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Eleanor Friedberger – Roosevelt Island

Eleanor Friedberger, one part of The Fiery Furnaces, released her solo album Last Summer two weeks ago. Now there is also a video for the brand new track Roosevelt Island available to view online.

Eleanor Friedberger

Eleanor Friedberger

Friedberger’s Roosevelt Island is full of bubbly pop music alongside Sharleen Spiteri (Texas) and Michael Jackson meets Janet Jackson inspired vocals. This does sound like Texas could have released it in the 1990s and there is nothing bad about that. Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of Texas for old times sake? In fact, it could even be the result of a Texas vs. Michael Jackson remix…

On first listen, the track doesn’t seem like anything special but gradually her unique voice grows on you and it begins to feel like that perfect summer song. It makes the winter nights feel that little bit warmer.

Friedberger certainly knows how to produce a catchy pop/electro song or two. Watch Roosevelt Island below:

Eleanor Friedberger will be playing a live show at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club in London on Thursday 1 December.

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