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Tu Fawning – I Know You Now

Tu Fawning are a new band from Portland, Oregon. Last week they released their debut single I Know You Now and already have their album planned for release on January 10 2011.

Things seem to be moving pretty fast for them, it’s a shame I can’t say that about their song too. I Know You Now is strange. It has spooky yet soothing vocals combined with disorientating music. It could be a masterpiece. Instead it’s boring and repetitive. There’s no need for it to be four and a half minutes long either.

The chorus “I know you now, I know you now, I know you now and I won’t forget you” is stuck on repeat as are all the musical elements within this mundane song. However, saying that I’d like to congratulate them on the vocals which are superb. Combining melodic yet distant and disturbing sounds and lyrics the vocals are definitely the highlight of this song.

As the track kick starts, you hear what sounds like a distorted old record with a 1940s blues voice shining through. This gives the impression that it’s going to be a fantastic record. A classic. For the first minute and a half you’re satisfied then after that your brain starts getting fuzzled and you become complacent.

Nothing happens. Nothing changes. It’s the same all the way through. I went from thinking “This is so original. It’s great” to thinking “When does it end?” in the space of a minute. There’s something intriguing about it but it also feels like it’s lacking something.

I Know You Now could be a triumph but instead it feels drab. Perhaps Tu Fawning will have some better things on their album. Who knows?


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