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Zak Starkey Announces New Band PENGu!NS

Zak Starkey PENGUINS

Explosive new band, PENGu!NS

Former Oasis drummer announced his new band, PENGu!Ns, a few weeks ago.

Zak Starkey, son of Ringo Starr and occasionally drummer for The Who, has had a varied musical career but PENGu!Ns seems to be one of his most outrageous collaborations yet.

The messy, punk rock band are giving away a free download of their debut single, Hate Male, which interestingly tells the story of a guy on a plane who told the singer of the group, Sharna Liguz aka Sshh, to turn her IPod down. You definitely wouldn’t think such a hard, aggressive and catchy rock tune could be written about something so damningly boring but it works.

Take a listen: PENGu!Ns – Hate Male


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