roller coaster throughout a texture-rich and exciting EP.

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Brisbane four-piece Tundra have been a well-known fixture on the club scene since 2012, renowned for infectious pop hooks, original indie grooves and a dynamic on-stage chemistry which dates back to high school friendships.

After a short break away from the limelight, recording with rising producer Konstantin Kersting (Big Scary, The Belligerents) Tundra return with Tangled, the lead single from their soon to be released EP. High energy hooks, unforgettable melodies and instantly grabbing experimentation are what provide the foundation for this next release from a band that consistently deliver.

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Introducing…Kyle Andrews

One Plus One is the new EP from Nashville singer/songwriter Kyle Andrews. Following the release of his fourth full length album Brighter Than the Sun in Summer 2013, Andrews set out to create new tracks inspired by the forthcoming promise of the changing of the seasons, inspired by the energy of the spring.

The One Plus One EP is a sneak peek of Andrews’ upcoming fifth full-length which is expected to be released later this year. A soundtrack fit for the summer, the 3-track EP is to coincide with a series of May and June tour dates that take Andrews through the Southern U.S. concluding with a date in Los Angeles.

Kyle Andrews

Kyle Andrews One Plus One EP artwork

The tracks on One Plus One are a continuation of the acoustic guitar/synth keyboard sound found on earlier works. Drawing inspiration from society’s inclination towards the technological, Andrews is no stranger to the innovative – he uses everything from built-in laptop mics to top-of-the line studio set ups to compose and record his tunes. Known for colourful and inventive music videos, high energy live shows and songs featured in film and TV around the world, Kyle is perhaps best known for his 2010 hit , You Always Make Me Smile, which was featured in a worldwide advertising campaign and had a video that was shot during an attempt to make the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest water balloon fight. 

You can catch Kyle Andrews live on the following dates:
22 May Asheville, NC @ The Mill Room
23 May Athens, GA @ Green Room
24 May Nashville, TN @ Music City Mudbug at Cannery Ballroom
25 June Los Angeles, CA @ Hotel Cafe

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Flatcat – Heartless Machine Album Review

Heartless Machine is Flatcat’s first album in eight years. Flatcat are from Bruges, Belgium and their newest album, Heartless Machine, has recently been released on Eye Spy Records.

This is the band’s third and most labour-intensive studio release to date. In the last two years Dieter “Minx” Meyns (vocals/guitar) learned all about recording music with only one goal: to record most of the new Flatcat album himself. This explains the long wait…

Over the last two years, the band acquired professional recording gear to take care of vocals, guitars and bass themselves to leave only the recording of drums up to Dé Studio in Belgium (that also recorded Flatcat’s debut album back in 2002). In search for the ultimate punk rock sounding album, Minx made an appointment and had an intensive talk with Bill Stevenson (Descendents/Black Flag) after the Descendents show at Groezrock 2011.

The band decided to work with Bill and Jason Livermore who mixed and mastered the album at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado. The result is Heartless Machine.

First stand out track is Loose Tongues which has influences of Sum41, classic Green Day and Jimmy Eat World in it. It’s punk rock done in the American style. It’s the sort of music you used to love in your teens and a slight guilty pleasure.

Title track Heartless Machine has a darker, grungier sound to it. It’s got a good sing along chorus that will be perfect for live shows, “Here we go again/It all looks so well-rehearsed/Dragging me back in/Thought I was blessed but I am cursed/You must be/You must be the most vicious girl I’ve ever seen/You heartless machine.”

The Maladjusted is a punchy, punk rock, teenage rebellion track. It’s the distorted guitar that kicks this song off. On this song, Flatcat sound very similar to Simple Plan’s original pop/punk rock sound they introduced to the music industry back in 1999. Flatcat seem to have a knack for writing great sing along choruses, “Spat out by your loved ones/Condemned by those we trusted/If growing up means giving in/Call us the maladjusted.”

Take Shelter is another song that has an incredibly catchy chorus which is instantly recognisable even if you’ve only heard this song once. Take Shelter is the sort of song you’ll want to hear again. It has a surprisingly summery upbeat guitar riff which kicks it off alongside the fast tempo drums. There are elements of Blink 182 that can be heard in this song. Take Shelter explores the idea of isolation and loneliness through cleverly written metaphorical lyrics: “I wonder if you hear it too the rolling thunder/Am I alone feeling the rain ‘cause I’m going under/Don’t want to get caught in the storm/I need to take shelter.”

Leech will get your feet tapping – it just suits a summer afternoon driving around in your car, “You’re a leech sucking my blood/Trying to drain me but I’m holding strong/You’re a leech sucking my blood/And you’ve been doing it too long/Doing it too long.”

Not What I Signed Up For features an acoustic start to the track which is refreshing after all the punk rock focus in the other songs. The vocals seem softer and are very Billy Joe Armstrong inspired. The music seems chirpier and more stripped back than the previous tracks. It has a happier sound despite the lyrics, “This is not what I signed up for/This is not what I had in mind…”.

The Great Escape is the best track on Heartless Machine. There are folk influences heard in the guitar riff which is a first for this record. It sounds like a completely different band as Flatcat introduce Mumford and Sons influences into parts of the track. The Great Escape has that upbeat folk tempo that blends perfectly with the “Oh oh oh oh/I I I I/ Won’t let you down” chorus. It’s the penultimate track on the record and is a brilliant one at that.

Flatcat’s Heartless Machine is out now via Eye Spy Records.

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