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Falls are a four-piece rock band from Flintshire in North Wales. Combining heavy set-yourself-on-fire riffs, catchy teach-your-teenage-daughter-the-dance-routine melodies and avant garde stroke-your-muso-beard-to-this time signature to create “thrilling and intelligent pain for the ears” as stated by Adam Walton, BBC Wales.


Welsh rock band, Falls

Due for launch on 28 April, the Dirtbox EP is their official introduction to the world. Dirtbox is a malignant burst of gnarled riffs and snarled vocals that give a glancing preview of the whiplash inflicted at their live shows. 

In their short but colourful existence they have pranced about stages with the likes of LetLive, The James Cleaver Quintet, Bastions, Wet Nuns and Exit International and recorded a live Radio 1 session for BBC Introducing. Citing their influences as “all of the things”, Falls provide a dynamic and compelling sound which is compounded by their energetic and at times confusing live shows.

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