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Down The Machine Give Away Free Download Of Single, Everything I Am Not

Leeds’ alternative rock/metal band Down The Machine have released Everything I Am Not as a free download single.

Frequently compared to the likes of Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and NIN, Down The Machine’s blend of alternative hard rock with elements of industrial electronics continue to appeal to many hard rock fans. They have received airplay worldwide and appeared at various UK music festivals in recent years.

Down The Machine

Down The Machine

Experimenting more with an electronic background intro than on previous tracks, Everything I Am Not has something different. Driving, broody depths reminiscent of Billy Idol’s White Wedding or even Depeche Mode at their dirtiest. The vocals are strong, clear and attractive despite the high range and inevitable shout volume. The tortured line “You are everything that I am not…” will have resonance with many.

There are plenty of heavy guitar riffs to keep a rock audience members’ head shaking happy but there’s something of a wider appeal here. This would be great to hear in a club. It’s a track that you would notice and want to hear again. Building from “You are a bruise on me/A stain I can’t clean…” to “Tell me why there’s nothing more than this”, it grows with desperate plea and frustration – the very stuff of youth; confusion, anger and lust. There’s a hook, it’s rock and it’s cool.

Currently recording their second album for release in 2014, Down The Machine founders Steve Wilson (Vox) and Dan Millikin (Guitar) announce the new additions of David Preston (Drums) and Darren Johnson (Bass).

By Kate Dexter

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