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Introducing…Good Romans

Good Romans is a Finnish duo comprising of Ilari Filander (guitar) and Jussi Miettola (drums and electronics). They make meditative, relaxing and calming music using simple structures, techniques and compositions as well as some crazy, chaotic and experimental songs.

Good Romans have been playing as a duo since 2008 but have recently expanded to a trio, enlisting help from reedist extraordinaire Pepa Päivinen. They have recently released their album as a duo and have revealed their latest track, Open This Door And Never Look Back.

Open This Door And Never Look Back fits in somewhere between improvisation, jazz and electronics. The video sees the song’s title appear on the screen very slowly towards the end of the track. This, along with the calming effect the music has on its listeners, makes this song feel quite profound. It’s mind opening; it allows you to think about the wider picture, perhaps about decisions you’ve made where leaving the past behind has been the best thing. It allows you to think about those times in your life when you’ve opened up new doors and taken that first step through to realise that you don’t want to go back to where you were before that. It’s a lovely song to relax to.

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