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Horx and P3000 ft Fleur – The One

Horx, P3000 and Fleur have come together to produce a collaboration with three very different artists and therefore three very different influences. To some this may sound like a death trap but in actual fact, the single The One sounds OK.

These three separate people are very talented at what they do and the song itself isn’t terrible. For example, it’s better than Will.i.am’s T.H.E (The Hardest Ever) in which Mick Jagger has become a total sell out but The One for me does sound pretty much like any other dance/dubstep song around.

With so many influences put into this record, you would hope to hear something original in it but there is nothing instantly distinctive that makes you think when you first hear it, “Wow, this is cool! I haven’t heard anything like this before!” and that does seem a shame.

Fleur has a great voice, there’s no denying that but the music itself doesn’t shine. In some ways it’s a clever collaboration which experiments with the dance and dubstep genres. In others though, it doesn’t meet its potential and unfortunately left me a little disappointed.

But it seems other people feel very differently about this song. Initial support for the record came from Benga who was closing his sets with it. It then got radio play from Mistajam, Rob da Bank and Eddy Temple Morris as an unsigned track. Finally it landed its full release for March 18 on 360 Records.

Now it’s up to you to make your own mind up. Check out the track below:

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