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EMA – Marked

EMA has released a video for her upcoming single, Marked, which is to be released on November 21 as a limited edition 7″ vinyl.

Taking the distorted rock edge away from her music, Marked sees a more gentle, naive and innocent side to EMA as she sings about a complicated relationship.

The video, shot and produced in-house by live band member Leif Shackelford and Erika M Anderson herself, focuses on strange black and white images of EMA cutting off the layers of her supposed arms which are ‘a see through plastic’. It also stars Alexis Blair Penney….Interested?

Marked firmly sets in stone the idea that EMA and her music are completely absurd yet brilliant. Her raspy voice captures the innocence and confusion in the vocals “I wish that every time he touched me / Left a mark” while the chillingly simple and distant sounding guitar riff intensify the emotions.

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EMA – Milkman

New musical superstar, EMA, is set for big things this month as she’s just released her latest single, Milkman, and her debut album, Past Life Martyred Saints, both of which were released only last week.

Since her last single, The Grey Ship, EMA has sprung to fame and developed a pretty loyal fan base. Now, she’s released an even better tune that knocks socks off The Grey Ship.

Stills from EMA's Milkman video

Stills from EMA's Milkman video

Milkman is more upbeat than the last single with more energy and fire behind it. This song is a lot less depressing. With heavier drums and more bass (if that’s possible), it’s a cracking alternative rock song.

The electric guitar plays a back seat role this time whereas before it’s been the highlight. The vocals are better and way more intriguing than before as well. She really does have a female rockstar voice and this song is perfect at showcasing that.

Again though, the lyrics aren’t fantastic. Like The Grey Ship, it does lack musical genius in that department but even so, it doesn’t matter. This single is full-bodied and interesting whether or not the lyrics are great or lousy. On top of this, you can’t actually hear the lyrics due to the mixing. It may just be me but I don’t really know what she’s singing, all I know is that it sounds good vocally and musically.

EMA has and is continuing to make a strong name for herself. After recently performing in London’s Macbeth, I’m sure she’s attracted even more attention. I look forward to hearing the album EMA…

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EMA – The Grey Ship

EMA aka Erika M Anderson. Previous member of the band Gowns. Now a solo artist. Her first recording is The Grey Ship.

Growing up in what she describes as the “dive bars and rotten graveyards of South Dakota” her music is very typically American. The acoustic guitar that starts the song off accompanied by her vocals straight away reminds me of something you’d hear on the soundtrack for a Hollywood film. This isn’t a bad thing by the way.

Her voice is breathy and calming on her debut but the first lyrics, “When you see that ship it is the ship you can’t see” don’t exactly sell the song in terms of ground breaking lyrics. However, that doesn’t seem to matter and is easily brushed off.

Vocally, she’s very similar to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O. In fact, The Grey Ship is entirely similar to their once original sound. Suddenly, this song doesn’t feel so new anymore…

The first half of the track, although simple and basic with the same guitar chords on repeat, doesn’t become dull. But just when it could possibly turn into a boring repetitive song, she drops the bass (as everyone refers to with this song).

It becomes another track altogether. Now I’m not quite sure about this. All lyrics and music apart from the acoustic guitar fade out and then wham! The bass comes in alone. It’s done cleverly and brings in more electronics than before. It brings the tempo up and it goes from relaxing to becoming a great iconic indie club song.

But I can’t help but feel it’s too different in places from the first half, leading it to sound like it’s the second track on a single.

Either way, The Grey Ship is good. It’s mixed well and although some of the lyrics aren’t the best ever written, it’s a great song. Especially the last 15 seconds where her vocal abilities really shine through.

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