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Cayucas – High School Lover

Cayucas have announced their new single High School Lover will be released on March 11 through Secretly Canadian. The song appears on their debut album, Bigfoot which is also set for release on April 30.


Cayucas video snapshot

Cayucas’ sound is steeped in Zach Yudin’s (lead singer) Californian roots. High School Lover is a perfectly crafted summer pop song that wouldn’t sound amiss on the playlist for a BBQ. Yudin has a knack for producing atmospheric tracks leaving in the hiss of a needle in the groove, the steel drum reverbs and ambient party noise which all lead to fantastically produced and mixed pop songs.

Cayucas which is pronounced “ky-yook-us” is the (slightly misspelled) name of a little seaside town in San Luis Obispo County, California. The town, Cayucos, has hardly changed in the last 50 years. In the early 1960s, the surfing craze hit. There was one bar around which local kids congregated where the jukebox played host to the soundtrack of those kids’ summers. The bar has since disappeared but as Zach Yudin will tell you, the place still holds on tight to its propensity for dreamy, lazy, bonfire-lit nights worth getting moony-eyed about.

The band’s debut album, Bigfoot, bears little resemblance to the modern idea of California – mentions of weed and lounging around on the beach, to name just a few. Instead, Bigfoot is an album full of melodic, catchy pop tracks designed for those summer months. If you like Beck then you will love these guys.

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