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Double Lined Minority Release New Single, White Flag

Gold Coast pop-punk four-piece Double Lined Minority have recently released their new single White Flag and have announced a national Australian tour in support.

Forming in high school and inspired by a low-fi pop punk reminiscent of the ’90s, the group have come a long way since their humble beginnings in 2009 and have proven that they’re more than what meets the eye.

Following in the wake of their two previous releases – 2011’s With Finger’s Crossed (LP) and 2013’s Calling All Liars (EP) – White Flag is a hint of what fans can expect of the band’s forthcoming EP due for release in early 2015.

Written about the realisation that there are some struggles in life you just can’t fight, for singer Eddie Salazar, it was about putting himself in to the terrifying situation that millions of people faced of Typhoon Haiyan which devastated the Philippines in 2013. Salazar said: “I imagined being at that place and in that situation whilst it was happening and to have 195 mile-per-hour winds coming right at you – and you have no choice but to accept what’s coming to you.”

White flag is laced with the band’s trademark dynamic melodies but also reflects a maturing sound. It’s a track that will resonate well for fans of New Found Glory, Switchfoot, Man Overboard and Pierce The Veil.

Renown for their high energy shows and unhinged on-stage antics Double Lined Minority have an impressive touring history having graced the Big Day Out stage twice (in 2012 and 2014) and supporting the likes of International heavyweights the likes of Smash Mouth (USA), The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (USA), Razorback (PHIL) and Grey-houndz (PHIL).

At the ripe ages of 19 and 20 respectively, the boys are quickly emerging as the modern face of Australian DIY pop punk. With high expectations and the music to match, Double Lined Minority is a name you won’t be forgetting any time soon.

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