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Introducing…Fountain Guard

Fountain Guard is a five man band which uses guitar, drum, bass and synthesizers. 
They make alternative rock and they always keep creating and evolving.

All Fountain Guard’s songs are written by  the singer Adam Torssell and the guitarist Anton Sten. The two have been writing songs together for four years. In the beginning of 2012, they thought enough’s enough. They had become tired of sitting in a grey basement writing songs so they decided to create a real band. Now Fountain Guard are releasing their second single Here I Am through 100 songs.

Torssell’s voice is very reminiscent of Cat Stevens at the beginning of their new track, Here I Am. His voice is gravely and husky with a great range for rock. The whole track oozes perfection. There’s passion and fire in the vocals as well as the music.

You can listen to Here I Am here.

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