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The Blue Van Released Their Last Album…From Now On It’s Singles Only

The Blue Van’s fan base has a lot to look forward to as of now and for the rest of the year – The Blue Van will release singles only throughout 2014, starting with the release of The Beat Goes On which was released on May 12.

Lead singer and guitarist Steffen Westmark said: “It’s all about thinking in new directions and doing things differently – because the world is different now. At the same time, our approach to releasing music is very much old school; The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and all the others did just the same in the old days”.

A service such as iTunes has contributed to the dramatic changes of recent years in the habits of music consumers. Today the listeners have the opportunity to choose which tracks they want to buy from an album and with the increasing number of streaming services the focus is now on playlists, a format which more and more people use rather than listening to entire albums. In addition services like YouTube highlight music videos which again promote the individual tracks.

Consequently The Blue Van has chosen to do things differently than customary in the world of rock music so far – instead of releasing a traditional album, they will only release singles. This also means that you may expect a veritable flood of videos from The Blue Van in the near future.

Guitarist and organist Søren Christensen said: “The first single is called The Beat Goes On and you can see it as a comment on the turmoil we have seen in recent years in the music industry. External factors may change but the music will still be there. The song is an optimistic The Blue Van feel-good song, relentlessly pushing forward”.

This different approach to the conventions of the rock genre is also reflected in the creative work process. The Beat Goes On, the first in a string of ten singles, has been through the hands of the producer team Dan Hougesen and Mark Wills. This dynamic duo, also involved in previous The Blue Van album productions, was focused on the musical vibe at the time of the recording. The right here, right now focus makes sure that the different singles capture the band at the particular point of their musical development. Also, new and spontaneous ideas are allowed to blossom instead of being put away for the next album, meaning much less wait for The Blue Van fans.

During the summer 2014 The Blue Van will play at North Side Festival, Skive Festival and Skanderborg Festival and in the autumn, the band will go on an extensive club tour across Denmark. All the while new songs will be released.

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